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Release notes

Invotra 3.16


Invotra 3.16 Release Notes

Release Date: 5 July 2017

Official Invotra release documentation for Invotra 3.16, which is to be released on the 5th July 2017.

There are a total of 46 individual tasks in this release.


There are no Projects in this release.


1. Organisational users should be able to access App landing pages  (reference: INVGOV-6260)

– We have updated App landing pages so that Organisational users can view all App landing pages, even if they are unable to create that type of app content.

2. Inform users that the dashboard shows data forever  (reference: INVGOV-6258)

– We added a line of text to all dashboards to inform users that the data shown included all activity since the content type, app type or group was created.

3. Message Wall filters should not be shown if there are no results  (reference: INVGOV-6257)

We removed any category filters from Message Wall which were showing even if there were no results for that message type.

4. User management updates (reference: INVGOV-6475)

– We made updates to user management including a column for ‘Status’ and for ‘Team’ and made the Name link to the user’s profile.

Accessible Experience

5. Change Invotra’s default primary and alert button colour (reference: INVGOV-6194)

– We updated the default colours used for the primary button and alert button colours to improve the contrast. The primary button colour went from 2.46:1 to 5.48:1 and the alert button colour went from 2.98:1 to 4.6:1.

6. Wrapping articles within links (reference: INVGOV-6096)

– We updated the wrapping of articles by hiding a link without a value which was used by mouse users from accessibility software.

7. Tab keyboard interaction and invisible heading for Docs (reference: INVGOV-6259)

– We have improved some features of keyboard interaction for the tab list and updated a heading on group docs.

8. Quick links accessibility (reference: INVGOV-6053)

– We improved the accessibility of the quick links menu so it can be focused and there is more information provided to user agents.

Help / Documentation

There are no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


9. Configurable file types (reference: INVGOV-6347)

– We fixed an issue with file uploads so that all fields, which enable upload of files, reflect the settings in the “File types” configuration page, except for the tta and smil fields.

10. Remove remaining Analytics manager references (reference: INVGOV-6311)

– We fixed an issue with references to the removed role of Analytics Manager appearing in the deploy.

11. Upgrade views to the latest version (reference: INVGOV-6284)

– We fixed issues with some of the pages on the site by upgrading the Views module to the latest version.

12. Cannot edit group docs (reference: INVGOV-6276)

– We fixed an issue where group members were unable to access the edit link or edit any documents created within the group.

13. Ajax error when trying to delete groups  (reference: INVGOV-6273)

– We fixed an issue for webmasters where attempting to delete a group, both as a member and not a member, caused an Ajax error message to be displayed.

14. Pager is missing from team members page  (reference: INVGOV-6216)

– We fixed an issue where the pager was missing from the team members page, when a team had more than 30 members and there was more than one team members page to display.

15. Blank space on search results  (reference: INVGOV-6214)

– We fixed an issue where blank search results were appearing in search results lists in Find content searches.

16. Emails should never be sent to blocked users  (reference: INVGOV-6192)

– We fixed an issue where notification emails were still being sent to users who had been blocked.

17. Error produced after adding a user to a team  (reference: INVGOV-6176)

– We fixed an error which occurred when a user profile was edited then saved, when some of the entities in the user profile fields had been deleted

18. Tickets not appearing in the ticket tracking admin panel (reference: INVGOV-6181)

We fixed an issue where editing a ticket in the ticket tracking system would cause the ticket to be no longer visible anywhere in the ticket tracking admin panel.

19. Groups create button not visible when inactive  (reference: INVGOV-6386)

We fixed an issue where the Create and Post buttons were not appearing when they were inactive, after branding had been re-saved.

20. Problem with tickets when requester has selected Urgent timing (reference: INVGOV-6215)

We fixed an issue with the raising of Urgent tickets, where the ‘Please explain why’ text entered by the requester was also appearing underneath the action or comment text when the ticket was edited.

21. Message wall search bar is too long (reference: INVGOV-6374)

We fixed an issue with the search bar on the message wall as it was overlapping the messages.

22. The bottom border is shown on the Search block (reference: INVGOV-6383)

We fixed an issue where the border-bottom was being shown in the Search block on Message Wall.

23. Most @mentions by type missing  first count (reference: INVGOV-6382)

We fixed an issue with the Message Wall Dashboard where the ‘Most @ mentions by type’ report was not displaying data for the first item.

24. Docker causing fatal error with ‘INVGOV-6386’ (reference: INVGOV-6403)

We fixed an issue with docker where a fatal error occurred in the groups landing page.

25. Latest comment widget performance (reference: INVGOV-6348)

We fixed an issue where the latest comment widget was increasing the page load time when the contents of the widget was being cached.

26. Global editors/publishers don’t receive emails on content items set to Needs review/Reviewed workflow state (reference: INVGOV-6296)

We fixed an issue where global editors and publishers were not receiving emails when content items were set to Needs review/Reviewed workflow state.

27. Job role field overlap (reference: INVGOV-6433)

– We fixed an issue which caused the Job role drop-down menu on edit profile/corporate to be hidden by the second Job role drop down menu field and the ‘Remove’ button.

28.  tag on notifications (reference: INVGOV-6432)

– We removed a tag which was appearing in notifications when a user was @mentioned in a public group.

29. Solr Indexing issue (reference: INVGOV-6077)

– We fixed a Solr indexing issue with results for date ranges on post content types not returning results.

30. Issue with revision audit trail records (reference: INVGOV-6151)

– We fixed an issue on Horizon with the audit trail of changes on revisions of certain pages showing unexpected and unexplained data..

31. PreProd branding issues (reference: INVGOV-6467)

– We fixed issues on 42 and DWP preprod where the toolbar was too large and “Useful links” was being forced onto a new line, and the primary button colour had not updated from Invotra Green, despite new branding settings.

32. Invotra standard formatting (reference: INVGOV-6473)

– We fixed the titles of manuals to remove the purple background.

33. Deployment fails after services module update (reference: INVGOV-6485)

– We fixed an issue with the deployment process which failed after we updated Services module.

34. Users no longer have access to the ‘all content’ tab in ‘my workplace’ (reference: INVGOV-6487)

– We fixed an issue where users with DP level permissions were no longer able to access and view ‘all content’ within their ‘my workplace’ area.

35. Piwik ‘page overlay’ hangs with error message (reference: INVGOV-6359

– We fixed an issue where users of Piwik were denied access to view statistics for site sections and content types which they should be able to view.


36. Upgrade drupal core (reference: INVGOV-6419)

We have upgraded to the latest version of drupal.


37. Remove /morelikethisusers (reference: INVGOV-6218)

– We removed a page with an unused view display at /morelikethisusers which was giving access to a display of similar users to users who provided an ID but were not logged in.

38. In my feed, user is still able to see the posts to private groups, even though they are no longer a member of that group  (reference: INVGOV-6198)

– We fixed an issue where people would receive feed messages when something occurs within a private group, after they had left the group.

39. XSS issue in message type taxonomy  (reference: INVGOV-6421)

– We have prevented potential XSS issue within the message type taxonomy.

40. XSS issue in notifications  (reference: INVGOV-6422)

– We have prevented potential XSS issue within notifications.

41. XSS issue in WYSIWYG  (reference: INVGOV-6423)

– We have prevented potential XSS issue within the WYSIWYG editor.

42. SECURITY – Upgrade services to 7.x-3.20  (reference: INVGOV-6469)

– We upgraded the services module to 7.x-3.20.


43. Users should be able to filter by content type category (reference: INVGOV-6237)

– We created a new ‘Category’ filter for content search, which can be added as part of the facet configuration. This filter will allow users to go to content search and select a category containing multiple content types without needing to know which specific content type they need.

44. Search Api Biasing (reference: INVGOV-6212)

We fixed an issue with Search api conflicting with our biasing, configured in Solr.

Unit Tests

45. Improved unit tests to help detect additional permissions (reference: INVGOV-6156)

– We have improved our unit tests to detect if permissions have been changed or missed.

46. Organic Group permissions tranferred to yaml and unit tests added (reference: INVGOV-6275)

– We switched the OG permissions to use a yyaml file and implemented associated unit tests.

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