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Release notes

Invotra 4.1

INVGOV-4.1 Release Notes

Release Date:  29th November 2017

Official Invotra release documentation for Invotra 4.1, which is to be released on the 29th November 2017.

No. of tasks: There are a total of 29 individual tasks in this release.

Release Components


There are no projects in this release. 


1. Feed and Notification message updates (reference: INVGOV-7046)

We made updates to Feed and Notification messages to ensure the context of a comment or reply added to a post or poll is clear.

2. Ghostwriters should be able to amend the author of blog comments (reference: INVGOV-7168)

We expanded the ghostwriting functionality to blog comments and improved the user journey of creating a ghostwritten comment by providing the author field before posting a comment.

3. Image rendering for Feeds, Notification, Post and Poll (reference: INVGOV-7044)

We updated Group posts and polls so that the first attached image file in a Group post or Poll should display as an image rather than a link to the attached file.

Accessible Experience

There are currently no Accessible Experience tasks in this release.

Help / Documentation

There are currently no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


*Bugs marked with an asterisk are relating to Live incidents

4. Blogs / Message Wall dashboard – Toolbar slightly to the left (reference: INVGOV-7097)

We fixed an issue where whilst on the blogs or message wall dashboards, the Invotra toolbar would appear squashed and the apps menu would not expand.

*5. Content not updating when files are attached via the wysiwyg (reference: INVGOV-7092)

We fixed an issue where files added to the WYSIWYG editor were sometimes lost when editing the content again.

*6. Hashtags are not working on the group post node (reference: INVGOV-7087)

We fixed an issue where hashtags on a post were not linked when viewing the full group post.

*7. Secondary Group admins are not receiving group membership request emails (reference: INVGOV-7086)

We fixed an issue where only the original creator of the group would receive an email for a membership request instead of all group administrators for that group.

*8.Duplicate notifications produced from rate widget (reference: INVGOV-7063)

We fixed an issue where liking a piece of content using the rate widget would cause two notifications to the author of the content informing them that someone has liked their content instead of one.

9. Group tabs on mobile are broken (reference: INVGOV-7051)

We fixed an issue where the group tabs and title had some visual issues including tabs overlapping when viewed on mobile.

10.  Layout issue on mobile for groups (reference: INVGOV-7047)

We fixed an issue where the group title would wrap prematurely or display each character on its own line when viewing a group on mobile.

*11. Favourited content does not get removed from ‘my content’ when that content is deleted (reference: INVGOV-7035)

We fixed an issue with favourited content which, when deleted, would remain as a link in My Workplace and lead the user to a 404 page when selecting the link.

12. demo/alpha sites interfering with each other’s notifications (reference: INVNOT-15)

We fixed an issue where cookies from other Drupal sites on the same domain were interfering with notifications.

13. Attachment upload destination field (reference: INVGOV-7204)

We fixed an issue where users would be requested whether or not the file should be public or private when uploading a file.

14. Incorrect profile view layout on (reference: INVGOV-7203)

We fixed an issue on UAT with the user profile view which was incorrectly laid out, listing the user’s full name twice and separating the details below their name too widely.

15. Cron fails to run on (reference: INVGOV-7194)

We fixed an issue where a 500 error was produced on attempts to run cron.

*16. Site section specific search through the simple search widget is no longer working (reference: INVGOV-7191)

We fixed an issue with the simple search widget which, when set for specific searches, was returning results from all site sections not only from the defined site section and children sections.

*17. Insufficient permissions to edit description field (reference: INVGOV-7066)

We fixed an issue where users with all DP permissions were unable to edit the WYSIWYG field of a site section they are a member of, when text format is not set to webmaster.

*18. Rolled up teams are not applying from location term (reference: INVGOV-7029)

We updated the location team tab to include rolled up teams, so the numbers are consistent between the location team tab and the people search page.

19. Duplicated group name on dashboard  (reference: INVGOV-7225)

We fixed an issue where the dashboard of a group displayed a duplicate title for the group.

20. Team page title and tabs overlap  (reference: INVGOV-7224)

We fixed an issue where the team name title and the tab bar overlapped on the Team page view.

21. Feed messages without body text aren’t properly enclosed (reference: INVGOV-7220)

We fixed an issue with feed messages not containing text, which were not being displayed fully enclosed in the white box.

22. Toolbar broken on individual group dashboard (reference: INVGOV-7218)

We fixed an issue with the toolbar on individual group dashboards which was not displaying correctly and unusable for the Apps menu.

23. Newly uploaded Images not displaying for badges (reference: INVGOV-7228)

We fixed an issue where images for badges, which had been newly uploaded, were displaying the file name not the image.

24. Logo not appearing (reference: INVGOV-7227)

We fixed an issue where the uploaded logo was not appearing in the primary menu. 

25. “My feed” mismatch when another user updates a profile (reference: INVGOV-7226)

We fixed an issue with My feed messages for profile updates made by one user to another user’s profile, which were displaying the profile image of the user who made the changes, not the updated user’s profile image.


There are no Performance tasks in this release.

API/ Data Import

26. Add the ‘External ID’ field to the location export view (reference: INVGOV-7037)

We added the ability to export all locations with External IDs to check they are in alignment with those in associated platforms

27. Teams that are not in the latest extract imported should be unpublished (reference: INVGOV-6943)

We updated functionality so that if a team which is currently on Invotra is not in the latest extract then it should become unpublished.

Automated Tests

There are currently no Automated Tests tasks in this release.


28. Breadcrumb to appear in search results for all content types (reference: INVGOV-7036)

We have updated options in the search fields configuration to include an option called breadcrumb which displays the results’ breadcrumb.


29. Switch to use private instead of public files(reference: INVGOV-7068)

We switched Invotra to use private files instead of public files by default.

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