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The importance of time logging and why Invotra want to capture it

I’d like to start out by saying that Invotra does not use time logging to monitor every detail of an employee’s day or keep track of their coffee breaks but instead to improve the day to day running of the company by helping teams and individuals with common issues.

Some problems that organisations may run into are:


Companies can usually see when teams are super busy, however when the same team(s) are busy over a longer period, it is important that the company is able to identify the cause.

Time logging enables team leads to see where most of their team members’ time is being spent. As well as where they are having to spend additional hours in order to complete work.

Through time logging, we are able to uncover where there could be potential resourcing issues and it allows us to help those team members by bringing in extra resources to assist. Consistent time logging will inform the company whether this resource needs to be temporary or ongoing.

It is important that our staff feel comfortable with their workload and that if they are struggling, the company will see that and bring in solutions to support them.

Repetitive manual tasks

In order for our company to scale, we must recognise where tasks can be automated or run more efficiently.

Manual tasks (where possible) should be automated, instead of hiring more resources to help complete these tasks we can find less expensive ways of automating them to reduce time spent on them in the future.

Many employees may be dealing with these manual tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. By keeping track of time logs, the company has a clearer view of how much time is being lost to these tasks and once this is recognised an action plan can be put in place.

Dealing with these manual, repetitive tasks raises awareness amongst all employees about the importance of working efficiently, allowing individuals to focus on other areas.

Project estimations

Accuracy of time logging is also a major part in planning for projects, in order for Invotra to more accurately estimate the cost of projects. All employees must make sure to log all their time correctly.

Keeping track of project time logs also helps to plan for future projects because we can see how much time was needed on different tasks, this also allows our Project Managers to know what resources they will need in good time for future projects with similar requirements.

A successful company values every employee’s time. In order for that time to be well spent, employees must be given the tools to improve their time efficiency, track their tasks easily and identify unnecessary manual tasks.

By making time logging an everyday norm for everyone, Invotra can make small internal changes that will have a big external impact on our growth and scalability.

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