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Release notes

Invotra 3.20


Invotra 3.20 Release Notes

Release Date: 30 August 2017

Official Invotra release documentation for Invotra 3.20, which is to be released on the 30th August 2017.

There are a total of 37 individual tasks in this release.


Team landing pages (reference: INVGOV- 6606)

We have made updates to the Team landing pages including the tab placement and adding the team dashboard.

  • We renamed the People tab to Members

  • We created a link from “View all people in this Team” on search results to the new Members tab for that team.

  • We created an individual team dashboard containing data on numbers of members, and on top skills, locations, roles and grades.

  • We made the Home tab the default for team pages, including information “About this team”, an OU image, contacts and a team chart.

  • We created rolled up teams meaning a top level team will display data and people from all of the teams beneath it.



1. Toolbar design updates (reference: INVGOV- 6490)

We made updates to the Toolbar design including removing separators between items and making the background, border and menu text colours customisable.

2. Group Post and Group Poll styles for Groups (reference: INVGOV- 6602)

We updated the style of the layout of group posts and polls to match those in My feed and My notifications.


Accessible Experience

3. Ability to choose heading levels for widgets (reference: INVGOV- 6596)

We added the ability to choose the heading level for widget titles to allow better hierarchy for accessibility and design.

Help / Documentation

There are no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


*Bugs marked with an asterisk are relating to Live incidents

*4. Some Site Sections are not appearing in search (reference: INVGOV-6643)

We fixed an issue where newly created site sections were not immediately appearing in search.

*5. The ‘potential’ solution to identify native content is to use the media options within the All content tab in My workplace. (reference: INVGOV-6640)

We have fixed an issue with time filtered search results when searching for media under All content in My workplace, which were returning no results when it was expected behaviour that results should have been returned.

*6. Error when viewing comments on blogs form blogs landing page. (reference: INVGOV-6631)

We fixed an issue which returned a ‘Page not found’ error message when a user selected comments on the Blogs landing page.

*7. Infinite loop error appearing on Horizon (reference: INVGOV-6618)

We fixed an issue with renaming site sections, which led to a redirect loop error message instead of displaying the site section as expected.

*8. Profile display duplicating. (reference: INVGOV-6617)

We fixed an issue with duplicating profile information being displayed on the profile page.

*9. Internal anchors – Display. (reference: INVGOV-6615)

We fixed an issue where the anchor start points on a content page were being obscured by the Invotra toolbar and primary navigation menu.

10. Spelling mistake on blogs homepage search box. (reference: INVGOV-6614)

We fixed a spelling error in the blogs homepage search box, due to an incorrect title for the blog content type.

11. Permissions to manual/manual page for Webmaster, Author, Editor, Publisher (reference: INVGOV-6611)

We fixed an issue where the Webmaster, Author, Editor, Publisher roles were unable to create, edit and delete a manual or manual page content.

12.Org users are able to access ‘Create content’ page (reference: INVGOV-6610)

We fixed an issue where Org users were able to access a ‘Create content’ page.

13. Too much link naming on user profile menu (reference: INVGOV-6609)

We fixed an issue with excessive naming on accessibility links on the user profile menu on the toolbar, causing screen readers to read out one link multiple times.

*14. Aria-labelledby attribute on HDD widget references ID that does not exist (reference: INVGOV-6608)

We fixed an issue with the aria-labelledby attribute which would not announce the label for a previous field.

*15. People Directory – Location filter not working. (reference: INVGOV-6594)

We fixed an issue with the location search filters which was incorrectly producing 0 results, when results should be listed.

*16. Format style inoperable in Horizon group docs (reference: INVGOV-6589)

We fixed an issue within group docs which made the format style drop-down in the WYSIWYG toolbar inoperable.

17. INC5513626: Content that has not reached expiry date is being unpublished (reference: INVGOV-6564)

We fixed an issue where warning emails were being received by users for content expiry and documents being unpublished when review dates were set for next year.

*18. Unpublished docs viewable and appearing in feed (reference: INVGOV-6555)

We fixed an issue with unpublished group docs which allowed other group members to view documents which were unpublished and should have been hidden from view.

19. “New” Icon will appear over feeds when you create an item (reference: INVGOV-6710)

We fixed an issue with Feed notifications where creating new content in a group was causing the author of the content to receive a notification of a new message in their feed.

20. Apply manual crop to user profile image styles (reference: INVGOV-6709)

We fixed an issue with the ‘apply manual crop’ part of the user profile image styles having been lost.

21. Member count for team on “Find Teams” does not match actual member count (reference: INVGOV-6707)

We fixed an issue with the amount of members on the “Find Teams” page showing “Your Team” having a different number of team members as the was shown on the teams landing page.

22. Section Publishers can no longer see create content links (reference: INVGOV-6706)

We fixed an issue with permissions for section publishers who were unable to view the ‘Create content’ option under the ‘Content’ menu item.

23. Https 500 error when trying to create a manual page on DWP integration. (reference: INVGOV-6705)

We fixed an issue with manual pages which displayed a 500 error message when a user attempted to save a page, while the page was successfully created and saved.

*24. When a Manual is deleted all of its Manual Pages are orphaned and can no longer be viewed or edited (reference: INVGOV-6687)

We fixed an issue with deleting manuals, which caused all manual pages within the deleted manual’s hierarchy to be orphaned and made these manual pages impossible to view by end users or edit by publishers.

*25. Issue with styling of bullets on the invotra platform. (reference: INVGOV-6644)

We fixed an issue with content creation and editing where adding bullet points to the ‘body’ field shows the bullet points on the editing screen but does not then pull the applied style through to published content page.

26. DfT preprod team dashboards showing numbers in the place of roles and locations (reference: INVGOV-6761)

We fixed an issue on team landing pages where roles and locations were appearing as numbers rather than their correct names, and not appearing as links.

27. Blocked users can affect team counts (reference: INVGOV-6760)

We fixed an issue where blocked users who were still stored in records as a team member were being included in team counts, unless the user was deleted, redacted or removed from the team.

28. Incorrect tabs on team edit screen (reference: INVGOV-6759)

We fixed an issue with the team edit page where the tabs displayed were incorrect

29. Duplicate team attributes on Teams landing page (reference: INVGOV-6758)

We fixed an issue on the Teams landing page where duplicated team attributes were being displayed.

30. Team Dashboard numbers cut off (reference: INVGOV-6755)

We fixed an issue on the Team dashboard page where the numbers at the bottom of the ‘Top Grades’ section were being very slightly cut off at the top of the number.

31. Broken links on Location search page (reference: INVGOV-6722)

We fixed an issue with the Teams landing page where searching for a location and clicking on the “View all people in this location” link gave a “Page not found” error.

*32. Roles being removed from users  (reference: INVGOV-6468)

We fixed an issue where users’ roles were removed or changed unexpectedly.

33. Search not being rolled up when accessed via Top locations & Top Grades (reference: INVGOV-6764)

We fixed an issue with searches accessed from the locations in the top locations table on teams dashboards, which were not displaying results for rolled up teams including all of the child teams.

34. Error on Message wall dashboard for HO (reference: INVGOV-6771)

We fixed an issue in which an error message was being produced when attempting to access message wall on the Home Office UAT environment

35. Grade field remains in team table on landing page although there are no grades in team (reference: INVGOV-6770)

We fixed an issue in which when there are no grades in a  team , grades on the team at a glance table were appearing as ‘Grades: 0’ as opposed to not showing grades in the table.

36. Swap solr join for 2 requests to feeds and messages (reference: INVGOV-6766)

Solr joins are not supported across shards (Solr cluster), therefore we have re-engineered the feeds page to not use a join, and rather have 2 separate solr queries, one for messages and one for feeds, then joining them at run time.



37. Do not delete teams before importing, and do not overwrite blank fields for teams (reference: INVGOV-6497)

We updated the process for team imports to ensure that any information added by users to team profiles is not deleted when new data is added in an import.


There are no Search tasks in this release.


There are no Security tasks in this release.

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