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Once You're Settled

Follow up processes are important for successful adoption and engagement with your new intranet

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Ongoing support

Supplier engagement and support during your intranet roll out is what will make the journey through your growing and evolving digital workplace a seamless experience.

Service reviews

You want a supplier that will regularly review (and make relevant changes to) their service. At Invotra, we perform monthly reports in which we analyse all areas of our service delivery. Customer success and satisfaction should be a huge priority from your supplier. 

Here are some examples of service-related areas that Invotra review on a regular basis:

– Time to resolution for incidents

– Percentage of Service Level Agreement (SLA) elapsed 

– Incident observations and recommendations

– Information on changes released into the live environment

– Details of upcoming product enhancements

Product reviews

Some intranet providers will set you up with their product and then off you go. At Invotra, we feel it’s extremely important to review our product, and how customers are finding their experience, on a monthly basis. We’re here to listen to what our customers want.

Here are some of the areas covered in out monthly product reviews with customers:

1. Give customers insight into what’s upcoming in the near future

2. Provide an opportunity for feedback on the upcoming work

3. Status of projects/what’s being worked on currently

4. Review customer priorities and showcase what we’re doing to help

5. Status updates on the progress of tasks

Customer community

For many intranet suppliers, it is the norm to have limited ongoing communication with their customers. However, at Invotra, we value the input our customers can offer, working together with ourselves and other customers to inspire the best possible evolution of our product.

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One of our top priorities is ensuring that the organisations we provide our product and service to feel supported and listened to throughout their whole journey. This is why we have organised quarterly meetings, in which each of our customers are invited to attend and share their feedback, make suggestions and raise any issues. It also allows us to give updates in person, detailing any new or upcoming additions to our product. 

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GOV.invotra extranet homepage


Our GOV.invotra portal allows all of our UK Government customers to communicate with each other and the Invotra team. This provides each member with a unique platform in which they can share best practice.

Not only this, but it’s also a secure place where users can ask questions, seek advice and learn from each other’s knowledge. 

User testing and feedback

So you’ve crossed the finish line and the new intranet is now being used. That’s great. However, there are a two things vital to continued success. 


Your users are your biggest asset when it comes to ensuring the success of your intranet. They are the people who use the platform, for many, on a daily basis. 

Therefore, they can provide invaluable insights surrounding what works and doesn’t work for them. Now, whilst feedback from users is extremely important, for that information to be actioned upon, it’s a must that you are able to provide this feedback to your supplier, and that they are open to listening.

User testing

It’s highly important to bear in mind that different users will view and interact with the intranet differently. 

This could be down to their job role, general skills, abilities/disabilities and of course, the type of user account they hold on the intranet. It’s important to ask your users to test the intranet so that you can learn what works well and what doesn’t for your varying types of users, and in turn, you can work with your supplier to act upon this. 

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