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Power innovation and ideation in the way you work with Invotra Ideas

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Create a culture of positive change, using Invotra Ideas to listen to the experience of your workforce.

Encourage contribution

Allow all of your employees to submit ideas to be considered, no matter what role or responsibility they hold.

Ensure change happens

Assign ideas quickly and efficiently to the correct team to make sure all valuable ideas are acted on.


Power ideation and innovation in the way you work with Invotra Ideas. Give all employees the ability to submit ideas for improvements, then moderate and assign all suggested ideas to the correct teams for development into your next round of innovation. Invotra ideas is a collaborative way to keep your organisation evolving and involve all your staff in making changes across the organisation.

Invotra Ideas features

The ideas ‘form’ is created and personalised by webmasters – all fields are customisable.

Ideas are pre-moderated, so that no idea is visible to other users until it has been approved.

Ideas Administrator role delegates ideas to the relevant area and employee so that important ideas are not missed.

Submitted ideas can be commented on, liked and rated to allow collaboration.

Ideas can be part of any site sections and widgets can be used to display previously submitted ideas.

You can access the Invotra Ideas dashboard to analyse trends.