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Release notes

Invotra 3.22


Invotra 3.22 Release Notes


Release Date:  4th October 2017

Official Invotra release documentation for Invotra 3.22, which is to be released on the 4th October 2017.

No. of tasks: There are a total of 24 individual tasks in this release.


There are no projects in this release.



1. Allow the section content widget to pull from the nodes section (reference: INVGOV-6739)

  • We updated the section content widget to allow it to pull and display information from both site sections and nodes, and to display content on nodes.

2. ATOM and RSS feed widget style (reference: INVGOV-6738)

  • We updated the style of the RSS & ATOM widget to be consistent with other widgets displaying a list of links by using a style similar to general style 9.

3. Users should receive a notification when someone likes their message (reference: INVGOV-6734)

  • We updated the notification criteria for Message wall so that users receive a notification when another user likes their post.

4. Display user role on user management (reference: INVGOV-6731)

  • We added a column on the table on the user management page to display user role and provided the ability to search for users by role on this page.

5. Ability to change background colour (reference: INVGOV-6730)

  • We made it possible to update the background colour for all screens and made this colour configurable in branding settings.

6. Update background colour for elements and pages (reference: INVGOV-6728)

  • We updated background colours and hover state colours across the site for elements which do not display when a background colour is applied, to allow webmasters to change the background colour of Invotra screens.

7. Ghostwriter and feed functionality (reference: INVGOV-6727)

  • We updated the ghostwriter role to remove inconsistencies with feed messages.


Accessible Experience

8. Notify users they are viewing in mobile view (reference: INVGOV-6726)

  • We added a text alert to let accessibility software users know if they have re-sized or zoomed in so much that the mobile view is shown instead of the normal desktop layout, to help let users know that the UI may be different.


Help / Documentation

There are no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


*Bugs marked with an asterisk are relating to Live incidents9. Join group button appearing when logged out (reference: INVGOV-6847)

  • We fixed an issue with the join group button appearing for anonymous users, resulting in an ajax 500 error when the button was clicked.

10. News Widget GS8: Incorrect hover background colour (reference: INVGOV-6846)

  • We fixed an issue with the news widget general style 8 which was using an incorrect background hover colour.

11. There are no dividing frames on the ‘Find Teams’ and ‘Find Locations’ pages in IE 8 browser (reference: INVGOV-6844)

  • We fixed an issue where dividing frames between search results were not being displayed on the Find Teams and Find Locations pages on an IE 8 browser.

12. invotra_preview_mode PO cannot be disabled (reference: INVGOV-6843)

  • We fixed an issue with the invotra_preview_mode product option which could not be disabled.

13. List widget autocomplete changing to a text field(reference: INVGOV-6768)

  • We fixed an issue where when a section manager role added a list widget to a site section the expected autocomplete field would be displayed as a text field.

14. Text colour updates to be compatible with new background colour (reference: INVGOV-6757)

  • We updated the font colour of the text displaying dates in two areas to improve contrast with the background colour.

15. When creating new revisions of content it is possible to enter a historical date and time as the review date (reference: INVGOV-6756)

  • We fixed an issue with the content review date which allowed content to be saved with a review date and time which was before the current date and time, allowing the content to be published indefinitely.

16. Importing OG permissions resets custom node OG permissions (reference: INVGOV-6735)

  • We fixed a bug with importing OG permissions which allowed non-members to join private groups.

17. Remove save as site section default button (reference: INVGOV-6723)

  • We have fixed an issue with the change layout modal window by removing the option to ‘Save as site section default’ which allowed section managers to override the default of a site section, affecting all other site sections, even outside their own.

18. Team chart showing incorrect information on team landing page (reference: INVGOV-6852)

  • We fixed an issue with the team landing chart which was only displaying top level teams, not parent and all child teams.

19. Main search bar overlaps with search button (reference: INVGOV-6853)

  • We fixed an issue with the main search bar which was not displaying new letters when the search term filled the search bar, as new letters were hidden behind the search button.

20. Error when clicking on post node (reference: INVGOV-6855)

  • We fixed an issue on an integration site which was displaying an error message when clicking into the display page for a group post.

21. Error message is displayed on news node page (reference: INVGOV-6863)

  • We fixed an issue on Invotra integration sites where an error message was displayed when a user navigated to a news page.

22. Notice on team dashboard (reference: INVGOV-6864)

  • We fixed an issue on Invotra integration sites where an error message was displayed when a user navigated to a news page.

23. Error message is shown on a page after changing state from ‘Published” to “Unpublished” for created content (reference: INVGOV-6865)

  • We fixed an issue on integration sites where an error message was displayed after changing the status of content from published to unpublished.

24. Groups dashboard returning partial results (reference: INVGOV-6523)

  • We fixed an issue where the groups dashboard was not returning full results, when “View all” was selected in the Groups by content and Groups by most popular lists.


There are no Performance tasks in this release.


There are no Search tasks in this release.


There are no Security tasks in this release.

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