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Product features including message wall posts, news widgets, the wysiwyg, group posts and broadcasts


We provide a comprehensive toolset designed specifically to help organisations achieve their digital transformation requirements. Invotra provides you with an enterprise-ready intranet that will give you both control and flexibility in a highly secure and accessible way.

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With Invotra’s portal/extranet capability,  you are able to provide external users controlled access within the standard data hierarchy of your platform. This allows them to read or publish articles, collaborate with your users and engage with content.

Our portal adds value to your organisation by helping you engage and communicate with customers, investors, partners, suppliers or whoever you wish to give restricted access to your intranet platform and its content. 

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Invotra’s relationship with the UK Government has gone from strength to strength. In just five years, Invotra has gained over 50% of the total end user base of civil servants in UK Central Government.

Our digital workplace gives local authorities, and their work forces, the applications and communication tools to work smarter and can be used to drive service efficiencies. 

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Here at Invotra, accessibility is a hugely important part of what we do. Prioritising a positive experience for all users is ingrained in our people, processes and product. 

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Helping government work as one

One of our top priorities is ensuring that the organisations we provide our product and service to feel supported and listened to throughout their whole journey. This is why we have organised quarterly meetings, in which each of our customers are invited to attend.

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Case studies

Invotra has an extensive catalogue of projects that span  many different areas including migration and onboarding, replacing/creating applications and more. 

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ISO 21001:2013 certification


Security is a priority and our continued work and commitment to ensuring the highest level of security gives our customers peace of mind, that all we can do, we are doing.

Systematic reviews and annual third party audits ensure confidential and sensitive data is not only managed by quality processes, it is retained securely.  

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Our awards

We are extremely proud to have won or been shortlisted for 18 awards in the last 3 years.  Invotra’s achievements are in various fields including technology, product, security and people. 

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Our 'Highly Commended SME Employer of the Year' from the 2018 National Apprenticeship Awards