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Intranet of Things

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One of our most exciting initiatives to date, Invotra Things allows enterprises to connect their teams to their surroundings. Drive better productivity and efficiency gains using our integrated Business Integration Models (BIM) to create your own  Intranet of Things (IoT), where your buildings, technologies are connected to your employees and your teams. Incorporated into your internal network and protected by our security measures, our SaaS Digital Workplace offers an Intranet of Things to provide your organisation with the control, convenience and connectivity you need for your digital evolution.

Integrate each area of your organisation

Create an Intranet of Things where your buildings and technologies are easily identifiable and resources can be quickly.

Connect your valuable resources

Link your people and teams with their surroundings.

Drive productivity and efficiency

Ensure nothing stands in the way of your employees achieving their goals by providing simple access to your organisation’s resources.