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Release notes

Invotra 3.18


Invotra 3.18 Release Notes

Release Date: 2 August 2017

Official Invotra release documentation for Invotra 3.18, which is to be released on the 2nd August 2017.

There are a total of 26 individual tasks in this release.


1. Latest comments widget accessibility and design (reference: INVGOV-6443)

– We updated the design of the latest comments widget to replace the italic messages with a cleaner and more clear format as it was difficult to read.

2. Brand managers can now change the colour of the Invotra toolbar (reference: INVGOC-6482)

– We have now made it possible for brand managers to change the colour of the Invotra toolbar via branding settings.

Accessible Experience

3. General style 14 is now accessible (reference: INVGOV-6464)

– We have updated the carousel widget style (general style 14) so that it is now more accessible with next, previous and pause functionality.

Help / Documentation

There are no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


4. No access control mechanism allows users of group Author to delete their own content of some node types (reference: INVGOV-6438)

– We fixed an issue where authors of content were not able to delete promotions or webforms they had created.

5. Group members are able to delete content (reference: INVGOV-6440)

– We fixed an issue with secret groups where group members were able to delete their own posts.

6. Apps landing pages are blank when the CT is excluded from search (reference: INVGOV-6557)

– We fixed an issue where configuring search to hide certain content types from content search would also affect the app landing pages, producing a blank page.

7. DfT preprod dashboards showing no data (reference: INVGOV-6554)

– We fixed an issue, on dft preprod, where the events and polls dashboards were showing no data despite both polls and events existing on the site, due to configuring search to hide the content types.

8. Webmasters are getting a different view to Org Users when viewing draft lists content type (reference: INVGOV-6461)

– We fixed an issue where webmasters would be able to see draft lists on a site section regardless of whether or not preview mode was enabled.

9. Ghost text showing as plain text on WYSIWYG comments (reference: INVGOV-6429)

– We fixed an issue where changing the due date of a ticket would send an email about a new comment to the requester because the placeholder for the comment field was being treated as plain text.

10. When filtering content search, expected “saved” teaser does not appear (reference: INVGOV-6562)

– We fixed an issue where editing and then saving content type visibility filters, on the Search setting configuration page, was not displaying the expected “Saved” teaser.

11. Can’t delete a Group post as a webmaster (reference: INVGOV-6492)

– We fixed an issue where webmasters were not able to delete group posts.

12. Numbered list does not display when viewing content (reference: INVGOV-6481)

– We fixed an issue where numbered lists in the WYSIWYG editor would not be displayed after creating and viewing the content.

13. About me field missing from people export  (reference: INVGOV-6474)

– We fixed an issue where the about me field from the people search export was not being included in the exported file.

14. Webform fields which haven’t been completed are still being included within the generated email (reference: INVGOV-6435)

– We fixed an issue where webforms specified to not include empty fields in the email sent would still include empty fields.

15. DP section managers are unable to unpublish site sections  (reference: INVGOV-6414)

– We fixed an issue where section managers were not able to unpublish site sections they managed.

16. Error on PDF generation (reference: INVGOV-6580)

– We fixed an issue where errors were produced from the pdf export generation after saving a manual.

17. Fixed Idea emails being sent to the assignee (INVGOV-6415)

– We fixed an issue with the ideas email which is sent out to the idea assignee.

18. Visual issue with the A-Z widget (INVGOV-6025)

– We fixed a minor visual issue with the A-Z widget where a white box was covering it and other widgets.

19. Ideas administrators can see the ticket tracking admin panel (reference: INVGOV-6583)

– We fixed a permissions issue where Ideas administrators could see the ticket tracking admin panel.

20. Content that has not reached expiry date is being unpublished (reference: INVGOV-6564)

– We fixed an issue in which under edge case conditions  content was being unpublished prematurely before its expiry date.

21. About me field in people export is creating multiple rows in csv (reference: INVGOV-6616)

– We fixed an issue with the about me field on a profile which, when a user had more than one paragraph in the field, created multiple rows in csv when exported.


There are no Performance tasks in this release.


22. Enable the site section search widget to be added to nodes (reference: INVGOV-6445)

– We updated the site section search widget to also work on content, where it will use the site section the piece of content has been added to.

23. Ability to include or exclude content types from search (reference: INVGOV-5628)

– We provided the ability, under search settings, to choose which content types are included in content search to allow all content types to be hidden from searches if required.

24. Secondary sorting on people search (reference: INVGOV-6442)

– We added an improvement to people search results by adding secondary sorting order, to make it easier to find people when there is more than one result by sorting any other part of a name in the same way as the primary search term.


25. Organisational users should have the ‘Access printer friendly version’ permission (reference: INVGOV-6581)

– When the PDF export product option is enabled, organisational users now have the permission to access the html version of Policies and Manuals.

26. Group Doc node IDs and Group Doc folder term IDs are passed as GET parameters (reference: INVGOV-6476)

– We fixed an issue with node access where node and term IDs were being passed in GET parameters.

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