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Release notes

Invotra 3.15

Invotra 3.15 Release Notes

Release Date: 21 June 2017

Official Invotra release documentation for Invotra 3.15, which was released on the 21st June 2017.

There are a total of 59 individual tasks in this release.


There are no Projects in this release.


1. Add previous and next button to Manual pages 

  • We added previous and next buttons to manual pages to facilitate navigation through manuals and their pages.

2. Add links to Message wall 

  • We updated names, locations, teams and message titles found on the Message wall dashboard into links as part of the improvements and new dashboards.

3. Blogs dashboard 

  • We added a blog dashboard for all users to access, containing blog counters for all blogs, highest contributing authors, locations and teams and most liked blogs.

4. Groups (overall) dashboard 

  • We added a Groups dashboard for all users to access, containing a group counter for all groups, for Top 5 group for content and for Top 10 group by member count.

5. Polls dashboard 

  • We added a Polls dashboard for all users to access, containing a counter for all polls, for Top 10 contributing authors and Top 5 contributing teams.

6. Events dashboard 

  • We added an Events dashboard for all users to access, containing Event counters for all events, highest contributing authors, and Top 5 events by locations, teams and topics.

7. Groups (individual) dashboard 

  • We added individual Group dashboards for all users to access, containing counters for members, content, skills, personal interests, locations, teams, roles, most liked content and posts by category.

8. Empty dashboard message for apps 

  • We standardised the message shown when a user goes to an app dashboard with no data to show, to inform the user there is currently no data to view.

9. Dashboard items should not be shown if there are no data for them 

  • We removed empty dashboard table headings to improve the appearance of dashboards and so the user could be shown the no data to show message.

10. It should be possible to navigate Manuals using a menu 

  • We added a a new widget called Manual navigation to be displayed on ‘Manual’ and ‘Manual page’ content types to allow users to navigate manuals and their pages using a menu.

11. App create button 

  • We changed the wording, position and visibility of the Create button for continuity.

Accessible Experience

12. Add background to dashboard item text 

  • We updated the appearance of the percentage values within pie charts to have a white background to make them easier to read.

13. Table view of dashboard 

  • We added a link to view the tabular version of the dashboard, for accessibility and to see all the items in the dashboard.

14. Disable post/submit buttons once selected 

  • We have disabled all buttons, once selected, until the action has been completed, to show the action is taking place and to avoid users posting or saving content more than once.

15. Labelling of checkboxes on search 

  • We amended the labelling for the filters on search to resolve confusions where the name of the checkbox was not being read out.

Help / Documentation

There are no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


16. Cannot see all options for change layout modal 

  • We fixed an issue where the modal to choose the layout for a site section was zoomed in too much to see the buttons to save and close.

17. Editing unpublished site sections issue when in preview mode 

  • We fixed an issue where users, with editing permissions, were unable to edit unpublished site sections when in the preview mode.

18. Workflow synchronization broken

  • We fixed an issue where the workflow was not being synchronized because of workflow being disabled on some conten types.

19. Unable to access submitted Ideas 

  • We fixed an issue where new ideas submitted could not be viewed by an ideas administrator.

20. Large images flow over to the right hand column 

  • We fixed an issue with the user blog widget. When a user blog widget was added to the left column of a site section with 2 columns, any large attached images overflowed into the right column.

21. Height and width the General Style 14 (Slideshow) 

  • We fixed a problem with the General Style 14 (slideshow) that had been changing the height and width of images displayed..

22. Max items on General Style 14 (Slideshow) 

  • We fixed an issue where General style 14 (slideshow), when selected in a simple content widget, was only displaying a maximum of 3 items, not the number of items selected.

23. General style 14 – pager shows through primary menu 

  • We fixed an issue where the pager menu and the back and forward arrows for General style 14 were appearing in front of the primary menu when a user scrolled through a page.

24. Primary button colour covers the tab 

  • We fixed a theme issue for tabs, where the primary colour filled the entire tab and the default Invotra green was used on the left side of the tab.

25. Split Dashboard from Apps Landing pages 

  • We separated the App lading page panels from the dashboard panels to allow dashboards to be independently released.

26. Create Groups button broken and out of place 

  • We fixed an issue during development where the app create button could not be selected and unexpected hairlines were appearing.

27. Able to press like button on my own group docs 

  • We fixed an issue where group doc authors were able to like their own doc.

28. Cropping an attached image does not apply the crop to the node 

  • We have fixed an issue where editing changes would not be applied to content when an image, previously added to content, was cropped and the changes were saved.

29. Incorrect email sent on removal from group 

  • We fixed an issue where leaving a group would send the email for successfully joining a group.

30. Update navigation widget styles 

  • We updated the navigation widget styles so links are blue and each item is separated and no longer compact.

31. Unexpected breadcrumb on homepage 

  • We removed the unnecessary ‘Home’ breadcrumb on the homepage.

32. New feed messages are available indicator 

  • We have added a ‘new’ indicator to the feed icon to let people know when their feed has new items in it.

33. Selecting a notification leads to a 404 

  • We fixed an issue when clicking certain notifications from the notifications bell icon in the toolbar referred users to a page not found.

34. About this groups doesn’t allow line spacing 

  • We fixed an issue with the About field in groups where line spaces between sentences were not saving or displaying correctly.

35. Solr Indexing issue 

  • We fixed a Solr indexing issue with results for date ranges on post content types not returning results.

36. I am able to post blank comments on group posts

  • We fixed an issue where it was possible to add a blank comment on a group post.

37. Problem with URLs when you re-associate site sections 

  • We fixed an issue which occurred when a site section was re-associated to a new parent site section. This would not change the URL of the child site section unless the title of the child site section was changed at the same time.

38. Piwik ‘page overlay’ hangs with error message 

  • We fixed an issue where users of Piwik were denied access to view statistics for site sections and content types which they should be able to view.

39. Saving branding resets colours to default 

  • We fixed an issue where saving the branding settings on HO integration, and other integration sites, reset all of the set colours to default. 

40. When Zoomed above 100% on group dashboard results they disappear 

  • We fixed an issue where zooming to more than 100%, when viewing the results of Top interests on the groups dashboard, made all of the fields disappear from the left hand column.

41. Group doc becomes unpublished once edited, despite checkbox being set to “Published” 

  • We fixed an issue with group docs where when a group doc was saved and was set to Published status, it was being changed to Unpublished.

42. Note field appearing under comment box on docs. 

  • We fixed an issue where a category field, with the note category chosen, was appearing under the comment field even when the notes product option was disabled.

43. A space character is missing in the header 

  • We added a missing space into the right header on the Message Wall dashboard so that it reads “Message Wall counter”.

44. Org users cannot comment on private group docs when they are a member 

  • We fixed an issue with private and secret groups where the comment tab did not appear on group docs, making the group members unable to comment on docs created by other users in the group.

45. Layout managers cannot see link to content templates page 

  • We fixed an issue where the Content templates link under Invotra admin > Configuration was not visible to Layout managers and webmasters.

46. The 403 error occurs when clicking ‘Leave group’ button 

  • We fixed an issue where webmasters were able to see the ‘Leave group’ button in groups in which they were not a member.

47. “About this group” adopts post text when on post node 

  • We fixed an issue where when a group post was selected and viewed the About this group field adopted the text from the post, replacing the group’s About this group text shown on the group landing page.

48. Dashboard tables appearing in left column only 

  • We fixed an issue with dashboards on the DfT integration site, where the group and poll dashboards were only appearing on the left hand side of the page.

49. Groups tabs do not adopt primary colour on dashboard 

  • We fixed an issue with group dashboards where the Home, Members and Dashboard tabs would not adopt the primary colour.

50. Similar users profile pictures not showing correctly 

  • We fixed an issue on the user profile page where the profile pictures of similar users were not displaying.

51. Default category on comments is not set to ‘comment’

  • We fixed an issue with the default category on the comment field, which was incorrectly defaulting to Note instead of Comment.

52. Manual title background adopt primary button colour 

  • We fixed an issue with the titles of manuals adopting the primary button colour as a background colour, which made them hard to read.

53. Post attachment button mispositioned on edit modal 

  • We fixed an issue where the post attachment button was incorrectly positioned on the edit modal window, which appears when a user edits a post from a group home page.


There are no Performance tasks in this release.


54. Dashboards are visible to anonymous users 

  • We fixed an issue where anonymous users were able to access dashboards when anonymous user access was disabled.


55. Search results returned with table as teaser text 

  • We fixed an issue where tables and other HTML elements displayed in the search result teaser would affect other search results and the style of the page. Now search result teasers are displayed in plain text to resolve this issue.

56. People cannot be searched by about me 

  • We fixed an issue where people could not be searched by terms present in their about me field.

57. Make facet configuration webmaster accessible 

  • We made the facet configuration pages, including people, teams, content and location facets, accessible and editable for webmasters.

58. Make it possible to search different fields per client 

  • We created 4 new configuration pages under Invotra admin, accessible to webmasters, allowing them to select which fields are searched against for each search page.

59. Content search query options are not working We fixed an issue when attached image file description was enabled, where the alt text of an attached file was being used in search not the file name. This made it impossible to search attachments which are a type other than image.

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