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Release notes

Invotra 4.45

Confirmed INVGOV-4.45 Release Notes

We have released a total of 47 tasks, including 10 improvements, 27 fixes, 5 incidents and internal tasks.


Release components


New features & improvements

  • INVGOV-10315: Handled 403 for /posts/{post_id}/likes and likes for Drupal Service.

  • INVGOV-10480: Tidied the Invotra admin search settings page.

  • INVGOV-10489: Clicking the logo on the responsive view now takes you back to the home page.

  • INVGOV-10490: It’s now possible to add alt text to the responsive mobile view logo.

  • INVGOV-10502: Enabled “DELETE” endpoint for new node.js content type.

  • INVGOV-10529: Added locking functionality to cron using Ansible.

New OneDrive integration

  • INVGOV-10445: Made it possible to authenticate to OneDrive and select a file when using the attachment upload.

  • INVGOV-10446: Attaching a OneDrive file links to OneDrive instead of uploading the file to Drupal.

  • INVGOV-10447: Added the ability for webmasters to turn the OneDrive integration on and off.

  • INVGOV-10448: Added “Setup” instructions for the OneDrive integration.


  • INVGOV-10094: It is possible to call getByUUID and its offspring getXXXbyUUID() and pass an undefined UUID without any validation being performed.

  • INVGOV-10238: Some pages within Invotra admin do not have success alerts on form submission.

  • INVGOV-10357: When using a custom content type it shows on a specific list widget as “custom content type” rather than its name.

  • INVGOV-10358: Some endpoints return a 404 error with an empty error message.

  • INVGOV-10359: Unpinning the primary menu removes the branded colours.

  • INVGOV-10360: Node API has switched to an endpoint which does not check if the UUID is actually valid.

  • INVGOV-10361: General style 22 is cropping images and text on the layout with sidebars.

  • INVGOV-10362: When you view the activity feed of a user, the “new” indicator on the feed button in the toolbar is removed.

  • INVGOV-10363: The ajax expand buttons used in the team chart (/people-teams/team-chart) are being carried across to the team term view.

  • INVGOV-10364: IPE should not be available on mobile responsive.

  • INVGOV-10365: When a user uploads an image file, but then replaces it with a text file the result file ends up being damaged on the site.

  • INVGOV-10367: When a the /locations/list API endpoint receives a GET request, it will return empty “description” key-value pairs with a value of “”.

  • INVGOV-10368: It is possible to create a group with non-existent privacy settings via the API.

  • INVGOV-10369: It is possible to create a comment for a non-existent user.

  • INVGOV-10370: Resolved Open Graph issues.

  • INVGOV-10372: The user reporting autocomplete field doesn’t search users to the surname.

  • INVGOV-10373: It is not possible to update a user if it’s part of any OG group.

  • INVGOV-10374: Error message returned when applying author filter in “all content”.

  • INVGOV-10375: External user can’t see who they follow despite allowing access to people.

  • INVGOV-10376: The text under accordion menus does not have a high enough colour contrast.

  • INVGOV-10399: Updated Drush to latest version to resolve warnings.

  • INVGOV-10478: Saved content widget displays “[created]” instead of the actual date and comment count.

  • INVGOV-10496: The specific tag widget using general style 22 is not aligned to the fixed height.

  • INVGOV-10497: User’s own actions are showing up in their feeds (on the mobile app for 4.45 sites).

  • INVGOV-10515: Toolbar displaying with two shadow bars underneath when there should be one (HO).

  • EE-268: Resolved issue with special characters rendering as ASCII code in comments.

  • EE-310: User is logged out after liking a post on the mobile app.

Incidents raised by customers

  • INVGOV-10338: Export document archive option available even when the associated product option is disabled.

  • INVGOV-10392: Uploading a file of more than 40mb results in an infinite loop.

  • INVGOV-10413: After adding a line break, the first hashtag added on the next line is not created or linked.

  • INVGOV-10508: When replying to an existing group post and @mentioning someone, the user receives a notification that they have @mentioned themselves.

  • INVGOV-10530: Disabled putting items into search_index on cron.


  • INVGOV-10351: Provided default taxonomy terms for vocabularies that will exist when you build an Invotra instance from scratch.

  • INVGOV-10352: Resolved an issue with an error appearing in the docker drupal logs every few seconds.

  • INVGOV-10356: Removed a redundant dependency in Expo.

  • INVGOV-10471: Removed redundant commands from the HO deploy.

  • INVGOV-10500: Resolved Unit Test failures.

Through our regular release cycle, Invotra’s intranet software is always evolving.

From accessibility to UI, security to enhanced social networking, our team are continually looking for ways to improve our intranet platform.

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