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Release notes

Invotra 3.19


Invotra 3.19 Release Notes

Release Date: 16 August 2017

Official Invotra release documentation for Invotra 3.19, which is to be released on the 16th August 2017.

There are a total of 22 individual tasks in this release.


Salesforce Integration

We have made it possible to authenticate our SSO from Salesforce into Invotra, and configured the fields that are passed over.


1. Mention suggest format update (reference: INVGOV-6536)

We made an improvement to the suggestions display given when a user is mentioned in content, by including the avatar, forename, surname and email, where available, for all suggestions.

2. Main navigation bar design update (reference: INVGOV-6491)

We updated the design of the main navigation bar on desktop and mobile.

3. Modernise the look of profile images  (reference: INVGOV- 6484)

We have updated user profile images to replace the current square images with round ones.

4. It should be possible to navigate Manuals using a menu (reference: INVGOV-6055)

We added a new widget called Manual navigation to be displayed on ‘Manual’ and ‘Manual page’ content types to allow users to navigate manuals and their pages using a menu.

5. Remove IPE setting from templates within layout management (reference: INVGOV- 6535)

We removed the option to select the In Place Editor when using a content template, so that only updating the content layout of the template itself can make changes to a content template.

Accessible Experience

6. Labelling of checkboxes on search (reference: INVGOV-6097)

We relabelled all checkboxes within searches to include the name of the element, so an AS user knows what the checkbox is for or what it applies.

Help / Documentation

There are no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


*Bugs marked with an asterisk are relating to Live incidents

*7. Contributors on docs not appearing (reference: INVGOV-6586)

We fixed an issue within groups where after a doc was updated, only the most recent user’s profile snippet was appearing in the metadata, information about the creator and previous updates was no longer displayed.

*8. Green text style issue (reference: INVGOV-6585)

We fixed an issue with green text and capitals appearing incorrectly when the text in the source content was magenta and when the text was used in a table.

9. Articles are hidden from accessibility software (reference: INVGOV-6579)

We fixed an issue where group posts, feed messages and any other element which can be clicked anywhere to redirect, were all hidden from screen readers.

10. Font family field should include uploaded font face in combobox (reference: INVGOV-6563)

We fixed an issue where a font-family uploaded in the font-face branding settings was not included in the font family field menu displayed under the custom style menu within widgets.

11. Radio buttons on widget style should have a default (reference: INVGOV-6559)

We fixed an issue with the widget style (paintbrush) where the list of radio button options had no default option, when a user is selecting a pane style and custom style.

12. ‘Font Face’ branding settings are broken (reference: INVGOV-6529)

We fixed an issue with the font-face branding settings where a TTF font file added to /settings/branding/font-face could not be successfully used to update the font-family of the site.

*13. Carousel widget resizing/scaling (reference: INVGOV-6525)

We fixed an issue the Carousel widget (general style 14) which was not resizing or scaling proportionally when placed in the centre column of the ‘whelan’ page layout option.

*14. Groups dashboard returning partial results (reference: INVGOV-6523)

We fixed an issue where the groups dashboard was not returning full results, when View all was selected in the Groups by content and Groups by most popular lists.

*15. Flickering Groups Doc Edit screen (reference: INVGOV-6488)

We fixed an issue with editing a doc inside a group where, when a user edited a previously created doc, the text in the doc flickered.

*16. Site Section Publishers Cannot edit some manuals (reference: INVGOV-6472)

We fixed an issue where site section publishers were unable to edit content in child sections, in site sections where the hierarchy contained unpublished child sections.

17. Editor is unable to change from Unpublished (reference: INVGOV-6441)

We fixed an issue where editors were unable to change the workflow state of content which had been unpublished.

18. Webform fields which haven’t been completed are still being included within the generated email (reference: INVGOV-6435)

We fixed an issue where emails sent relating to a webform would include empty fields, when settings specified not to include empty fields in the webform.

19. invotra_subscriptions_update_7010 failed to fully run (reference: INVGOV-6676)

We fixed an issue which which prevented the feeds update from working.

20. My feed button broken DWP (reference: INVGOV-6678)

We fixed an issue with the “My feed” icon which was unable to be clicked and appeared as text not a button when hovered over.

21. Reduce padding within feed messages (reference: INVGOV-6679)

We fixed an issue with the padding under the new profile image icon on Feed messages.


22. Performance enhancement for Feed functionality

We introduced a performance enhancement for the feed functionality which dramatically improves our ability to deliver.


There are no Search tasks in this release.


There are no Security tasks in this release.

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