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Release notes

Invotra 4.50

Confirmed INVGOV-4.50 Release Notes

Release date: 11th March 2020.

We have released a total of 22 tasks, including improvements, fixes, incidents and internal tasks.

Release components

New features & improvements

  • INVGOV-10706: Removed redundant buttons from the edit template page.

  • INVGOV-10641: Added mobile validation on import when importing users to Cognito.


New API endpoints

  • INVGOV-10701: Added a job roles list endpoint.

  • INVGOV-10809: Made it possible to perform Create, Read and Delete and Lists for group polls via the API.

  • INVGOV-10825: Made it possible to create, update, read, delete and list group folders via the API.



  • INVGOV-10321: Resolved issue with the incorrect number of items appearing on Saved page.

  • INVGOV-10540: Ensured Node.js API checks the correct entity type is passed for each endpoint.

  • INVGOV-10707: Drupal log contains an error about invotra_webform_progress.js 404.

  • INVGOV-10802: Security issue.

  • INVGOV-10839: Saving a taxonomy page on page 2 or above results in a 404.

  • INVGOV-10849: Resolved a deploy error on PreProd when deploying v4.50-RC2 Drupal tag.


Incidents raised by customers

  • INVGOV-9620: Customer unable to use Matomo overlay.

  • INVGOV-10730: Changed importer date.



  • INVGOV-10572: Added the ability for the new authname from Invotra auth to be set and read via the users API.

  • INVGOV-10673: Updated SimpleSAMLphp to 1.18.4 for a minor security update.

  • INVGOV-10708: Added the ability to track how content items were actioned in Entity Tracker.

  • INVGOV-10709: Updated file_entity Drupal module to the latest version.

  • INVGOV-10765: Removed custom salesforce modules from the codebase.

  • INVGOV-10558: Implemented Oauth2 for use by Zapier.

  • INVGOV-10838: Enabled Invotra to store customer configurations in AWS Parameter store.

  • INVGOV-10842: New Unit 

  • INVGOV-10850: Stopped processing queue invotra_group_remove_group  on cron.

Through our regular release cycle, Invotra’s intranet software is always evolving.

From accessibility to UI, security to enhanced social networking, our team are continually looking for ways to improve our intranet platform.

Built on Drupal, our open source intranet software enables evolution – get in touch today!