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Release notes

Invotra 4.12

INVGOV-4.12 Release Notes

Release type: Maintenance 

Release Date:  20th June 2018.

Official Invotra release documentation for Invotra 4.12, which is to be released on the 20th June 2018.

No. of tasks: There are a total of 21 individual tasks in this release

Release Components


There are no projects in this release.


There are no UX/UI  tasks in this release.

Accessible Experience

There are no Accessible Experience tasks in this release.

Help / Documentation

There are no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


*Bugs marked with an asterisk are relating to Live incidents

1. Remove redundant extranet code (reference: INVGOV-7920)

We have removed redundant extranet code.

2. Taxonomy terms should redirect to the most recent search page (reference: INVGOV-7918)

We fixed an issue with taxonomy terms where selecting specific terms did not redirect to the most recent search page, instead reverting to obsolete search pages.

3. Blank item under manage content menu item (reference: INVGOV-8007)

We fixed an issue with the height of the manage content sub menu which displayed a large white space under the last item, after the content by section menu link was removed.

4. Errors in log during clean site install with invotra_standard profile (reference: INVGOV-7942)

We resolved some errors logged when building a new site.

5. Node loses ‘Site section’ value after first publishing it via Workflow schedule process (reference: INVGOV-8001)

We fixed an issue which caused a node to lose any site section value which had been added, when the node was published through the workflow schedule process. 

*6. Draft content scheduled for future publishing can’t be reverted to draft meaning the content is published anyway (reference: INVGOV-7889)

We fixed an issue which prevented content being reverted to draft when edited, if the content was scheduled for future publishing.

7. Access denied post title change on a term/node (reference: INVGOV-7724)

We fixed an issue with an access denied post being displayed when a user with the correct permissions tried to access a node or term they had previously published.


8. INVGOV-7941 cleanup (reference: INVGOV-7945)

We removed the command to remake the ideas webform from the deploy, to ensure the ideas webform is available on integration sites.

9. Faster permission revert (reference: INVGOV-7925)

We have refactored the ipr command and provided faster implementation using multi-insert syntax to provide faster permissions reversions.

10. Faster PO deploy (reference: INVGOV-7924)

We improved the speed of product option deploys. 

11. Parallel indexing(reference: INVGOV-7923)

We improved the performance of search indexing during deployment.

12. Remove redundant code(reference: INVGOV-7922)

We have removed redundant code from one-off fixes.

13. Remove obsolete manage content pages (reference: INVGOV-7921)

We removed obsolete ‘My workplace’ pages which existed prior to the search-driven pages.

14. Remove sql queries from dashboard pages (reference: INVGOV-7876)

We removed sql queries from dashboard pages to improve query speed.


There are currently no logging  tasks in this release.

API/ Data Import

There are no API / Data import tasks in this release.

Automated Tests

15. Editors should has administer panelizer permissions (reference: INVGOV-7919)

We have updated the unit tests in permissions.csv to reflect that only Webmasters and Content Layout Managers should have access to panelizer functions. 

16. Make tests fail if module is not enabled (reference: INVGOV-7907)

We implemented a check at the start tests to verify that the relevant module is enabled, as when tests did not contain the required module they previously skipped or failed.

17. Builds failing for integration sites during unit tests (reference: INVGOV-8014)

We fixed an issue where some of the integration site builds were failing during unit test runs.

18. Organisational users cannot edit post via services (reference: INVGOV-7991)

We fixed an automated test where it was reported that organisational user could not edit posts when in fact they could when manually testing.

19. testAutocompleteValidationNode test failing (reference: INVGOV-7955)

We have fixed ‘testAutocompleteValidationNode’ test failures.

20. InvotraManualsPreviewMode test fails (reference: INVGOV-7986)

We have fixed ‘InvotraManualsPreviewMode’ test failures on integration.

21. Client integration build failing (reference: INVGOV-8019)

We fixed an issue with builds which were failing with a  PHP Fatal error.


There are currently no Search tasks in this release.


There are no Security tasks in this release.

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Through our regular release cycle, Invotra’s intranet software is always evolving.

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