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Ensuring 100% of your users have a great experience

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Intranet digital accessibility checklist

Our ‘digital accessibility checklist’ offers useful tests to ensure the accessibility of your digital platforms.

The easy-to-follow sections give you a step-by-step run down of how to carry out each ‘test’, and the ‘check’ sections explain what the desired results are.

Ensure 100% of your users have a great experience. Download the checklist PDF here.

How to make your content accessible

Our Accessibility Product Manager, Andrew Doyle has put together a guide to ensure anyone who is involved with creating, editing or publishing content on the intranet can help to help create an intranet accessible by all of your users. 

Read the content accessibility guide here.


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Invotra’s enABLE Lab

Here at Invotra, accessibility is a hugely important part of what we do.  We recently launched our enABLE lab,  an environment in which we are able to provide our workforce (and any other interested parties) an environment in which we can continue to align and educate ourselves on the importance of accessibility. The lab is part of our ongoing work to raise awareness and improve the experiences of accessible software users.

Blogs by Léonie Watson, our guest blogger and accessibility expert...

Delivering an accessible experience for everyone in your organisation

Our aim to provide an intranet which not only meets WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) AA but which works to continually enhance the accessibility experience for all users. We are passionate about making our product and your user experience accessible to everyone.

View our insightful and informative resources below to share in our work to ensure everyone enjoys their intranet and extranet interactions.

Delivering accessible experiences - webinar

​Watch our Accessibility Product Manager, Andrew Doyle presenting a webinar sharing his expertise and work on delivering accessible intranets.

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Making intranets accessible - presentation

View COO Paul Zimmerman’s presentation Accessibility for the 100% – making your intranet accessible to everyone or watch the video of that presentation from the Intranet Now conference User Experience for the 100%.

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