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Leverage the fantastic power of Blockchain in your Digital Workplace, enhancing compliance, auditability and security

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Blockchain can be considered a database for the Internet age when we all deal internationally for even the simplest of things and as we progress these things are becoming more complex and impactful.  At Invotra we are working to ensure that our clients are best placed to leverage this amazing technology in the safest simplest manner for their Digital Workplace needs.

We enable you to keep private the details while gaining the huge value that blockchain offers in a way that is simple for the end users.  This world that blockchain opens up for organisations is immensely vast and powerful, something that can truly help organisations to digital transform in ways that were never previously imagined or thought possible.

Prove compliance

Use Invotra to show interested parties that you have a committed approach to information security and governance.

Extend security

No longer rely on internal staff or suppliers or contracts to verify the validity of the data by using a completely independent source that you know has no way of interfering with your data.

Ease auditing

Provide your organisation or external parties with immutable sources to verify activities, streamlining your auditing processes.

Invotra Blockchain features

Commit decisions or any kind of post to blockchain.

Control who can commit data to blockchain.

Verify against blockchain that what you’re seeing has not been interfered with.

Manage the keys that make this all possible.