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Content types

Enjoy flexible and controllable content types that fit all of your organisation’s requirements

In place editor page with layout customisation

Invotra Intranet allows the creation of content in various customisable and adaptable layouts. Tailored to the information contained or the audience it is aimed at, each content type is fully editable, simple to use and allows your publishing team to display your organisational information in a style which fits your brand. To ensure all content is effectively and easily categorised, organisations can create their own content types allowing all content on your site to be created and displayed with confidence and ease.


Groups of images, in customisable sizes, can be displayed on the site in various formats such as a library or slideshow.

Gallery screen demonstration
Quick links list


A collection of links and content can be created to share with users, to provide useful information or aid navigation around the site.


Manuals, with easy to navigate pages, can be used to store important organisational information and ensure knowledge is accessible by all relevant employees.

Manual title page
Gallery content type


Media of various types, can be uploaded to the site, which can then be added to other content types, such as galleries.


Content can be created in a news article style, with images added and the ability to publish news content as a news flash.

News content type
Page content type for documentation


A simple page content style allows users to quickly post and share information with colleagues.


Organisational policies and procedures can be created, stored and shared with relevant employees.

Policy page type
Gallery content type


Promotion content enables the pushing or publicising of important content and sections, to ensure relevant users are able to view and use the information they need.


Customisable webforms allow information to be collected from users who can use the webform to submit necessary data.

Webform for holiday request
Content types such as news, webforms and manuals

Custom content

Content types can be created by your publishing team to meet organisational needs and to ensure content is categorised effectively.