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Release notes

Invotra 3.14


Invotra 3.14 Release Notes

Release Date: 24 May 2017

Official Invotra release documentation for Invotra 3.14, which was released on the 24th May 2017. This release is primarily based around the second phase  of using personas to improve our user experience and addressing some bugs.

3.14 highlights:

  1. Search has had a face lift to make it easier to digest for the end user, also lifted the search results so that more results appear above the fold by removing unnecessary padding / space.

  2. Ability to jump between People, Teams, Content and Location searches directly from the search results page without the need to run a fresh search. This was introduced based on user feedback.

  3. Multiple improvements to Groups including the user journey for adding people to the Group.

  4. Standardisation was a focus for this release and two of the major things we standardised were date formats and the profile teasers across the product.


Using personas to improve user experience

We continued our project from release 3.13.  

New features and improvements include:


  • Updated the style and theme of the search pages, this includes moving the search field up, moving the tag block, sort by and save results to the left and changing the sort by field type from a combobox to radio buttons.

  • Added the ability to jump to different search pages by presenting buttons on each search page to quickly navigate between the pages.

  • Updated the no results found message.

Group functionality

  • Removed the ‘Most recent’ filter and configuration for that field as it was misleading.

  • Updated the placement and user journey of adding a member to a group.

  • Resolved the difference of adding attachments between group posts and polls, including adding the library and my files now.

  • Updated style of the search group results button.

  • Removed some redundant fields when editing a post.


We standardised the following:

  • The grammar used.

  • Date formats.

  • Profile preview found on pages such as the Find People landing page and the user profile page.

  • The ‘Include archived content’ filter style.

  • The terminology used on vote buttons on polls.

  • Removed the ‘Messages’ lozenge on the message wall to be inline with other app landing pages.

Other improvements

  • Updated the style of polls.

  • Removed the count from headings on the Find landing pages.

  • Updated the style of vertical tabs.


1. Update the root navigation widget to include content types 

  • We added the ability to choose and display content types using the root navigation widget.

2. Style update for General Style 14 – Slideshow 

  • We made style updates as well as bug fixes for the carousel style for widgets.

3. Atom feed widget 

  • We now have a new Atom widget, similar to the RSS feed, the Atom widget displays a selected atom feed.

Accessible Experience

There are no Accessible Experience tasks in this release.

Help / Documentation

There are no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


4. Notifications are not being cleared when using the clear all function 

  • We fixed an issue where the clear all function on notifications would not clear all if there were a large amount of notifications.

5. Liking poll comments 

  • We fixed an issue where the like button wasn’t available for comments on group polls.

6. Apps breadcrumb link leads to productivity 

  • We fixed an issue where the apps breadcrumb when viewing a blog would redirect the user to the old productivity page.

7. Favourites not showing up in favourites list 

  • We fixed an issue where content added to your favourites weren’t appearing the favourites list.

8. A-Z widget theme issue 

  • We fixed a theme issue with the A-Z widget where list items would overlap links.

9. Widgets display unpublished content 

  • We fixed an issue where the poll and promotion widgets would display content even after they had been set to unpublished.

10. Allowed file types did not reflect what was configured 

  • After configuring allowed file types, this was not being reflected when uploading an attachment.

11. Crop is not applied on content image 

  • We fixed an issue where cropping an image on content would not apply the crop when viewing the content and from the news widget.

12. Unexpected view less filter options link on My workplace 

  • We fixed an issue where an unexpected link appeared in My workplace.

13. Common skills preview shows a blank tag 

  • We fixed an issue where there was a tag which had the tag style but did not contain any value under the common skills heading on the Find teams/locations landing page.

14. Group posts and polls have ‘Docs’ in the breadcrumb 

  • We fixed an issue where breadcrumbs when viewing a group post or poll would an incorrect ‘Docs’ breadcrumb.

15. Can see ‘Group’ tab on group edit 

  • We fixed an issue whereby a tab for ‘Group’ was appearing under Edit on a Group.

16. Impossible to publish a doc 

  • We fixed an issue where the published checkbox was not displaying when editing a doc. Now should should also see ‘Status: Published’ or ‘Status: Unpublished’ in the tab.

17. Groups and Message Wall appearing under apps on a client integration site 

  • We fixed an issue whereby the links to Groups and Message wall were visible under the Apps on the Invotra toolbar (integration site).

18. Edit overlapping the title on messages 

  • We fixed an issue where the edit button on messages could overlap the message title.

19. Attachment icon is missing on group poll 

  • We fixed an issue where the icon for the attachment button on a group poll was missing.

20. Team admin cannot add or remove members 

  • We fxed an issue where a team administrator could not add or remove members of their team.


21. Manuals performance issue 

  • We have resolved a performance issue by only displaying the title of a manual subpage, hiding the short summary presented for each manual page.

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