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Release notes

Invotra 4.13

INVGOV-4.13 Release Notes

Release type: Bugs

Release Date:  4th July 2018.

Official Invotra release documentation for Invotra 4.13, which is to be released on the 4th July 2018.

No. of tasks: There are currently a total of 26 individual tasks in this release

Release Components


There are no projects in this release.


1. Remove content redaction PO (reference: INVGOV-7801)

We have removed the Invotra redaction product option.

2. Memoize grants (reference: INVGOV-8078)

We have improved the performance of the content access control system.

Accessible Experience

There are currently no Accessible Experience tasks in this release.

Help / Documentation

There are currently no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


*Bugs marked with an asterisk are relating to Live incidents

*3. INC6180438 – Moving a manual page to another manual does not update the manual navigation widget (reference: INVGOV-7998)

We fixed an issue with the Manuals navigation widget which was not being updated when a manual page was moved to another manual, so that the hierarchy the page displayed was that of the original manual.

*4. INC6180465 – Loophole where users are able to delete a Manual, orphaning the Manual Pages (reference:  INVGOV-7997 )

We fixed an issue where users were incorrectly able to delete a manual which still had manual pages attached, orphaning the manual pages.

*5. INC6194872 – Adding a widget to a manual or manual page using the IPE creates a new unpublished revision of the node (reference: INVGOV-7996)

We fixed an issue with the IPE on manual pages which created a new revision of the node changed whenever the IPE was used to add a widget.

6. Notices are displayed after adding/editing Quick link/Toolbar link item (reference: INVGOV-7970)

We fixed an issue which caused error notices to be displayed on the quick links menu page and the toolbar page after the add links button had been added or edited.

7. Remove arrows from manual subpages widget (reference: INVGOV-7961)

We have removed arrows from the manual subpages widget within manuals as the arrow was no longer in use.

8. Favourites in My Workplace displaying JSON (reference: INVGOV-7958)

We fixed an issue which caused the JSON data of an image from the body of site sections to be displayed in ‘Favourites’ in ‘My workplace’.

*9. INC6127125 – Group members (admin) are unable to @mention other members in Group posts (reference: INVGOV-7865)

We fixed an issue which caused the group admin of a secret group to be unable to @mention other members of the same group.

10. Notices are displayed on “My feed” page (reference: INVGOV-8081)

We fixed an issue which caused notices to be displayed when the My feed page was opened.

*11. Words are cut off when they do not fit onto a line (reference: INVGOV-8076)

We fixed an issue with the Related Content widget and the external links widget within site sections which had line breaks occurring in the middle of words, rather than starting a word on the next line.

12. Notification and feed icon focus does not produce sufficient contrast (reference: INVGOV-7974)

We fixed an issue with the notification and feed icon focus which was not producing sufficient contrast.

13. Additional menu items when on ‘People & Teams’ & ‘Locations’ (reference: INVGOV-7957)

We fixed an issue with empty profile builds which caused the default toolbar to be created incorrectly.

14. Clicking feed icon doesn’t always navigate me to my feed (reference: INVGOV-8091)

We fixed an issue with the feed button icon where a text selector was displayed over the button rather than a pointer making it impossible to select, and be directed to, the My feed page.

*15. Forgotten Password not working (reference: INVGOV-7896)

We fixed an issue with the forgotten password button which was redirecting to the login form rather than allowing users to access the password reset form.

*16. Style issue on homepage with specific tag widget  (reference: INVGOV-8132)

We fixed an issue with the specific tag widget which caused an unexpected display style on Internet Explorer.

*17. Unable to view list widgets in preview or on live (reference: INVGOV-8129)

We fixed an issue with creating a list widget on a section page which was failing to display the expected content when in both preview and live mode.

18. Blank homepage in IE8 browser after 4.13-RC4 deploy (reference: INVGOV-8140)

We fixed an issue which caused the homepage to render briefly before going blank when using an IE8 browser. 


There are currently no performance tasks in this release.


There are currently no logging tasks in this release.

API/ Data Import

19. Backend improvements in AWS to improve future services (reference: INVGOV-8063)

We have added some backend improvements in order to prepare for future changes to Invotra services.

20. Don’t send hashed session IDs (reference: INVGOV-8010)

We have temporarily undone the hashing of session IDs to allow the nodejs and vertx APIs to run in parallel, until vertx is retired.

21. Invalid session on api/notifications *Not client testable* (reference: INVGOV-7769)

We have updated the Drupal frontend javascript code for handling notifications and feeds,to enable to communicate with either the Java API or the NodeJS API.

Automated Tests

22. Client tests running incorrectly (reference: INVGOV-8058)

We have excluded some unit tests which were incorrectly running on integration.

23. testTaxonomyTermDelete is failing (reference: INVGOV-8020)

We fixed the test ‘testTaxonomyTermDelete’ which was failing.

24. Update node_access permission for updating group posts (reference: INVGOV-8016)

We have updated the node_access permission for updating group posts by adding an automated test which tests if a user can update one of their own posts.

25. Use run groups in .xml builds *Not client testable* (reference: INVGOV-7880)

We created .xml build files to configure which run groups run for which client.

26. Mapping out required Akagera data (reference: INVGOV-8135)

We created some queries to gather more information on the structure of the data on client sites, so we can build up our test data to be more representative.


There are currently no Search tasks in this release.


There are currently no Security tasks in this release.

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