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Release notes

Invotra 4.16

INVGOV-4.16 Release Notes

Release Components


There are no projects in this release.


1. Enable restricted site sections PO for a client (reference: INVGOV-8242)

We have enabled the restricted site sections product option for a client.

2. Remove search and do PO (reference: INVGOV-8165)

We have removed the unused product option ‘search and do’.

3. Remove POs that are used everywhere (reference: INVGOV-8156)

We have removed all product options which are used by all clients and are now considered part of Invotra core.

4. Clear all not working and increase notifications limit (reference: INVGOV-8068)

We have cleared any broken notifications and updated the possible notifications limit to 1000 to allow more than 10 notifications to be displayed. 

5. Add grants to comment index field (reference: INVGOV-7944)

We added a field to the comment index for grants.

6. Configuration tracker updates *not client testable* (reference: INVGOV-8174)

We have updated the configuration tracker view.

7. Resolve simplesamlphp library issues *not client testable* (reference: INVGOV-8172)

We have resolved simplesamlphp library issues.

8. Resolve translation issues for American spelling for webmaster pages (reference: INVGOV-8152)

We have resolved translation issues for American spelling for webmaster pages where the expected translations have not been applied.

9. Move engagement stats into the product (reference: INVGOV-8175)

We have added automatic reports of engagement statistics every month via a page accessible via Invotra admin for webmasters.

Accessible Experience

There are currently no Accessible Experience tasks in this release.

Help / Documentation

There are currently no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


*Bugs marked with an asterisk are relating to Live incidents

*10. INC6124446 – Incorrect styling on bullet points (reference: INVGOV-8085)

We have fixed an issue with multiple bullet points across the intranet which were not displaying correctly. 

*11. INC6199436 – Apostrophes broken (reference: INVGOV-7999)

We have fixed an issue with apostrophes which were not being displayed correctly.

*12. Ideas App – dashboard data incorrect (reference: INVGOV-7735)

We fixed an issue where the ideas dashboard data did not correlate with existing ideas.

*13. 500 errors across the intranet  (reference: INVGOV-8266)

We have fixed an issue which was causing 500 error messages across the intranet site.

*14. Webform Errors on Image ‘Browse” & “Save” Controls  (reference: INVGOV-8204)

We fixed issues with the save and browse image buttons on the webform create and edit pages.

*15. Site Section search facet not returning all site sections with matching content (reference: INVGOV-8128)

We have fixed an issue which caused the ‘Search all site sections’ entity reference to not pick up all site sections which had content relevant to the keyword.

*16. Additional SAML logging (reference: INVGOV-8002)

We added logging to detect anomalous conditions that may indicate issues with session or SSO.

17. 4.16 integration fail during deploy on integration (reference: INVGOV-8271)

We have fixed an issue which caused a client’s 4.16 integration to fail during deploy on integration.

18. Org chart information is not displaying on a user’s profile (reference: INVGOV-8267)

We fixed an issue with user profile’s which were not displaying org chart information.

*19. Ticket tracking admin sorting incorrect (reference: INVGOV-8265)

We have fixed an issue with sorting on the ticket tracking admin panel where there appeared to be no apparent order in the listing, despite the options to sort the tickets being set to various orders.

20. Memcache error message suppression  (reference: INVGOV-8263)

We have added a patch to the memcache Drupal contributed module to fix an incident where an error message was incorrectly displayed by that module. 

*21. broken/unusable General Style 15 List widget (reference: INVGOV-8254)

We have fixed an issue with the General Style 15 List widget which was displaying incorrectly.

22. Deploying empty profile throws errors (reference: INVGOV-8244)

We fixed an issue which caused an error to occur when an empty profile was deployed.

*23. INC6194872 – Adding a widget to a manual or manual page using the IPE creates a new unpublished revision of the node  (reference: INVGOV-7996)

We fixed an issue with the IPE on manual pages which created a new revision of the node changed whenever the IPE was used to add a widget.

24. Alternating between default and custom templates breaks IPE  (reference: INVGOV-8262)

We fixed an issue with alternating between default and custom templates which caused an error with the IPE which made it impossible to change widgets on the page.

*25. Apply search api patch #2408727  (reference: INVGOV-8306

We have applied search api patch to resolve an address queue processing bug.


There are currently no performance tasks in this release.


There are currently no logging tasks in this release.

API/ Data Import

26. Add a comment_count property and add it to the comments index *not client testable* (reference: INVGOV-8153)

We have added a comment_count property which has been added to the comments index to show the total number of replies to a comment.

27. Index fields for redacted users to enable them to use the mobile app (reference: INVGOV-8056)

We have indexed specific fields for redacted users, to enable them to log in and use the mobile app.

28. Title field is not updating because it’s not indexed (reference: INVGOV-8264)

We have indexed the title field in order to ensure it updates.

29. Remove t() from settings.php (reference: INVGOV-8198)

We have removed t() from the Invotra-Profile string in search_api_solr_overrides section as it caused the t() function to fail to work as expected.

30. Re-apply patch for UUID module (reference: INVGOV-8279)

We have reapplied the UUID patch to prevent users from being saved via services.

Automated Tests

31. Investigate issues around testHistoricalGroupMessages (reference: INVGOV-8253)

We have investigated and updated testHistoricalGroupMessages which was causing issues on integration sites.

32. Error on InvotraCommentCountTest (reference: INVGOV-8248)

We have fixed an error on InvotraCommentCountTest.

33. Invotra feeds subscription test fails (reference: INVGOV-8182)

We fixed an issue with the Invotra feeds subscription test which was failing.


There are currently no search tasks in this release.


There are currently no security tasks in this release.

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