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Release notes

Invotra 4.44

Confirmed INVGOV-4.44 Release Notes

Release date: 4th December 2019

We have released a total of 51 tasks, including 11 improvements, 18 fixes, 14 incidents and internal tasks.

Release components

New features & improvements

  • INVGOV-10127: Updated taxonomy terms API to avoid circular references.

  • INVGOV-10129: Node.js getByUUID() & getBtItemId() Generic and Specific Overhaul.

  • INVGOV-10394: Updated SimpleSAMLphp  to 1.18.

  • INVGOV-10407: Altered the design of the IPE region to improve usability.

  • INVGOV-10408: Provided the ability to define or change status through user imports.

  • INVGOV-10409: Made update to the UI of the workflow options for the node edit (/edit) and node workflow (/workflow).

  • INVGOV-10410: Added the ability to sort the “Section menu” widget by title or weight.

  • INVGOV-10415: API File upload fails when the node has multiple tenants.

  • INVGOV-10433: Limited the number of items indexed on shutdown.

  • INVGOV-10440: Added Cognito configuration to AWS Ansible.

  • EE-220: Added ability for mobile app users to clear all their notifications.



  • INVGOV-9701: PUT /posts/[post_id]/report does not return 403 for private/secret groups.

  • INVGOV-9769: Drupal bans the API server after few unsuccessful login attempts.

  • INVGOV-10233: An error is returned when an idea or query is assigned to a user, and the page is refreshed.

  • INVGOV-10237: A notice appears on poll node view page for newly created polls as well as existing ones.

  • INVGOV-10243: Jira integration: resolved issue of having to reconnect to Jira after logging out of Invotra.

  • INVGOV-10278: Section content widget causes an error to display on new site sections.

  • INVGOV-10311: Node.js API GET /groups/search does not implement members_count sort.

  • INVGOV-10333: JSON data displayed after selecting an Idea category.

  • INVGOV-10340: The photo for a user profile is deleted after deleting the “team” field for a user.

  • INVGOV-10345: Resolved issues with incorrect paths remaining in the cache after the entities have been deleted.

  • INVGOV-10400: Resolved issue with HttpClientError bug hiding actual errors.

  • INVGOV-10412: Cannot disable multi-step IFrame setting once enabled.

  • INVGOV-10431: Default profile image is enlarged on post node views.

  • INVGOV-10434: Ghostwriter functionality no longer visible.

  • INVGOV-10441: User default image reverts with features revert.

  • INVGOV-10470: Widgets using GS14 break when the style is set to “Invotra collapsible with title”.

  • INVGOV-10494: The panel on idea nodes used for administration (Assignee, Category, Status) is missing.

  • EE-276: Mobile application not working on DWP preprod.

Incidents raised by customers

  • INVGOV-10081: When an RSS widget fails to load, the site section it is on also receives a 500 error.

  • INVGOV-10157: News articles are displaying incorrect URLs.

  • INVGOV-10197: Users with apostrophes in their username aren’t @mentioned correctly.

  • INVGOV-10210: Videos not playing on the site.

  • INVGOV-10212: Group posts with a line break at the beginning aren’t displaying correctly.

  • INVGOV-10217: GS14 images have a black outline around three of their sides.

  • INVGOV-10309: “Override the more link path” not working in Internet Explorer.

  • INVGOV-10319: Images for promotion styles appear above title instead of on the left.

  • INVGOV-10331: “Invotra Collapsible with Title” Pane Style is broken.

  • INVGOV-10332: Hierarchy loop for manuals causing 504 errors to be returned when editing and saving nodes, or posting to groups.

  • INVGOV-10341: Site sections with ampersands break the search results for manuals pages.

  • INVGOV-10382: When using a widget (general style 5) linking an image, the image links back to the homepage instead of the piece of content it has been linked on.

  • INVGOV-10444: Blocked users are not being reactivated when they successfully log in via SSO.

  • INVGOV-10483: 503 and 504 errors being experienced across the intranet.


  • INVGOV-10040: Upgraded all environments to use Node.js version v12.8.1.

  • INVGOV-10324: All clean build sites are using “Immediate Publish” workflow settings as opposed to Send to Publisher”.

  • INVGOV-10395: Resolved HO deploy Unit Test failures.

  • INVGOV-10401: IFrame should be marked (for the author) once the Unit Test stage has been run.

  • INVGOV-10422: Resolved new Unit Test failures on 4.44 Jenkins build.

  • INVGOV-10428: Investigated Unit Test failures on PreProd and Integration Jenkins builds.

  • INVGOV-10442: Additional Unit Test failures on 4.44 Jenkins builds.

  • EE-277: Using the mobile app on integration (4.43) displays a 404 error and logs the user out.

Through our regular release cycle, Invotra’s intranet software is always evolving.

From accessibility to UI, security to enhanced social networking, our team are continually looking for ways to improve our intranet platform.

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