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Provide effective and engaging knowledge sharing

Communicating and collaborating apps and integrations with posts and polls from groups and message wall pictured

These tools are designed to make your communications reach the right audience, with the right message and encourage participation. 

Share information with targeted content and promote activities on news feed. Easy to use layout management tools enable you to brand communications to support your house style.

Targeted content

Allow internal communicators, knowledge managers, and content editors to push relevant information to specific audiences. Ensure that your intranet takes your essential organisational messages to all of you workforce and avoid overloading them with content by using our content targeting features to deliver your vital content to your workforce

Content targeting promoted content
Invotra 5.0 - Portal homepage with title, and 3 widgets with images and headers shown


The overall ‘look and feel’ of your intranet can be as important as the content it contains in ensuring employee engagement. Invotra offers templates, page layouts, widgets and design aids needed to lay-out an intuitive intranet that’s easy to use. We can help you consider the initial big things, like navigation menus and structure and design your information architecture and then our design features empower you to make immediate and ongoing design changes to reflect the organisation over the months and years.  Simple logo changes or amendments to branding become easy to update, rather part of an expensive, lengthy process.

News feed

Help your users to stay connected with our ‘My Feed’ feature, directing the right content to the right people. Users can filter the activity they are exposed to, by people, groups, content or dates, which enables them to quickly locate previous news and other items of interest without the hassle of scrolling through pages of content.

My feed page
Intranet design widgets to apply to each section

Layout management

Ensure your intranet layout is up to date and appealing with our 3 key elements; Widgets, layouts and pane styles. Achieve the type of intranet that users are excited to be part of, using management tools that are intuitive and a delight to use.

Presentation management

Use custom presentation designs or preset layouts to ensure your intranet reflects your brand, while providing your publishing team the freedom they require to produce engaging, informative content for your users.

Intranet design - layouts
Content targeting graphic

Photo gallery

Create engaging image displays with the freedom to use a slideshow or gallery display and a variety of editing tools to help your content really attract attention.

Style management

Use intuitive and extensive branding tools to ensure your intranet is exactly as you envisage, using a fully controllable colour palette and easily updatable logo features.

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