Share experiences and thoughts using Invotra Blogs

An Invotra blog page

Celebrate experiences

Blogs create an informal way to communicate the wealth of knowledge and experience within your workforce.

Review and moderate

As with all our social apps, you can be confident content is up to date and appropriate with moderation and review features available before and after a blog is posted.

Encourage users to share 

Separate from other intranet publishing roles, the blogger role can be given to any user.

Share experiences and thoughts using Invotra Blogs. Engage your community with commenting, creating valuable discussions around a topic. An informal channel for communicating the thoughts of both the leaders and those working in your smallest team. Bringing to light challenges and commonalities across your organisation, whether a leader’s thoughts on the current brand, or a team member’s reflections on a recent project.


Control the stream of blogs separately from your general intranet content publishing, using the Invotra Blogger Role. Communication can be restricted to a group of key contributors or organisation wide, allowing informal collaboration outside of regular teams and hierarchies.

Invotra Blogs features

1.Users with the blogger role can post personal thoughts on a subject or specific topic as a blog.

2. Images can be added to illustrate the blog content.

3. Users can add their comments and opinions.

4. Blogs posted can be rated or liked and users can favourite content and follow bloggers for updates or new content.

5. Bloggers can reply to comments, creating an organisational wide conversation around blog topic.