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Release notes

Invotra 3.6

Invotra 3.6 Release notes

Date of release: 01 February 2017

With a total of 35 individual tasks in this release, Invotra 3.6 delivered some key new features to the Invotra platform.

We fixed 14 bugs, made 2 key improvements to our Help and Documentation, 5 accessibility enhancements and 6 UX/UI improvements. 2 tasks which improved our performance. Read on to find out about Invotra’s latest enhancements.

3.6 Release Highlights

  1. Enhanced intranet analytics: We introduced the option to use Google Analytics as a product option. This is in addition to Piwik, which already comes as standard as part of Invotra’s platform.
  2. Improved org chart features: We’ve made a number of improvements to updated the org chart design
  3. Improved notifications – We made a number of improvements to Invotra’s notifications.


  • Org Chart design update 
    We have given the Org Chart a new look and feel to keep it on par with the Team Chart. 
  • Notifications for user liking comment
    People are now notified when someone likes their comment through the notifications menu.
  • Separate ratings widget 
    We split out the rating widget so it is easier to find the type of rating, made it possible to select more than one type of rating and updated the design and style for the widget.
  • Re-word membership request message for private Groups
    We made a slight amendment to the message shown after requesting access to a private Group to make it more clear.
  • Updated edit link
    We have changed the way the edit link works when on content or site sections. This is now an ‘Options’ link, which provides quick access to the tabs available after selecting the edit link
  • Images for Message Wall email 
    We have added the ability to add an image to a Message type which is displayed in the email sent to people when they are mentioned in a Message.

Accessible Experience

  • Mouse over text for Feed and Notification buttons
    We added title text to the Feed and Notifications button so mousing over the icons shows their names.
  • Author text format can create heading
    We fixed an anomaly where only the author text format could create heading 1. We have no removed this so the title of the page is now semantically the most important area of the page. 
  • Update the breadcrumbs for Group comments
    We fixed an issue where the breadcrumbs would not allow the ability to navigate back to the Group. We have amended the breadcrumbs for this so it is easier to navigate back.
  • Lack of spacing after bulleted list 
    We fixed an issue where there was no spacing between bullet points, we have now made some room between each bullet points so it is easier to read.
  • My Requests link disappears
    We fixed an issue where the My Requests link to access the Ticket Tracking area was not appearing under the profile menu. We’ve now added this back.

Help / Documentation

  • Improved help text for disabled fields
    We have amended the help text shown on disabled fields to help show that the field is disabled and cannot be edited.
  • Export images as part of the PDF export product option
    The PDF export made after saving content now includes images in the PDF file.


  • Remove invotra_help module
    We removed an old module which was originally used to pull help content from the help site. 
  • Remove unused test file
    We removed a test.php file which was not in use.


  • Ability to configure file types
    We have added a new page under Invotra Admin where Webmasters now have the ability to choose which file types can be uploaded.
  • Make Piwik a product option
    We have now segregated all modules relating to Piwik.
  • Amend location fields
    We added a new Town field to locations as well as making the address line 1 field mandatory to improve location data.


  • Include telephone and email address fields in search
    We now index the phone and email address fields in people search so it’s possible to search for users based on their phone number or email address.


  •  XSS via badge term name
    We fixed an issue where it was possible for Webmasters to create a badge with a script tag which would work when viewing a person’s profile who had been assigned that badge.

Our Intranet software is always evolving

Through our regular release cycle, Invotra’s intranet software is always evolving.

From accessibility to UI, security to enhanced social networking, our team are continually looking for ways to improve our intranet platform.

Built on Drupal, our open source intranet software enables evolution – get in touch today!