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Information management

Delivering the right information to the right people for organisations worldwide

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Your intranet needs to engage each of your users individually, and provide them with engaging content, which aids and improves their efficiency, and doesn’t get in the way of their need to navigate to the organisational knowledge they are seeking from your intranet. Our content targeting features provide your communicators and content authors the tools to reach the right people every time, and to make the content they share engaging and relevant.

Information architecture

Our aim is to work with you to create an intranet where information is easily found by your users, with a structure and navigation that reflects your organisation. We provide the flexibility to structure your intranet around your departments or to develop a structure that reflects modern, functional working practices – a task-focused intranet. With in-house webmasters any updates to your navigation and structure are fast and cost free and, no matter how large your content storage is, our taxonomy management ensures that the site remains simple to navigate.

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Content search results


Invotra search provides an accurate, super quick search, using Apache Solr, that can be positioned within all areas of the site, to make navigation natural. Making users confident that they can find the information they need, when they need it, while allowing customisation to highlight the information and metadata you believe is most relevant to your business, helping people click the best result.

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Version control

Our version control tools track every change made to documents, along with who made the change, why they made it, and references to problems fixed, or enhancements introduced, by the change. Version control systems are essential for any organisation that have a responsibility to perform due diligence checks on any of their documentation or processes. Improve your editor experience and governance through our version control feature.

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Taxonomy management

The ability to manage enterprise taxonomies is at the core of all enterprise knowledge management and something we take seriously.  Our systems can handle thousands of terms and have a variety of different configurations to meet individual needs. We also provide a range of underpinning taxonomies that give organisations improved knowledge presentation across their digital workplace.


Using our favourites feature allows users to personalise their experience of the intranet, by adding favourite content or users. This allows an individual user to be notified when their favourite content is updated, or when a favourite user interacts with content on the site. ‘Favouriting’ also adds to a user’s search facilities, giving easy access to any content previously rated as a favourite.

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Content reuse

Encouraging effective use of time and resources, our easy to use layouts and widgets allow you to create content which can be reused in different areas of your intranet. Content can be easily cloned, then arranged to fit the style and purpose of the new pages on which it will appear. Content can be made relevant and engaging to each new audience, while saving your publishing team valuable time in avoiding duplication.


Store important organisational information and ensure knowledge is accessible by all relevant employees with our manuals content types. Easy to navigate pages, and interaction with all of our information management and collaborative features make manuals a perfect content type for departmental policies and procedures and a key resource for key resource for ensuring governance is maintained.

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One of our information management tools, allowing workflow updates and scheduling

Document management

Our information management tools include document management features such as document locking, allowing specific users access to view confidential documents but with read only permissions. Additionally, with customisable workflows, the drafting, editing and reviewing of all of your documentation is efficient and bespoke for your organisation’s requirements.