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Release notes

Invotra 3.13


Invotra 3.13 Release Notes

Release Date: 10 May 2017

Official Invotra release note documentation for Invotra 3.13, which is to be released on the 10th May 2017.

There are a total of 46 individual tasks in this release.

3.13 highlights:

1. This was a maintenance release so we managed to squish many bugs

2. Removal of workflow from social content which dramatically helps to improve performace

3. The first iteration of our user-focused design work.


Using personas to improve our user experience

This project was created to create a more standardised product as well as a collection of improvements which affect the end-user.

Summary of improvements include:

  • Removing the ‘Find content’ link from the toolbar.

  • Standardising terminology used.

  • Standardising labels and capitals.

  • My Workspace is now sorted by newest updated by default, instead of relevance on a blank term.

  • Removed ‘Add location’ link from the toolbar.

  • Displaying the group category when on a group.

  • Including tag block to show the filters selected on content search.

  • Reducing the padding and grey space on search fields.


We removed workflow from selected content types which did not require it, resolving any side-effects and old references. The selected content types are:

  • Groups

  • Group posts

  • Group polls

  • Group docs

  • Messages created on the Message Wall

There is now slight amendments to the user interface for docs as part of this: there is now a ‘published’ checkbox, replacing the old radio buttons.


Rename Distributed Publishing roles 

  • We renamed the Author, Editor and Publisher roles in distributed publishing to Section author, Section editor, Section publisher to mitigate any confusion between global roles.

Accessible Experience

Rate text colour is too faint 

  • We updated the text colour of the ‘rate’ text beside the star rating widget to increase the colour contrast to a WCAG AA level standard.

Help / Documentation

There are no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


Webmaster ticket reason for urgency unavailable 

  • We fixed an issue where the reason for urgency field was not available when creating a ticket.

Org user receives an email notification when an editor makes a change to a field 

  • We fixed an issue where an organisational user would incorrectly receive an email notification when the assignee of their ticket was changed.

Moderators are unable to edit comments

  • We fixed an issue where moderators were not able to edit comments.

Email sent about content becoming unpublished upon cloning 

  • We fixed an issue where cloning content would send an email about the content becoming unpublished regardless of the state it was saved in.

Search result teasers include table 

  • We fixed an issue where tables and other HTML elements displayed in the search result teaser would affect other search results and the style of the page. Now search result teasers are displayed in plain text to resolve this issue.

Request access button just shows as ‘Request’ 

  • We fixed an issue where the request button on private groups would display ‘request’ instead of ‘request access’.

Roles within location incorrectly lead to obsolete search page 

  • We fixed an issue where selecting a job role when viewing a location would link to an obsolete search page instead of the new search page.

Follow and Favourite active buttons do not adopt primary button colour 

  • We fixed an issue where buttons were using the default Invotra branding colours instead of the configured branding settings.

Editor should not be able to edit an idea that others created 

  • We fixed an issue where editors were able to edit user submitted ideas, which only idea administrators and webmasters should be able to do.

Broken theming on account settings page 

  • We fixed an issue where layout of the account settings on a user profile was broken.

New site section reverts to Invotra default template when saved 

  • We fixed an issue where creating a new site section would save with the Invotra default section template despite selecting a different template.

Request message on secret group states that it’s a private group 

  • We fixed an issue where the request message available to webmasters to join a secret group would mention that it was a private group.

Ajax error appears when attempting to create a new folder 

  • We fixed an error which was produced after attempting to create a new folder.

Profile imags within groups redirect to the image URL 

  • We fixed an issue where profile images displayed within a group would link to the actual image file instead of the user profile.

Poll results are immediately displayed to non-members of a group 

  • We fixed an issue where people who were not members of a public group were able to view the results of a poll within the group before they had voted.

Caret icons can’t be selected on comboboxes 

  • We fixed an issue where clicking the caret icons on combo boxes would not open or close the menu.

Long attachment links should be truncated on group posts and polls 

  • We fixed an issue where long attachment links on group posts and polls would overlap the container and leak across to the right column. Long links which do not fit inside the container are now truncated to resolve this issue.

Impossible to close Lists after opened 

  • We fixed an issue where the add to list menu on content would not close when the button was pressed again

Can no longer expand comments on docs 

  • We fixed an issue where comments added to a doc were not visible and it would not be possible to add a comment to a doc even when comments on the doc were enabled.

Hover colour on list button does not adopt primary button colour 

  • We fixed an issue where the favourite, add to lists and the like buttons would colour the element as the default Invotra green instead of the colour set in the branding settings.

Duplicate entries for allowed file types when uploading attachment to a group post or poll 

  • We fixed an issue where the annotation to show the allowed file types would display .png and .gif twice.

Modal window for creating groups is cut off 

  • We fixed an issue where the create group modal window would jump too down far the page making it difficult to access.

Publishers cannot edit content which have no workflow after creating 

  • We fixed an issue where publishers were not able to edit their own content once it was published.

Feed messages are not encapulsated in a link 

  • We fixed an issue where the link on the feed message about a new comment wouldn’t encapsulate the entire article.

Able to post blank comments on group posts 

  • W8e fixed an issue where it was possible to add a blank comment on a group post.

Ajax error when flagging comment as inappropriate 

  • We fixed an issue where flagging a comment as inappropriate within a group would produce an error.

Section managers can see links they do not have access to within Invotra admin 

  • We fixed an issue where section managers were able to see links under Invotra admin to pages they did not have access to.

Labels incorrectly highlighted within search 

  • We fixed an issue where the label used to identify a value in the search results would be highlighted to indicate that it matched the search term.

Navigating through pages on user management unselects users 

  • We fixed an issue where selected users would become unselected when navigating between pages within the user management page.

Job role overlaps group cog menu 

  • We fixed an issue where details of members would overlap the menu when opened.

Trimmed links cause links below to redirect to the same address 

  • We fixed an issue where a trimmed link within My notifications would cause some links below to redirect to the same link address.

Duplicate description of disabled field causing descriptions to overlap eachother 

  • We fixed an issue where annotations for disabled fields would overlap each other when the fields were on the same row.

Mentioning broken after going to a new line 

  • We fixed an issue where pressing the enter key while the mention suggest menu was open would not make it possible to mention someone on the new line.

Request access buttons jumps 

  • We fixed an issue where the request and join buttons on groups would jump when selected and overlap text.

Publishers unable to delete polls 

  • We fixed an issue where publishers weren’t able to delete polls outside of groups.

Groups and group content appear under needs review in My workplace 

  • We fixed an issue where groups and the content created within the groups were appearing under the ‘needs review’ section within My workplace.

Backspace broken for usernames with a full stop 

  • We fixed an issue where pressing the backspace key when mentioning someone with a full stop in the name would cause the full stop to be surrounded in a ‘\b’ string.

Publishers cannot edit content 

  • We fixed an issue where editorial roles were not able to edit content created by others.

Revisions and publish tabs missing from lists 

  • We fixed an issue where the revisions and publish or unpublish tabs were missing from content.

Breaklines aren’t included in feed messages

  • We fixed an issue where break lines weren’t shown when content was displayed via the feed.

Created and updated content date range filter does not apply 

  • We fixed an issue where the created and updated date filters on content search were not applied after pressing the enter key.

Workflow, clone and revision links should be restricted 

  • We fixed an issue where the revision and workflow options were available to roles who did not have permission to access to edit content.

Error on the workflow page 

  • We discovered and fixed an error which was appearing on the Workflow page.


There are no Performance tasks in this release.

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