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See how Invotra can transform your organisation today

Image of Invotra on a mobile and a laptop

See how Invotra can transform your organisation today​

Image of Invotra on a mobile and a laptop

The shift towards Office365

We understand the challenges that ICT departments face within local government. With the increasing shift towards Office365 applications being used within councils, it’s more important than ever to have tools that can integrate with the Microsoft suite.

It can be extremely difficult to achieve optimal communication, collaboration, and efficiencies when there is such a diverse range of business applications used. 

Invotra delivers a platform that acts as a centralised hub for all of your business-critical applications and a single source of truth for all of your information, including Office 365, Google, Slack, JIRA, Trello and many more.

Our extensive library of API endpoints allows us to put the power back into our customers’ hands to connect their people, products, and information in one place.

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Our integrations

OneDrive logo


Our OneDrive integration allows your users to authenticate to OneDrive and then view and select files to upload within Invotra.

Enabling this integration allows Invotra intranet users to:

  • Access and attach files from OneDrive

  • Access your attached OneDrive files directly from Invotra

  • Quickly search for and share OneDrive files

Microsoft teams logo

Microsoft Teams

Invotra can connect with Microsoft Teams in a multitude of ways. 

Enabling this integration allows Invotra intranet users to: 

  • Create a channel in Teams then automatically have a group made in Invotra or vice versa

  • Create a post in a Teams channel then automatically have that post created in Invotra in the corresponding group or vice versa

Azure active directory logo

Azure AD

Invotra connects to Azure AD, offering the same benefits and functionality that are found with Microsoft Active Directory – as long as your users are logged in to the Microsoft AzureAD, they will be authenticated into Invotra.

Jira logo


Through Jira’s powerful API, team members and project managers can now simply type the code of their Jira task or paste a link within a Group post and the information for that task will automatically appear. This means no more navigating away or flicking between tabs, as you have all the relevant details seamlessly displayed on the page.

Matomo logo transparent


Systems such as Matomo, a leading analytics application, allow you to correlate and visualise the behaviour of your users. The highly secure, rich reports that Matomo offers allows you to gain a detailed understanding of your intranet including pages visited, time spent, number of actions, where users are clicking on a page, the date and times of all actions and much more.

Google analytics logo transparent

Google Analytics

Data and statistics are one of a company’s biggest assets. As well as our in-product analytics and dashboards, we can also integrate with Google Analytics. This makes it easy for your organisational information to be delivered easily to you with tools such as Yellow Fin or Power BI.

Salesforce logo (square)

Salesforce and Salesforce Communities

If you have staff, volunteers, members or users registered and signed into the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform Salesforce, you can confirm and authorise those same users directly into Invotra via single sign on (SSO). All users will have important details automatically imported from Salesforce every time they log in. In addition, this information will automatically create structures like our org chart and location structure.

Box logo


Invotra’s connection to Box file storage solution  allows users to drag and drop files to Invotra which are stored in Box, or drag files into the Box directory on your desktop to have them appear in Invotra.

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See how Invotra can transform your organisation today