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Release notes

Invotra 3.24

Invotra 3.24 release notes


Release Date:  1st November 2017

Official Invotra release documentation for Invotra 3.24, which is to be released on the 1st November 2017.

No. of tasks: There are a total of 35 individual tasks in this release.


There are no projects in this release.


1. Authors of group posts/polls should be able to delete their own content (reference: INVGOV-6886)

People who have created a group post or poll can now delete their own content instead of only the group administrator or webmaster.

2. Widget read more link redirect to search should sort by newest instead of relevance (reference: INVGOV-6892)

We updated the display order of search results shown when a user selects a ‘more’ link to sort results by ‘Newest’ rather than ‘Relevance’, as there is no search term for the results to be relevant to.

3. Desktop notification should be dismissed when closed (reference: INVGOV-6882)

We updated the desktop notifications setting so that a notification should only pop up once and the same notification should not appear again once dismissed.

4. Dashboard widget – colour update (reference: INVGOV-6881)

We updated the dashboard table header row to a white background colour to ensure it did not blend into the background colour.

5. Section publishers should be able to see and manage files (reference: INVGOV-6698)

We updated the permission for section publishers so they can now view and edit all media which has been added to their site section. This will also allow section publishers to access the media facet within their workplace.

6. Only published revisions of PDFs should be sent when the PDF export PO is enabled (reference: INVGOV-6919)

We updated the PDF export functionality so only the published revision of content is emailed to the person who made the change to a document.

Accessible Experience

7. General topic widget label too low colour contrast (reference: INVGOV-6885)

We increased the colour contrast on the general topics widget on a node as the colour contrast was too low.

Help / Documentation

There are no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


*Bugs marked with an asterisk are relating to Live incidents

8. Workflow missing from manuals and manual pages (reference: INVGOV-7010)

We fixed an issue with manuals and manual pages where workflow publishing options were missing from the editing pages for users with publisher roles. 

9. Error messages on 3.24 integration sites (reference: INVGOV-7009)

We fixed an issue where error messages were appearing at the top of pages when authenticated users visited various site sections and the homepage.

*10. INC0373784: Messages has a higher z-index than preview bar (reference: INVGOV-6935)

We fixed an issue where My feed messages were visible through the preview bar, when preview mode is enabled and the bar appears at the bottom of the page, as the feed messages had a higher z index than the preview bar.

*11. Mouse hover border missing from list widget  (reference: INVGOV-6927)

We fixed an issue where hovering over a linked image within content, being displayed via a list widget and general style 16, was not surrounding the image with a blue border as expected.

*12. Options within the edit screen of node given access and then denied on certain fields depending on preview mode (reference: INVGOV-6925)

We fixed an issue with users with all section roles receiving a message to say they do not have authorisation to edit pages published in their sections, when not in preview mode, despite the user having the section roles and permissions to edit the page.

*13. Blogs dashboard is counting archived blogs (reference: INVGOV-6924)

We fixed an issue with the blog dashboard which was including archived blogs in the blog counter.

14. Padding between Feed messages (reference: INVGOV-6888)

We fixed an issue with padding spacing in Feed messages which had changed and altered the alignment of messages and the filter field labels.

15. Title and alt attributes used on tag for logo (reference: INVGOV-6887)

We fixed an issue with the attribute titles and alt text for the logo appearing on the main navigation bar which were duplicated and on the wrong tag.

*16. Image link roll over not correct on all images on homepage (reference: INVGOV-6683)

We fixed an issue where linked images on some widget styles would not show the highlighted border to indicate that the image is a link.

*17. Homepage pictures are appearing and disappearing (reference: INVGOV-6646)

We fixed an issue where images on the homepage were intermittently appearing and disappearing.

*18. Punctuation within the content body has been converted into ‘?’ (reference: INVGOV-7024)

We fixed an issue where after an update hook of existing content as part of another task, punctuation such as apostrophes had been replaced with ‘?’.

19. Search dropdown icon underlined on hover (reference: INVGOV-7020)

We fixed a minor visual issue where mousing over the search drop down in the toolbar would display a line through the icon.

20. Watchdog error (reference: INVGOV-6889)

We fixed an issue where liking a comment would produce an error in watchdog.

*21. Primary details is overlapping the page footer (reference: INVGOV-6873)

We fixed an issue where the primary details widget on content would overlap the footer.

*22. SAML error when attempting to access amended multimedia nodes (reference: INVGOV-6805)

We fixed an issue with replacing files on existing multimedia content caused a SAML error to be displayed.

*23. Anchor text is displayed as a link (reference: INVGOV-6800)

We fixed an issue with anchors added via the WYSIWYG editor appeared as a link on content or site sections.


There are no Performance tasks in this release. 


24. Team membership API (reference: INVGOV-7006)

We created dedicated Services API resources for adding and removing users from a team (or teams from a user).

Automated Tests

25. Modify permissions tests to run different CSVs (reference: INVGOV-7002)

We have split the permissions tests to enable us to only run the tests relevant to the product options that are enabled on the environment the tests are run on.

26. Isolate actions transitions tests (reference: INVGOV-6990)

We have improved workflow transition action tests to be independent from one another, so that one failing test reports cleanly without affecting subsequent tests in the suite.

27. Unit test for panels without permissions (reference: INVGOV-6986)

We have created a unit test that checks every panel and identify those which do not have access control on them. These will be reviewed/amended in future tasks.

28. Add negative test cases for site section workflow transition unit tests (reference: INVGOV-6985)

We updated the site section workflow transition unit tests to make sure that roles which shouldn’t interact with content workflow are behaving as expected.

29. Write automated test to check all tasks from previous branches are merged into the current one (reference: INVGOV-6983)

We introduced a unit test that checks that all the code from previous release has been merged in the release that is currently being deployed.

30. Failing automated tests (reference: INVGOV-7018)

We fixed some hanging unit tests.

31. All section workflow transition unit tests with expected result “Failure” are failing (reference: INVGOV-6995)

We fixed section workflow unit tests where tests with an expected “Failure” were flagged as failing.

32. Failures on group tests (reference: INVGOV-6994

We updated test scripts to only run group doc tests if the product option is enabled.

33. Implement group docs create operation tests (reference: INVGOV-6989)

We amended the group doc tests to be running every time, since we fixed the issues that were failing them previously.

34. Only run manual and manua page access tests if manuals are enabled (reference: INVGOV-6982)

We amended manual and manual page node access test to only run if the Manuals Product Option is enabled.


35. Index missing fields into solr (reference: INVGOV-6932)

We indexed selected fields which will not affect current search functionality but for the implementation of Invotra API.


There are no Security tasks in this release.

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