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Enable people to excel in their roles with relevant, up-to-date business information and documentation.

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Whichever content you’re looking to provide your staff with; news, manuals, policies, forms or general information, our sophisticated systems are the solution for all of your business’s content management needs.

Our fully customisable widgets catch the interest of your users by allowing the personalisation of all areas of a site. Additionally, using our numerous types of content keeps users engaged with attractive, interesting and up-to-date features.

Delegating your publishing responsibilities is simple using Invotra’s distributed publishing feature. You can create three stage reviews from author to editor to publisher and structure your data into hierarchical site sections. Each user can be allocated appropriate permissions suitable for their needs, ensuring governance levels are adhered to.

Compliance management

With our cloud-based digital technology reports can be generated directly from the cloud, based on verified data. This allows performance against SLAs to be tracked and any non-compliance identified.

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Content redaction

Content can simply be added to an archive, with the option to review all content as part of the content creation process, so that no important documentation needs to be lost through deletion. All redacted information is stored for future reference and can be re-published at any time. 

Enjoy the freedom of multiple content types, all easy to use and edit, to meet your organisation’s publication needs. Our various content types include news, general information pages, manuals, forms, multimedia, lists, promotional content and policies plus the ability to create your own custom content types.

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Invotra’s distributed publishing enables the delegation of publishing responsibilities across your organisation, cascading author, editor and publisher permissions from your on-boarding team, to individual section owners and outwards through your organisation.

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Providing customisable webforms to collect valuable information from your users without the need for email and paperwork. Create, manage, and distribute the forms needed to satisfy internal requests, and ultimately serve your stakeholders and customers faster. Easy to create online forms also ensure you can involve the right people, thanks to Invotra’s simple interface and configurable workflows.

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Menu management

Ensuring end users find it easy to navigate their way around your site, our menu management tools allow you to create and update menus in tune with your users needs which, in turn, improves site structure. Highlight important pages, improve user experience with better navigation around your site and ensure content is easily accessible through the menu and customisable navigation bars, the menu is in your hands to design, construct and update as your users require.

Multi-user collaboration

Offering a workplace where users can search information easily, and tools to collaborate on documents, set tasks, comment and set up group discussions areas to share information and work together to achieve mutual objectives. 

Additionally, customisable workflows for different content types and the ability for editors to allocate permissions and efficiently manage the entire publishing system, ensures our content management tools increase productivity rapidly and your intranet becomes the centre of your organisation’s development.

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Policy management

Ensure governance is maintained within your organisation with our policy management feature. Using our workflow options, you can set implementation dates and review dates for all policies, as well as being able to link related policies together, to make viewing policies as easy as possible for your users. With our targeting options you can direct the policies to teams, locations, role grades or regions. This, combined with our distributed publishing ensure your organisations policies are always managed in a controlled and effective way.  

Publishing management

Allows you to organise publishing by section, dividing authoring, editing and publishing responsibilities up into small teams, improving both the quality and speed of content creation.

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Control the information displayed on each page of your intranet and provide specific ways for users to interact. The widget acts as a bridge between someone creating a piece of content and it being displayed on a page as an attractive feature that your people want to read, and that they can easily access. With so many different types of content that need to be readily available to your audience, it makes sense to have just as many widgets to ensure that your intranet is as bespoke as possible to suit your organisational needs.

Workflow management

Invotra will notify reviewers when their input is needed, and help ensure there’s no out-of-date material online. Publishing news, project updates, and reference material can become an everyday part of people’s roles – without needing constant support from your IT department.

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