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Release notes

Invotra 4.11

INVGOV-4.11 Release Notes

Release type: Bugs

Release Date:  6th June 2018.

Official Invotra release documentation for Invotra 4.11, which is to be released on the 6th June 2018.

No. of tasks: There are a total of 46 individual tasks in this release

Release Components


There are no projects in this release.


1. Index the pin field for the mobile app (reference: INVGOV-7810)

We indexed the pin field for group posts in solr_prototype_index, so that pinned content items are correctly retrieved or referenced on the app.

2. Disable content redaction product option in live (reference: INVGOV-7800)

We disabled the content redaction product option for all clients and deploy modules.

Accessible Experience

There are no Accessible Experience tasks in this release.

Help / Documentation

There are currently no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


*Bugs marked with an asterisk are relating to Live incidents

*3. Searches are returning archived content, even when the archived facet is not selected (reference: INVGOV-7906)

We fixed an issue with searches from the toolbar search box, the search widget and search box on the search results screen which were returning content from archived sections and surfacing incorrect data.

*4. Ideas – deleted categories result in dashboard error (reference: INVGOV-7864)

We fixed an issue with deleted ideas categories which caused digits to be displayed in place of the deleted category on the idea dashboard.

*5. INC6118996 – Related links (reference: INVGOV-7863)

We fixed an issue with the group field in the related content widget, which caused the group field text not to wrap when the field is completed with text that has no spaces.

6. “Custom content type” is appearing instead of term name (reference: INVGOV-7846)

We fixed an issue with displays of content types in My workplace and feed which were showing “Custom content type” instead of the content type term name.

7. Text is gone beyond the frame of the ‘Description’ block created page (reference: INVGOV-7842)

We fixed an issue with content pages created which caused text entered into certain fields and widgets to break out of its container and not to be wrapped.

8.  Help text on related content being cut off when editing site section (reference: INVGOV-7841)

We fixed an issue with the help dialogue displayed on the related content field of the create site section page, which was being cut off.

9.  Padding between page title and horizontal tabs (reference: INVGOV-7837)

We fixed an issue with missing padding between the page title horizontal tabs on specific pages.

10. Apostrophes broken on root pages  (reference: INVGOV-7836)

We fixed an issue with root pages which were not displaying apostrophes correctly. 

11.  (Global) Section managers can see multiple options under Invotra admin  (reference: INVGOV-7821)

We fixed an issue where section managers were able to see links under Invotra admin to pages they did not have access to.

12.  Node image overlaps comment list container  (reference: INVGOV-7819)

We fixed an issue with the image widget which was overlapping comment list container when added immediately above the comments widget.

13. Issues with Americanised date formats (reference: INVGOV-7817)

We fixed an issue with the date formats for birth dates which were not using the American date format when the date format had been set to American.

14. Owner field does not validate a user has been selected (reference: INVGOV-7815)

We fixed an issue with the owner field on the content editing and creating page which allowed anything to be entered into the field and the content saved, rather than requiring an expected actual user to be entered from the autocomplete menu.

15. Media used in Manual Pages not appearing in All Content (reference: INVGOV-7725)

We fixed an issue with manual pages which were not displaying under All content as expected when media had been added or edited by the WYSIWYG.

16. Sign out button and SF logout configuration to resolve missing sign out button (reference: INVGOV-7651)

We fixed an issue with the sign out button which was missing from the drop down profile menu. 

17. “Ome” is displayed over home button on toolbar (reference: INVGOV-7992)

We fixed an issue the invisible link value for the home link was being displayed visually in some browsers not fully supporting the text-indent property.

18. Group post image attachments being uploaded as public files (reference: INVGOV-7988)

We fixed an issue where files were being uploaded as public files when added to private of secret groups, instead of being uploaded as private files.

19. Tabs missing line within My Workplace (reference: INVGOV-7987)

We fixed a minor styling issue where the tab list line within My Workplace was missing.

20. Access denied on IPE (reference: INVGOV-7954)

We fixed an issue where webmasters attempting to use the IPE on site sections were receiving access denied error.

21. Words are cut off when they do not fit onto a line (reference: INVGOV-7953)

We fixed a site-wide issue where text was wrapping by letter, instead of by words.

22. Notices on media library modal (reference: INVGOV-7948)

We fixed an issue where a notice was appearing in the media library modal.

23. Edits to ideas are not being applied to open ideas (reference: INVGOV-7946)

We fixed an issue where attempting to amend the status of an open idea would not update.

24. Ideas webform missing on integration site (reference: INVGOV-7941)

We fixed an issue where the idea submission form was not available on integration sites.

*25. Blog likes have disappeared (reference: INVGOV-7734)

We fixed an issue where the like count on blogs were reset in the UI. We have now restored the like count in the user interface to match that stored in the database. 

*26. Ideas app dashboard data incorrect (reference: INVGOV-7735)

We fixed an issue where the ideas dashboard data did not correlate with existing ideas.

*27. Ideas title does not update (reference: INVGOV-7755)

We fixed an issue with ideas which caused the old title to remain after it had been changed and published.

*28. Unable to log in (reference: INVGOV-7895)

We fixed an issue where new users created through the API were not being authenticated.

29. Missing modules for empty profile builds (reference: INVGOV-7898)

We added a missing module into the empty profile build for new automatically generated sites to built successfully without manually enabling the module.

30. Newly created ideas appear only as “Idea” in ideas admin table (reference: INVGOV-7937)

We fixed an issue where new ideas displayed in the ideas admin table were simply showing “Idea” as the title, instead of the user entered title.

31. Sign out button appearing on UAT (reference: INVGOV-7994)

We fixed an issue with the sign out button incorrectly appearing when SSO was enabled.


There are currently no performance tasks in this release.


*32. Add logging to investigate users showing as logged in as other users (reference: INVGOV-8002)

We added logging to detect anomalous conditions that may indicate issues with session or SSO.

API/ Data Import

33. Add flagging author uuid to solr indexes *Not client testable* (reference: INVGOV-7897)

We have added data to solr indexes which is required for the API/mobile app projects.

34. Change the response to joining/leaving a group to indicate the users membership status (reference: INVGOV-7883)

We changed the response in an api where a group member leaving or joining a group reflected the membership status of the user immediately.

35. Exclude Drupal services from page cache *Not client testable* (reference: INVGOV-7784)

We have excluded drupal services from the page cache for api requests via the mobile app.

36. Organisational Users cannot create published comments via services *Not client testable* (reference: INVGOV-7730)

We fixed an issue in our API to ensure Organisational Users can create published comments via services.

37. API rate and plus1 support *Not client testable* (reference: INVGOV-7461)

We have added a resource to export and import ratings via services.

38. Fix permissions for Grants services (reference: INVGOV-7728)

We fixed permissions for Grants services that caused a number of issues on the mobile app demo site.

Automated Tests

39. Improve test coverage for posting group posts and comments *Not client testable* (reference: INVGOV-7733)

We have created new tests which specifically target the creation of new posts and comments.

40. Add teardown and setup function to InvotraIdeasWebformTest (reference: INVGOV-7950)

We created a teardown and setup function to allow tests on idea submission forms with different configuration.

41. InvotraIdeasHomeWidgetTest fails (reference: INVGOV-7943)

We resolved failing tasks related to the ideas app view widget.

42. Investigate subscriptions feeds test failures (reference: INVGOV-7797)

We have fixed subscriptions feeds automated test failures.

43. Incorrect site section editor permissions (reference: INVGOV-7827)

We fixed an issue with permissions for the site section editor role which should be the same as a global editor role.

44. Create unit test for idea creation and edit process (reference: INVGOV-7934)

We created a unit test to test connection between an idea node and webform submission.


There are no Search tasks in this release.


45. XSS issue with menu links (reference: INVGOV-7938)

We fixed a cross-site scripting vulnerability with menu links where a user could enter a script as a link without an alert appearing.

46. XSS from content category taxonomy (reference: INVGOV-7930)

We fixed a cross-site scripting vulnerability with content category taxonomy where a user could enter a script as a content category.

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