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Release notes

Invotra 4.14

INVGOV-4.14 Release Notes

Release type: Product

Release Date: 18th July 2018.

Official Invotra release documentation for Invotra 4.14, which is to be released on the 18th July 2018.

No. of tasks: There are a total of 14 individual tasks in this release

Release Components


There are no projects in this release.


1. New notification: you’ve been added to a group (reference: INVGOV-8033)

We added a new notification to alert a user that they have been added to a group by another user.

2. New notification: group membership request (reference: INVGOV-8029)

We added a notification to alert group administrators when a user requests to join their group.

3. Mentioning should search by full name and email instead of username (reference: INVGOV-8030)

We updated mentioning searches to allow searches by name and email address rather than the username.

4. Text colour theming options for buttons (reference: INVGOV-8028)

We have added a colour palette for the text colour of the standard, primary and alert buttons within the branding settings. 

5. Update terminology from ‘Favourite’ to ‘Save’ (reference: INVGOV-8041)

We have updated the terminology previously used from ‘favourites’ to ‘saved’ across the site.

6. Update heart icon to bookmark icon (reference: INVGOV-8155)

We have updated the icon which accompanies the Save option from a heart to a bookmark icon to reflect the changes in wording, from Favourite to Save.

Accessible Experience

There are currently no Accessible Experience tasks in this release.

Help / Documentation

There are currently no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


*Bugs marked with an asterisk are relating to Live incidents

*7. INC6064151 – when printing from intranet it is overlaid with notifications from feed/notifications (reference: INVGOV-7901)

We fixed an issue with printing pages from the intranet which were being overlaid with notifications from a user’s feed and notifications.

8. “Approve” button broken (reference: INVGOV-8149)

We fixed an issue with the “Approve” button which appears on the members page in groups, which caused the lettering to appear outside the button container. 

9. News feed icon accessibility and branding (reference: INVGOV-8144)

We fixed an issue which caused the news feed icon to fail accessibility requirements due to the icon not picking up branding css and to lose the accessible name, demonstrating the purpose of the link. 

10. List widget on homepage displays cut off letters – padding issue  (reference: INVGOV-8143)

We fixed a padding issue which caused the list widget on the homepage to display cut off letters.

*11. Access denied post title change on a term/node  (reference: INVGOV-7724)

We fixed an issue with an access denied post being displayed when a user with the correct permissions tried to access a node or term they had previously published.


There are currently no performance tasks in this release.


There are currently no logging tasks in this release.

API/ Data Import

There are currently no API/ Data Import tasks in this release.

Automated Tests

12. Resolve failing unit tests (reference: INVGOV-8134)

We resolved some failing unit tests across functionality such as scheduled publishing, organisational user access, Mobile API and the feed.


13. URL too long for piwik, move parameter to start Tracking Site Section searches (reference: INVGOV-8027)

We have moved the  ‘search=’ parameter to the start of queries for the simple search widget as search query URLs were previously too long for piwik.

14. Display breadcrumb in search results for site sections (reference: INVGOV-8005)

We have added the option to display the breadcrumb path of site sections within search results  to better determine one result from another.


There are currently no Security tasks in this release.

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