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Freedom to consistently optimise, evolve and scale the Invotra platform

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The expertise of Rackspace FAWS (Fanatical support for Amazon Web Services) ensures the Invotra platform is built using world class standards with security at the forefront of every design and implementation.

With access to early architectural insights and 24/7 expert guidance from Rackspace, we are able to implement a scalable AWS platform. This has enhanced our operations and ensured we meet the needs of enterprise customers.

Our Rackspace partnership removes the stress for the customer having to manage any of the behind the scenes back-end infrastructure and allows us to focus on building a better experience for our end users.

"From that call through to quickly onboarding four new customers with 20,000+ new users shows the range of support we’ve enjoyed, and represents what we believe Rackspace can offer Invotra going forward.”
Paul Zimmerman
Paul Zimmerman
Invotra COO


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