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Supporting Invotra to deliver a quality product that is tested from every angle

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RainforestQA is a testing application that uses a pool of human testers to execute test scrips written in plain English.

Using this, we have been able to increase the coverage and frequency of our regression test suite and improve the consistency and quality of our releases. We are also using their mobile offering to do the same for our mobile app.

Invotra is beginning to leverage Rainforest’s exploratory testing offering in order to bug bash our new and more experimental work streams without having to commit any time from our internal QA engineers.

Building a culture of quality

No matter your industry, product quality and customer experience have never mattered more. It’s easy to limit quality to QA testing or see it as a checkbox that needs to be ticked off before every

In this guide, Rainforest and Invotra dive into why quality is key to the success of your business, exploring the strategy and tactics behind building a culture of quality and examine what a quality driven company culture looks like in action at Invotra.

“When you’re a small company or a startup and you want to show the market who you are, you usually do that by offering superior quality and service. Enforcing a great culture of quality is necessary. You can’t win without having a bias for quality.”
Paul Zimmerman
Paul Zimmerman
COO, Invotra