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Release notes

Invotra 3.17


Invotra 3.17 Release Notes

Release Date: 19 July 2017

Official Invotra release documentation for Invotra 3.17, which is to be released on the 19th July 2017.

There are a total of 53 individual tasks in this release.


1. App landing pages (reference: INVGOV-6360)

We’ve updated the pages you find under the Apps menu from the toolbar. The includes:

  • A new ‘my’ tab, where you can see anything you have created and can see which groups you are in.

  • A new ‘explore’ tab, where you have a further refined search within apps, including the ability to search group posts.

  • Additional filters provided for both the home and explore tab.

  • Visual updates.


2. Widget search (reference: INVGOV-6330)

– We added a search field in the widget menu so it is easier to find the widget you’re looking for.

3. Add heading to message type facet (reference: INVGOV-6404)

– We added a heading above the message type facet to make it more clear.

Accessible Experience

4. General style 14 accessibility (reference: INVGOV-6464)

– We updated the carousel widget style so that the carousel is paused on focus, the next and previous buttons are included in the tab order and a new stop button to stop the animation.

5. Colour contrast too low on message type facet (reference: INVGOV-6463)

– We updated the font colour of the message type filters to improve colour contrast.

6. Aria-hidden using invalid value (reference: INVGOV-6352)

– We corrected the value of attribute used in the toolbar to fix an issue where menu items in the toolbar would be announced twice.

Help / Documentation

There are no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


7. Anonymous users do not have access to explore tab (reference: INVGOV-6514)

– We fixed an issue where anonymous users were unable to access the explore tab on apps

8. Like button is available for user who is not a member (reference: INVGOV-6309)

– We fixed an issue where users who were not a member were able to like when directly on a group post. 

9. Group members cannot file types other than image to groups (reference: INVGOV-6515)

– We fixed an issue where only image file types were allowed in group attachments.

10. New messages do not appear at the top of the results when posted (reference: INVGOV-6518)

– We fixed an issue where posting a message would not show it at the top of the message wall page until refreshed.

11. Prevent scheduling a transition to the same state (reference: INVGOV-6513)

– We fixed an issue where it was possible to schedule a transition change in the future to the same state it is already in.

12. Tag block created from group content filter (reference: INVGOV-6512)

– We fixed an issue where selecting the all option from the group content facet on the group explore page would display each filter in the tag block.

13. No count on an active poll status filter (reference: INVGOV-6510)

– We fixed an issue where selecting a poll status from the poll explore page would hide the count of results that filter would produce.

14. Selected filters are not bold (reference: INVGOV-6508)

– We fixed an issue where selecting a filter from the explore page on any app would not bold the text.

15. Reset is appearing as a link and not a button (reference: INVGOV-6506)

– We fixed an issue where the reset function on the explore page appeared as a link and not a button.

16. Author filter shows incorrect count when adding a new user (reference: INVGOV-6505)

– We fixed an issue where selecting a new author from an app landing page would show 0 results for that author from the filter, but would still display results for that author.

17. Tag block created from poll status filter (reference: INVGOV-6504)

– We fixed an issue where the tag block on the poll explore page would include individual filters when the all option would be selected.

18. Selected filter styling from app explore page is not applied correctly (reference: INVGOV-6503)

– We fixed an issue where a selected filter from the explore page would display the selected filter style outside of the actual filter.

19. Groups dashboard misaligned (reference: INVGOV-6502)

– We fixed an issue where the charts on the group dashboard were all aligned left.

20. Sort by on app explore page absent (reference: INVGOV-6501)

– We fixed an issue where the sort by was missing from the app explore page.

21. Search menu comes out of the toolbar (reference: INVGOV-6498)

– We fixed an issue where the toolbar search menu increased in height and overlapped the toolbar.

22. Cannot select edit link on a group post (reference: INVGOV-6496)

– We fixed an issue where the edit link was appearing behind the dashboard tab, preventing the user from selecting the link.

23. Author filter becomes ignored on the message wall explore page (reference: INVGOV-6480)

– We fixed an issue where the author filter was not being correctly applied when an author was selected from the message wall explore page. 

24. Selecting a group category hides other categories (reference: INVGOV-6478)

– We fixed an issue where selecting a group category would hide the other listed categories from the facet.

25. Group category filter only includes groups and not posts, polls and docs (reference: INVGOV-6462)

– We fixed an issue where selecting the group content filter and then selecting a group category filter would only include groups and ignore other group content. 

26. Editor roles have unexpected permission to delete content (reference: INVGOV-6428)

– We fixed an issue where editors were able to delete other content when they are expected to only edit other content.

27. Missing title for group post (reference: INVGOV-6416)

– We fixed an issue where the title for group posts was missing when they were displayed in search.

28. Manual navigation widget on an unpublished manual produces error (reference: INVGOV-6412)

– We fixed an issue where adding the manual navigation widget to a manual which is unpublished would produce an error. 

29. Unexpected change in result styles on the app home page (reference: INVGOV-6411)

– We fixed an issue where the results shown on the home page on apps had changed unintentionally. 

30. Missing ‘All’ filter from group category facet (reference: INVGOV-6410)

– We fixed an issue where the all option was missing from the group category facet. 

31. App explore page defaults to relevance (reference: INVGOV-6408)

– We fixed an issue where the sort by on the app explore page would default to relevance when it was intended to default to newest.

32. App facets are not using the same styling as search facets (reference: INVGOV-6407)

– We fixed an issue where the intended styling was not applied for the facets on the app landing pages.

33. Searching a term which produces 0 results will show the empty page message (reference: INVGOV-6402)

– We fixed an issue where searching a term from the appl explore page which would yield 0 results, would cause the empty page message, which was intended for situations where there are no content created at all, to appear. 

34. Creating teams causes user to leave other teams (reference: INVGOV-6379)

– We fixed an issue where creating a team would sometimes cause the user to leave other teams they were in.

35. Empty dashboard layout is broken (reference: INVGOV-6372)

– We fixed an issue where the layout of an empty dashboard would appear broken.

36. Link text does not wrap in the custom content widget (reference: INVGOV-6371)

– We fixed an issue where links added into a custom contet widget would not wrap, and therefore fall outside of the widget boundaries.

37. Workflow for cloned content (reference: INVGOV-6358)

– We fixed an issue where the workflow state after cloning content would not reflect the workflow state selected as it would be forced to unpublished until saving and then editing again.

38. Pinning posts which have a @mentions will send a notification to the mentioned users (reference: INVGOV-6357)

– We fixed an issue where pinning a post with people who have been mentioned will send a notification to the mentioned users. Now users will no longer receive notifications if they had been mentioned and the post had been pinned.

39. Draft content visible even when preview mode is disabled (reference: INVGOV-6355)

– We fixed an issue where content which was not published could be seen by users who have the previewer role but not had it enabled.

40. Pagination of content when deleting a site section (reference: INVGOV-6350)

– We fixed an issue where the list of items which displays the content assigned to the site section would only display one item per page, instead of twenty-five 

41. Group categories missing from groups landing page (reference: INVGOV-6349)

– We updated the group category taxonomy to be flat as child terms were not intended and would not appear on the groups landing page.

42. Elements are not updating primary button colour (reference: INVGOV-6331)

– We fixed an issue where a variety of elements were not using the primary button colour set in the branding settings. 

43. Toolbar search placeholder does not update (reference: INVGOV-6319)

– We fixed an issue where selecting an option from the toolbar search menu would not update the placeholder in the search field for older browsers.

44. Being a member and a team lead of a team will display the user twice (reference: INVGOV-6316)

– We fixed an issue where being both a member and a team lead will cause the user to appear twice in the team’s people listing.

45. Multiple profile teasers appearing on docs (reference: INVGOV-6304)

– We fixed an issue where another profile teaser would appear each time a doc is updated, instead of updating the existing.

46. Team admin cannot add or delete members (reference: INVGOV-6172)

– We fixed an issue where team administrators were not able to add or delete members even though they had permission to.

47. Minor visual issue for the A-Z widget (reference: INVGOV-6025)

– We fixed a theme issue for the A-Z widget.

48. App explore page is not displayed correctly (reference: INVGOV-6551)

– We fixed an issue where radio buttons and other elements on the app explore page were becoming misaligned and not appearing correctly. 

49. Blogs link appearing under the apps menu despite product option being disabled (reference: INVGOV-6556)

– We fixed an issue where the link to blogs would apear under the apps menu even when the blogs product option had been disabled, redirecting the user to a broken app page.

50. Unable to add flv files to multimedia (reference: INVGOV-6558)

– We fixed an issue where it wouldn’t be possible to upload an flv file to multimedia content eve when it had been enabled in the file configuration page. 

51. Author filter is not visible on poll home page (reference: INVGOV-6567)

– We fixed an issue where the author filter was not appearing on the pol landing page.

52. Category filter not working correctly on groups (reference: INVGOV-6570)

– We fixed an issue where child group categories would cause other categories to not appear on the groups landing apge.


53. Remove /ideas/landing (reference: INVGOV-6335)

– We removed a redundant blank page which was not in use. This does not affects the Ideas functionality. 


54. Webmasters should be able to tag content types with categories (reference: INVGOV-6233)

– We have created the ability to tag content types with their own category, to aid filtering on search for users who are not aware of, or do not understand, the specific content types.


55. Media view should determine access from permission rather than role (reference: INVGOV-6334)

– We updated the media view, which populates the library tab when attaching a file, to treat access based on permission rather than role. 

56. Editorial roles can access export (reference: INVGOV-6332)

– We fixed an issue where authors, editors and publishers were able to access the export page via the URL. 

57. Can see a comment I do not have access to view from my feed (reference: INVGOV-6197)

– We fixed an issue where mentioning a user from a private group would give them some view of the comment from their feed.

58. Multiple items of content displayed (reference: INVGOV-6509)

– We fixed an issue where multiple items were displayed in widgets after there were workflow transitions. 

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