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During The Process

Ensure a smooth transition during the moving intranet process and keep everything on track

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From interim solutions to design, plan ahead and reduce your stress

Making the decision to move intranet is just the first step. We’ve gathered a list of helpful areas you’ll want to think about during the process of moving intranet.

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This one might seem a bit obvious, however, people often have very busy schedules. During the process of moving intranet, staying aligned and planning ahead is vital to the success of a smooth switch and should therefore be factored in to your project plan. 

Stakeholder meetings

Regularly revisit your success criteria with stakeholders to know you’re on track

Supplier relations

Engage frequently with your dedicated account manager from your supplier

Publishing model

You will want to evaluate which publishing model is the right choice for you. We have listed the advantages and disadvantages of centralised and distributed publishing below to get you started.

Centralised publishing

All content is published by the central intranet team, with business areas contributing information via email, Word documents and other source documents.



Distributed publishing

Business areas are responsible for publishing and managing their own content. Authors in each business area can publish directly to the intranet.



Launching your new intranet and engaging your users is vital to its success so you need to chose a roll out plan that best suits your organisation. Below are some options you may consider.

Soft launch

Add a link on your old intranet to the new one and ask them to start gradually using the new one. Publicise the changes and ask users to share the benefits of the new intranet with each other.

Gradual roll out

Slowly train and introduce your users in your new intranet. Work through roles and responsibilities until your whole organisation is onboard with the changes.

Piece by piece

Introduce new applications or areas of your new intranet to your users one at a time to allow them to get accustomed to how it works and value the benefits it brings without overwhelming them with new features.

Big bang

Launch your new intranet in one go! As soon as the new one is ready, retire the old one and have all of your users start using new one immediately. Have confidence your users will be as excited as you are!

Intranet design and configuration

You want an intranet that will provide you with the flexibility and control to make changes to your intranet design and configuration simply and efficiently. We have listed some of our tools and features to give you an idea of what is possible.

Onboarding service

Your new intranet provider should be with you at every stage of the process of moving intranet, guiding you through any challenges and offering quality support and service. Below we have a high level summary of the Invotra’s onboarding services. 

Branding Set Up

Intranet Layout/UX Set Up

Content Migration Analysis

Initial Client Engagement

General Technical Setup

Single Sign-On Setup