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Release notes

Invotra 4.40

Release date: 25th September 2019

We have released a total of 44 tasks including improvements, 23 fixes, 10 incidents and 5 internal tasks.

Release components

New features & improvements

  • INVGOV-10058: Ability for webmasters to turn JIRA on/off via Invotra admin and connect their JIRA account.

  • INVGOV-10060: Ability for end-users to connect their individual JIRA accounts via account settings.

  • INVGOV-10059: When JIRA integration is enabled, JIRA tasks should display metadata within group posts.

  • INVGOV-10063: It’s now possible for webmasters to customise the Groups landing page using widgets.

  • INVGOV-10061: Ability to report content such as group posts, blogs, news articles and more.

  • INVGOV-10056: We have removed the Invotra logo from the toolbar to stop any confusion for end users.


  • INVGOV-9970: We resolved an issue with the API feeds not working correctly.

  • INVGOV-10052: We fixed a regression issue whereby notification messages were wrapping to early onto 2 lines.

  • INVGOV-10073: We fixed a regression issue with the DWP deploy to PreProd.

  • INVGOV-10082: We fixed a regression issue whereby users were not receiving notifications or feed message updates.

  • INVGOV-9972: We fixed an issue whereby alt text was not being automatically added to profile pictures.

  • INVGOV-10038: We fixed a minor CSRF security issue.

  • INVGOV-9967: We fixed an issue for external users where profile images were appearing broken on the groups landing page.

  • INVGOV-9950: We fixed an issue whereby it was not possible to add users to a team via the team management page.

  • INVGOV-9931: We fixed an issue with the feeds API endpoint whereby the count was not appearing correctly.

  • INVGOV-9893: We fixed multiple issues with updating fields on the taxonomy term API endpoints.

  • INVGOV-9892: We fixed an issue with some links on the feed not adopting the link colour applied in brand settings.

  • INVGOV-9940: We fixed an issue where an AJAX error was appearing when using the IPE on the homepage.

  • INVGOV-10100: Locations admins have access to the Jira integration when only webmasters should have access to this.

  • INVGOV-10084: Resolved issue with deploy errors on DWP preprod during deploy of 4.40 RC2.

  • INVGOV-10090: Resolved issue with unexpected reports appearing in inappropriate content.

  • EE-104 & EE-93: We changed the image style provided for profile pictures within the API to allow for better scaling of the image when rendering.

  • EE-108: We changed the DELETE firebase token endpoint to accept only device_id and platform to resolve a logout issue with the API.

  • EE-139: Liking a post or comment logs the user out of the app.

  • COGNITO-49: The Services API may be accessed by Node API server within the internal VPC, bypassing the load balancer and ALB auth.

  • INVGOV-10070: Notice appearing when creating a group poll.

  • INVGOV-10067: Team pages were appearing blank. 

  • INVGOV-10065: Activity endpoint not returning next batch of post.

Incidents raised by customers

  • INVGOV-9993: We fixed an issue via a drush command to update fields that were out of sync with Salesforce.

  • INVGOV-9951: We fixed an issue with Adelphi users not remaining in sync.

  • INVGOV-9980: We fixed an issue whereby attachments added to a custom content widget were not adopting a site section reference and therefore displaying access denied to users.

  • INVGOV-9977: We fixed an issue with external link icon having too much padding.

  • INVGOV-9962: We fixed an issue with 5xx errors appearing across the intranet.

  • INVGOV-9959: We fixed an issue with widget styles appearing differently for different widgets.

  • INVGOV-9955: We fixed an issue whereby the total vote count on group polls was inaccurate.

  • INVGOV-9875: We fixed an issue with notifications displaying as if the person who liked your comment also authored it.

  • INVGOV-9443: We fixed an issue in our API whereby it was not possible to add multiple teams, locations and job roles to a user.

  • INVGOV-10057: Added section menu to the IPE on the extranet homepage.


  • INVGOV-9960: Updated contrib module to be compatible with PHP 7.3 ahead of the PHP upgrade.

  • INVGOV-10037: We updated some of our unit tests.

  • INVGOV-10075: We fixed a regression issue with the empty profile build failing on Jenkins.

  • INVGOV-10074: We resolved a regression issue whereby Jenkins builds were failing.

  • INVGOV-10017: Resolved issue with unit test failures on Jenkins caused by data changes.

Through our regular release cycle, Invotra’s intranet software is always evolving.

From accessibility to UI, security to enhanced social networking, our team are continually looking for ways to improve our intranet platform.

Built on Drupal, our open source intranet software enables evolution – get in touch today!