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Release notes

Invotra 3.21


Invotra 3.21 Release Notes

Release Date: 20th September 2017

Official Invotra release documentation for Invotra 3.21, which is to be released on the 20th September 2017.

There are a total of 33 individual tasks in this release.


There are no projects in this release.



1.  Section publishers should be able to see and manage files (INVGOV-6698)

  • We updated the permission for section managers so they can now view and edit all media which has been added to their site section. This will also allow section managers to access the media facet within their workplace


2. Remove hardcoded references from Invotra Support Ticketing (reference: INVGOV-6660)

  • We removed hardcoded terminology for ticket tracking so it can be configurable.


3. Add an admin screen to be able to correct imported user with conflicting unique identifiers (reference: INVGOV-6647)

  • We added the ability to validate user imports if their unique identifiers were conflicted.


4. Add an admin screen to be able to bulk change owner and author (reference: INVGOV-6704)

  • We added an admin only screen which bulk changes the owner and author of chosen content.


Accessible Experience

There are no Accessible Experience tasks in this release.


Help / Documentation

There are no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.



*Bugs marked with an asterisk are relating to Live incidents


5. Faint pink background around group home (reference: INVGOV-6787)

  • We fixed an issue where users going to a group they were not a member of would display the highlight colour to indicate unpublished content.

6. Cannot create private or secret group (reference: INVGOV-6776)

  • We fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to select the private or secret group options when creating a group.

7. Contributors appearing multiple times on a doc (reference: INVGOV-6697)

  • We fixed an issue where the contributors shown on a doc would be duplicated after each save.


8. Comments showing as multiple comment boxes (reference: INVGOV-6659)

  • We fixed an issue where adding a break line would cause the comment widget to display lines separately, appearing as though they are separate comments.


9. Numbered list overlaps image (reference: INVGOV-6656)

  • We fixed an issue where adding a numbered list and an image aligned left would cause the list to overlap the image when viewing the content.

10. Blocked users appearing under similar users (reference: INVGOV-6654)

  • We fixed an issue where blocked users were appearing under the list of users similar to you.


11. Group docs may be created outside of a group (reference: INVGOV-6652)

  • We fixed an issue where it was possible to create a doc outside of a group.


12. Placeholder text field on simple search widget is missing (reference: INVGOV-6650)

  • We fixed an issue where the field to edit the placeholder on the simple search widget was missing so it wasn’t possible to add your own placeholder to this widget.


13. General style 8 widget tab text missing (reference: INVGOV-6649)

  • We fixed an issue where the text on an active tab on a widget with general style 8 would be hidden.


14. Fix errors in watchdog entries (reference: INVGOV-6641)

  • We fixed several errors in watchdog entries.


15. *HDD widget does not find terms with a slash (reference: INVGOV-6724)

  • We fixed an issue where the hierarchical drop down field was not able to find a term which had a slash in the title.


16. *Groups post/poll like discrepancy (reference: INVGOV-6708)

  • We fixed an issue where there was a discrepancy between the count of likes when viewing a group post or poll from the group home page and when viewing the content directly.


17. *URLs in Message Wall do not get converted into links (reference: INVGOV-6703)

  • We fixed an issue where adding a link in a message on the message wall would not convert it into a link.


18. *Confirmation message for content queued for pdf conversion appears multiple times (reference: INVGOV-6702)

  • We fixed an issue where creating or editing a nested manual would cause the confirmation message informing the user that the content is queued for export would be displayed multiple times.


19. *Unblocking an account sends email about reset password to SSO users (reference: INVGOV-6701)

  • We fixed an issue where unblocking a user on a site which uses single sign-on will send an email to that user prompting them to reset their password, even though they don’t need a password.


20. *Gallery items are not displayed in the order expected (reference: INVGOV-6700)

  • We fixed an issue where galleries were not displaying pictures in the order they were added in the gallery.


21. *Layout overlap (reference: INVGOV-6688)

  • We fixed an issue where if a search widget is added to the top of a site section, the options menu would overlap the menu. Mousing over the area where the menu overlaps the widget would close the menu.


22. *Incorrect number of comments displayed on the blogs landing page (reference: INVGOV-6685)

  • We fixed an issue where the comment counter shown on a blog from the blog landing page would not accurately reflect the number of comments made on the blog.


23. *Image link highlight is not applied to all images (reference: INVGOV-6683)

  • We fixed an issue where linked images on some widget styles would not show the highlighted border to indicate that the image is a link.


24. *Add author facet isn’t finding user (reference: INVGOV-6682)

  • We fixed an issue where the add author field in the author field on the app landing pages only accepted username instead of their full name.


25. *Group admin cannot edit about field for their group (reference: INVGOV-6681)

  • We fixed an issue where group administrators were not able to edit the about their group section.


26. *Pink background is removed when viewing unpublished content after enabling preview mode (reference: INVGOV-6680)

  • We fixed an issue where the background on unpublished content was not highlighted to indicate that the content being viewed is currently unpublished.


27. *Homepage images disappearing (reference: INVGOV-6646)

  • We fixed an issue where images on the homepage were intermittently appearing and disappearing.


28. *Emails sent from Ideas application use wrong signature and links (reference: INVGOV-6415)

  • We fixed an issue where emails sent from the Ideas application would use the wrong email signatures and links.

29. Errors on deploy (reference: INVGOV-6820)

  • We fixed an issue with /demo where navigating to the home page produced a page not found error message and a missing homepage logo.


30. Notice on preprod blogs and polls landing pages (reference: INVGOV-6824)

  • We fixed an issue with error notices appearing on preprod on apps/polls and apps/blogs after blogs had been enabled.


31. Index errors (reference: INVGOV-6839)

  • We fixed an issue with indexing errors appearing while deploying to UAT.


32. Errors on 3.21 PreProd for section publishers (reference: INVGOV-6848)

  • We fixed an issue with the section publishing role, for publishers who held the role on more than one site section, where adding files to new pages gave an error message.



There are no Performance tasks in this release.



There are no Search tasks in this release.


33. Secret groups can be made visible on the groups dashboard (reference: INVGOV-6655)

  • We fixed an issue where the group dashboard would show content from a secret group to users who were not in that group if that group was initially created as public but later changed to secret

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