Flag of Ukraine

We stand with the people of Ukraine against this inhumane breach of human rights. We are in awe of their brave fight and unwillingness to give in to defeat and will do whatever we can to support our colleagues and friends in their hour of need.
Ми виступаємо разом з народом України проти цього нелюдського порушення прав людини. Ми вражені їхньою хороброю боротьбою і протистоянням, та зробимо все можливе, щоб підтримати наших колег і друзів у цей важкий час

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Stay engaged with organisational updates and communications

invotra workbar

Maintaining engagement with your intranet and content is facilitated with Invotra notifications, which send a message to users whenever someone interacts with content they have created and published.  

Your employees can be confident they are aware of all important updates and communications. Users can also follow each other to make sure they don’t miss any important activity or content created by a colleague.

Users can organise notifications by time and by activity and all messages are stored forever, for future reference.


Notifications are triggered when a user is followed or their content is created or interacted with in the following ways:


When a user is @mentioned within a piece of content, or a comment.


When a user replies to a comment you have posted. 

Comments and likes

When another user comments on and/or likes content which you have created such as an event, news content or a poll.


When a user starts to follow you.