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Release notes

Invotra 3.23

Invotra 3.23 release notes


Release Date:  18th October 2017

Official Invotra release documentation for Invotra 3.23, which is to be released on the 18th October 2017.

No. of tasks: There are a total of 37 individual tasks in this release


There are no projects in this release.


1. Team breadcrumbs should include hierarchy (reference: INVGOV-6830)

We added the team hierarchy to the breadcrumb on team landing pages, so that any parent teams are displayed in the breadcrumb.

2. Message wall is now a Product Option (reference: INVGOV-6828)

We created a product option for Message wall so that it can be easily turned on / off during deploys.

3. Feed icon and Notification icon and lozenge update (reference: INVGOV-6826)

We have reduced the size of the toolbar lozenge for the feed and notifications icons and updated the background colour for the lozenges.

4. Comment thread styles for desktop and mobile (reference: INVGOV-6823)

We updated the comment thread styles on desktop and mobile including changes such as removing the comment count text, changing the style of backgrounds, size and position of buttons, comments and profile images.

5. Breadcrumb style update (reference: INVGOV-6822)

We reduced the font size of the breadcrumb to make it less bold and intrusive down to 12px.

6. Make External Id visible on Locations (reference: INVGOV-6869)

The External ID field has been made visible in order for some clients to manually associate locations with users. This should only be updated by someone responsible for managing the data within the site.

*(Improvement)7. Remove the ‘Delete all’ button from node revisions page (reference: INVGOV-6875)

We updated the revisions page by removing the ‘Delete all’ button, to avoid users accidentally deleting all revisions, rather than just selected versions. Additionally, we changed the ‘Delete old revisions’ and ‘Compare’ buttons to adopt relevant branding colours.

Accessible Experience

There are no Accessible Experience tasks in this release.

Help / Documentation

There are no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


*Bugs marked with an asterisk are relating to Live incidents

8. Profile picture not appearing for users in AWS environment (reference: INVGOV-6913)

We fixed an issue with the group members page, where profile pictures were not displayed with the member details.

9. Unblocking an account password (reference: INVGOV-6908)

We fixed an issue with unblocking users, to ensure that any unblocked users were not sent an email to tell them they should change their password.

*10. Favourites widget not pulling through data (reference: INVGOV-6895)

We fixed an issue with the favourites widget, which was not pulling through any content when it is added to a site section or piece of content.

*11. Targeted news widget is not displaying data for unpublished team (reference: INVGOV-6879)

We fixed an issue with the news widget with team targeting is enabled, where a member of an unpublished team was unable to view any content within the news widget.

*12. Content jump when images within the news widget are links (reference: INVGOV-6877)

We fixed an issue with images used as links to content, displayed in a news widget on a site section, which were jumping on the page when they were hovered over.

13. New secret groups aren’t assigned group admins and old admins of these groups are removed (reference: INVGOV-6876)

We fixed an issue with secret groups where the group creator was not given the role of group admin and was therefore unable to add members to the group.

*14. The ‘primary details’ box is overlapping the page footer (reference: INVGOV-6873)

We fixed an issue with the ‘Primary details’ box which was overhanging the ‘Related content’ box when external links were added to it.

*15. JSON appears in list widget when media is added in body (reference: INVGOV-6868)

We fixed an issue with the list widget which displayed JSON data when media had been added to a site section which was then added to a list on another site section.

*16. HTML block format is not available for organisational user text format (reference: INVGOV-6862)

We updated the HTML block format option, so that the Organisational user text format on the WYSIWIG editor enables the use of the paragraph format including the use of heading levels.

*17. Error produced after setting review date far in the future (reference: INVGOV-6861)

We fixed an issue with the review date in content creation which produced an error message if content was saved with a review date exceeding a certain time.

*18. Unable to add text to the end of a page using WYSIWYG when the last item is a table (reference: INVGOV-6859)

We fixed an issue with using the WYSIWYG in content creation where it became impossible to add text to the end of a page, if the last item on the page is a table, as the cursor could not be placed after the table.

*19. Search redirect pop up (reference: INVGOV-6857)

We fixed an issue with search boxes within site sections where a url over the length of 2083 characters would trigger a redirect popup within the search widget.

*20. Broken link in inappropriate comments email (reference: INVGOV-6856)

We fixed an issue with the email received by moderators to alert them to a new comment flagged as inappropriate, which contained an outdated link.

21. Message wall landing page layout is broken on mobile (reference: INVGOV-6851)

We fixed the layout on mobiles of the Message wall landing page, which had tabs overlapped with page titles and search fields.

22. Cannot edit any ideas fields on existing ideas (reference: INVGOV-6840)

We fixed an issue with the ideas page which was not saving data added to fields on the creation or editing pages.

23. Draft content is visible in feed for editorial roles for users I follow (reference: INVGOV-6836)

We fixed an issue where users with the roles Org user, Blogger and Publisher were able to see draft content within My feed which a user they followed had created.

24. ‘About this Group’ element overlapping Commenting elements on mobile (reference: INVGOV-6834)

We fixed an issue with the mobile layout on the ‘About this Group’ element which was overlapping the commenting elements.

25. Unable to create a team on 3.15 onwards (reference: INVGOV-6833)

We fixed an issue where users, with the appropriate roles, were unable to add teams through Invotra admin > taxonomies > teams as an internal server error would appear when new teams were saved.

26. Strip headings in search (reference: INVGOV-6832)

We fixed an issue with search results where heading tags from the body or summary of results were being displayed, rather than in plain text as expected.

*27. Doc is not unpublished when review date elapses (reference: INVGOV-6821)

We fixed an issue with Group docs where content was not unpublished when the review date elapsed.

*28. Unable to add PDF & xlsx to multi media content type via media attachment functionality  (reference: INVGOV-6806)

We fixed an issue where pdf and xlsx files could not be uploaded to multi-media content via the “Media” button.

29. Hyperlink text not wrapping in comments (reference: INVGOV-6804)

We fixed an issue where links within comments are not wrapping, including comments within content and comments within the ‘Latest Comments’ widget.

*30. Anchor text is displayed as a link (reference: INVGOV-6800)

We fixed an issue with anchors added via the WYSIWYG editor which appeared as a link when content was viewed.

*31. Bullet points and numbered lists issues (reference: INVGOV-6772)

We fixed a number of issues with bullet points and numbered lists when they were added to content.

32. Profile squashed on group post  (reference: INVGOV-6933)

We fixed an issue with group posts where the profile view of the user who created a post was compressed.

33. The external icon is not shown on the external link with enabled ‘Invotra external link icon’ PO   (reference: INVGOV-6931)

We fixed an issue where the ‘Invotra external link’ icon was not appearing beside the external link in related stuff, when content had been created or edited with external links added.

34. Unable to access IPE as a webmaster.  (reference: INVGOV-6874)

We fixed an issue with webmaster permissions where selecting reset on the site section edit menu caused a webmaster to no longer be able to access the IPE.

*35. Pagination on A-Z not working  (reference: INVGOV-6854)

We fixed an issue with the A-Z widget which was returning results which were not related to the settings selected in the widget options, after the right arrow was selected to scroll through the pages.

*36. SAML error when attempting to access amended multimedia nodes  (reference: INVGOV-6805)

We fixed an issue with adding replacement files to existing multimedia content which already had files attached, which was causing a SAML error to be displayed.

37. Global section Mgr / Webmaster can not see users in the manage page  (reference: INVGOV-6942)

We fixed an issue where section managers (global or section) accessing the manage page of a site section were unable to see the view of all users added to the site section.


There are no Performance tasks in this release.


There are no Search tasks in this release.


There are no Security tasks in this release.

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