Release notes

Invotra 3.9

Invotra 3.9 Release notes

Date of release: 15 March 2017

With a total of 45 individual tasks in this release, Invotra 3.9 delivered some key maintenance fixes to the Invotra platform.

We fixed 31 bugs, 4 AX enhancements and 5 UX/UI improvements. 1 task which aids our services API, 1 task which improved our performance and 3 security enhancements. Read on to find out about Invotra’s latest enhancements to our digital workplace.

3.9 Release Highlights

  1. Many bugs fixed: Due to this being a maintenance release we squished many bugs.


  • Rename “Productivity” to “Apps” for breadcrumbs
    We have now amended the breadcrumbs for anything under Apps so they no longer refer to “productivity”.
  • Mentioned users show username instead of first and last name
    Mentioned users now appear as their first and last name when they are shown in My Workplace.
  • Review date should default to a year from today
    The review date field is now by default set to a year from today.
  • Alphabetically order items under Invotra admin
    We have now ordered the links presented under Invotra admin alphabetically to make it easier to find the link you’re looking for.
  • Add a full stop to the request access message
    We added a full top the request message found when going to a private Group you are not a member of.

Accessible Experience

  • Hierarchical drop-down is not accessible
    We fixed various issues which caused the hierarchical drop-down widget to be inaccessible. This also included merging the search field with the drop-down field.
  • Placeholder for search widget is used as the label
    We now updated the label reference for search widgets so the visible title is used as the label instead of the placeholder.
  • Alternative text missing from Group member preview pictures
    We added the alt text to the avatars shown on the Groups landing page.
  • New notifications are not announced by screen readers
    We fixed an issue where new notifications would not be announced by screen readers, we have added an alert role to announce when new notifications are received. 


  • Error when moving Doc
    We fixed an issue where attempting to move a Doc in a Group as a member and an organisational user would cause an AJAX error.
  • Cannot edit a Group post when immediately viewing a post
    We fixed an issue where users would not see the edit link when on a post.
  • Doc titles are not bold when returned in Group search
    We fixed an issue where the Doc titles were not bold when they appeared in the Group search.
  • Active menu item in the Invotra toolbar expands the menu item slightly outside of the toolbar
    We fixed an issue where an active menu item in the Invotra toolbar would cause the white background to come out of the toolbar and leak to the page below by a tiny amount.
  • Policy content type nodes are not followable
    We fixed an issue where the follow button was not available for policies.
  • Mobile back button on Notification menu doesn’t close menu
    We fixed an issue where pressing the back button when viewing the Notifications menu on mobile would do nothing instead of closing the menu.
  • Overriding the ‘More link path’ still redirects to search
    We fixed an issue where setting the more link path would still cause users to redirect to search after selecting the more link instead of going to the page specified.
  • Comments are duplicated after posting
    We fixed an issue where sometimes adding a comment would cause the same comment to be added several times.
  • Content section widget titles too large
    We fixed an issue where General Style 2 would display titles of content as 20px font size instead of 14px.
  • Documents Archive is only available for Admins
    We fixed an issue where the option to create Documents for the Document Archive was not available for users.
  • Moving team up the hierarchy does not work
    We fixed an issue with OU administrators not being able to move their teams successfully up the hierarchy.
  • Add person button overlaps text
    We fixed an issue where the add person button would overlap the description text on User Management.
  • Custom content types are not appearing in specific tag widget configuration
    We fixed an issue where the specific tag widget would not display custom content types.
  • Content is removed from site sections
    We have added validation to deleting site sections so it isn’t possible to delete a site section if there is content added to it to prevent the issue where content would suddenly be left without a site section and it wouldn’t be possible to change to a new site section.
  • Selecting a comment from the latest comment widget does not anchor to the comment
    We fixed an issue where selecting a comment from the latest comments widget would bring the user to the page, but wouldn’t anchor to the comment.
  • Profile images are not displayed on Group member profile
  • We fixed an issue where the Group members page was not showing the correct pictures from users.
  • Selected value in the HDD widget appearing below the input field
    We fixed an issue with the HDD widget which is used, for example, on the location field whereby the sselected value was appearing below the input field.
  • Add entity type to field queries
    Many queries against the field_data_* tables and a few against field_revision_* are not filtered by entity_type which may cause errors.
  • Invotra_editable_fields depends on itself
    We updated the editable fields module so that it no longer depends upon itself.
  • Error when posting a file through the API
    We fixed a broken file end point in the API.
  • Panelizer accessible from IPE
    We fixed an issue where webmasters were given unexpected access to the panelizer settings.
  • Panelizer defaults combobox missing for editorial roles
    We fixed an issue where the panelizer defaults combobox was missing for authors, editors and publishers when they were creating content.
  • Duplicate menu links in toolbar
    We fixed an issue during development where the same menu links were appearing twice.
  • Duplicate menu links on user profile menu
    We fixed an issue during development where the same menu links were appearing twice.
  • Groups appearing under unpublished content
    We fixed an issue where Groups a person has created were appearing under the unpublished content filter in My Workplace.
  • Group content appearing under unpublished content
    We fixed an issue where published Group content was appearing under the unpublished content filter in My Workplace.
  • User does not receive an email when they are assigned a role within a site section
    We fixed an issue where an email was not sent to the user when they were assigned a role within a site section, making it difficult for them to know they have been granted additional priveleges. 
  • Organisational users receives a notification when an editor makes a private comment on their ticket
    We fixed an issue where a private comment made which is not visible to the organisational user who created the ticket would trigger a notification for the ticket creator.
  • Content published after saving causes indexing issue
    We fixed an issue where creating a piece of content as a draft and publishing it later would not include it in the index and wouldn’t show up in search.
  • Slight overlap of lines on toolbar
    We fixed an issue where there is a slight overlap of the opened menu and the toolbar.
  • IPE banner does not close
    We fixed an issue where the IPE banner shown after selecting the In Place Editor link would not be possible to close and would remain open after selecting cancel or save.


Invotra Toolbar JavaScript refactor 

– We updated the javascript used for the Invotra toolbar to improve stability and performance, especially for slower browsers such as IE8.


  • XSS via metatags on user profile
    We fixed a cross-site scripting vulnerability on meta tags in users profiles.
  • Arbitrary code execution
    We disabled application/vnd.php.serialized to resolve a vulnerability around arbitrary remote code execution if the attacker knows the Service Endpoint’s path and that settings is enabled.
  • Anonymous users have unnecessary permissions
    We fixed an issue where anonymous users were unneccesarily granted the following permissions: access comments, view files, use manual crop. 


  • Services endpoint for setting archiving variable
    We made it possible via services to turn off the pdf archiving functionality during migration.

Our Intranet software is always evolving

Through our regular release cycle, Invotra’s intranet software is always evolving.

From accessibility to UI, security to enhanced social networking, our team are continually looking for ways to improve our intranet platform.

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