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Release notes

Invotra 3.8

Invotra 3.8 Release notes

Date of release: 1 March 2017

With a total of 48 individual tasks in this release, Invotra 3.8 delivered some key new features to the Invotra platform.

We fixed 19 bugs, 4 Distributed publishing enhancements and 15 UX/UI improvements. 6 tasks which improved our performance and 4 security enhancements. Read on to find out about Invotra’s latest enhancements.

3.8 Release Highlights

  1. Group pinning: You can now pin posts within a Group to highlight important content.

  2. Improved Post UX: When creating a new post within a Group you’ll notice that it now auto-expands, allowing you to type freely.

  3. Toolbar height reduced: We have reduced the height of the Invotra toolbar to give more focus to your primary intranet navigation.


  • Re-label sort by options on My Workplace
    We updated the sort by options to remove the (ASC) and (DESC) to make the options more clear.

  • Include macro enabled files in file types UI
    We updated the file types configuration available to Webmasters so it’s possible to enable/disable files which are macro enabled.

  • Reduce toolbar menu height
    We reduced the height of the Invotra toolbar so it is less imposing on the main navigation menu.

  • Images to fit the width of the gallery
    We updated the gallery style so breakpoints and images are properly accounted for.

  • Add date range filter to time filter block
    We included date range as a filter in the time facet so that you can choose a specific date range.

  • Remove the mentions page
    We removed the mentions page which wasn’t used and not styled.

  • Update the Share an update and Post a poll inline dialogs
    We made some visual changes for Group posts including removal of icons, updating the text style and the text size.

  • Add search type suggestion when no results are found
    We updated the “0 results found” message to be more helpful, now it suggests to the user that they could try a different type of search such as People, Teams, Content or Locations.

  • Change Teams by No. of Office Locations to Top Teams by no. of people
    We updated the statistics on Find Teams landing page to just show the Teams by size to provide more useful and understandable information.

  • Add ‘Date’ facet block to My & All Content My Workplace
    We have now icluded the time facet on My content and All content in the workplace.

  • Rename the content type ‘Status’ to ‘Post’
    We renamed Status to Post, with all instances of the word status being replaced.

  • Update horizontal tab menu
    We updated the design of the tabs so it now uses the standard button colour and has some slight style tweaks.

  • Automatic text area expansion for post updates in Groups
    We made the post text area in Groups expand automatically so there is no need to scroll any more.

  • Group admins should be able to pin content within their Group
    We added the ability for Group admins to pin content made within the Group to the top for greater visibility. 

  • Update the post/poll node view for Groups
    We updated the design when directly viewing a post or a poll in a Group so it is in context with the Group.

  • Prevent creation of Groups with duplicate names

  • We added validation to Group creation so it isn’t possible to create Groups with the same name so it’s easier to find the correct Group and mitigates mimic Groups. 


  • Access control of group’s content is skipped by search
    We fixed an issue where links to restricted content in Groups would be visible but selecting the link would produce an access denied message.

  • Review all uses of html_entity_decode()
    We checked all instances where we have used html_entity_decode() and made sure that its usage is correct and necessary.

  • Redacted users apearing in search
    We fixed an issue where users being made redacted would still appear in search. We now force a re-index on any user when their profile is updated and they are or were redacted to resolve this issue.

Distributed Publishing

  • Section managers should be able to add/remove the Section Manager role
    We added the ability for Section Managers to add or remove other Section Managers to reduce the workload on Webmasters.

  • Global Section Manager cannot see ‘Search Section Manager’
    We fixed an issue where Section Managers weren’t able to access the search function on the Site Section configuration page.

  • Global role user should see all content within My Workplace
    We fixed an issue where global Authors, Editors and Publishers were not able to access All Content in My Workplace.

  • Global roles to add content to any site section
    We have now introduced global roles to be able to create content in any site section.

Our Intranet software is always evolving

Through our regular release cycle, Invotra’s intranet software is always evolving.

From accessibility to UI, security to enhanced social networking, our team are continually looking for ways to improve our intranet platform.

Built on Drupal, our open source intranet software enables evolution – get in touch today!