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Release notes

Invotra 4.17

INVGOV-4.17 Release Notes

Release Components



The GDPR project further supports the deletion of user accounts within Invotra by reassigning content and anonymising users.


There are currently no UX/UI tasks in this release.

Accessible Experience

There are currently no Accessible Experience tasks in this release.

Help / Documentation

There are currently no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


*Bugs marked with an asterisk are relating to Live incidents

1. ‘Add manual page’ link missing when viewing a manual (reference: INVGOV-8322)

We fixed an issue with manuals which caused the ‘Add manual page’ link to be missing when a user with editing permissions was viewing a manual.

2. Questions “Create”  button not adopting branding colours (reference: INVGOV-8313)

We fixed an issue with the “Create”  button on the questions app which was not adopting branding colours set.

3. Ideas export timeout issue (reference: INVGOV-8305)

We fixed an issue with exporting ideas to csv at /apps/ideas/manage, which caused the ideas administrator tries to get a timeout error.

4. Permissions issue on groups (reference: INVGOV-8261)

We fixed a permissions issue with groups which had changed from public to private status, which allowed users to view posts from when the group was public, via the URL.

5. Ampersands (&) displaying as ‘&’ on some pages (reference: INVGOV-8256)

We have fixed an issue with certain characters, such as ampersands, displaying incorrectly on some pages.

6. Accents are not adopting vertical tab colour (reference: INVGOV-8243)

We fixed an issue with the accents used on the My workplace, group category and message wall active filter, which were using Invotra green instead of the vertical tab colour. 

7. INC6308912 – Superscript HTML tag not displaying correctly (reference: INVGOV-8241)

We fixed an issue with the superscript HTML tag which was not displaying correctly.

8. Toolbar menu accents are not adopting primary button colour (reference: INVGOV-8240)

We fixed an issue with the toolbar menu accents used on menu items which were using Invotra green and not adopting the primary button colour.

9. Users are returned to the old search when performing an operation (edit/delete) and then navigating back to the term on a ticket type (reference: INVGOV-8238)

We fixed an issue with tickets which caused users to be returned to the old search when they performed an operation such as edit or delete and then navigated back to a ticket type.

*10. Glossary widget section filter not working and unpublished nodes appearing (reference: INVGOV-8237)

We fixed an issue with the glossary widget which caused the section filter not to work and unpublished nodes to appear.

*11. Widget style ‘Useful links’ is displayed incorrectly. (reference: INVGOV-8234)

We fixed an issue with the widget style ‘Useful links’ which was displaying incorrectly, listing links vertically not horizontally as expected

*12. Text wrapping in widgets on Ideas dashboard – IE8 (reference: INVGOV-8232)

We have fixed an issue with widgets on the ideas dashboard which caused links within the dashboard to be wrapped mid-word, rather than being trimmed.

*13. Words are being removed instead of trimmed for profile preview (reference: INVGOV-8229)

We fixed an issue with profile previews which caused terms to be trimmed incorrectly, with words that did not fit into the profile preview being removed instead of trimmed.

14. Section publisher/editor missing webform permissions (reference: INVGOV-8227)

We have updated permissions for the section publisher and editor role to allow them to access webform components and results.

15. Tabs with bottom borders on landing pages (reference: INVGOV-8225)

We have fixed an issue with tabs on landing pages which were incorrectly displaying with bottom borders.

16. Webmaster/Publisher can not unpublish current revision (reference: INVGOV-8222)

We fixed an issue with content editing which caused webmasters and publishers to be unable to unpublish current revisions.

17. Buttons not adopting standard button colour (reference: INVGOV-8221)

We fixed a branding issue which caused buttons to fail to adopt the standard button colour across the site.

18. Add manual page to manual outside of site section user has access to (reference: INVGOV-8220)

We fixed an issue with manuals which made it possible for a user to assign a manual page to a manual the user did not have section permissions in.

19. Org chart + button style issues (reference: INVGOV-8216)

We fixed a branding issue which caused the expand and minimise buttons on the org chart to fail to adopt the primary button colours and the + button to appear larger on the team chart than on the org chart.

20. Poll “Vote” and “Post” button not adopting branding colours  (reference: INVGOV-8210)

We fixed a branding issue which caused the poll “Vote” and “Post” button to fail to adopt the set branding colours across the site.

21. Custom Fonts applied inconsistently  (reference: INVGOV-8208)

We fixed an issue which occurred when over-riding the standard Font in the system, causing the change not to be applied universally on all pages.

22. Group polls lose branding colours after voting  (reference: INVGOV-8207)

We fixed a branding issue with the poll bar in Group polls which lost branding colours after a user voted on the poll.

23. Webform Errors on Image ‘Browse” & “Save” Controls  (reference: INVGOV-8204)

We fixed issues with the save and browse image buttons on the webform create and edit pages.

*24. Unable to add image to custom content widget wysiwyg  (reference: INVGOV-8202)

We fixed an issue with the custom content widget configuration modal which prevented the user from reaching the bottom of the media library and therefore made it impossible to add an image.

*25. .xlsm file types unable to be opened when added as media to Multi Media content types   (reference: INVGOV-8190)

We fixed an issue with uploading .xlsm documents to a Multi Media content type which caused the document to be uploaded with the incorrect extension added to the file, making it impossible to open. 

*26. Bullet points do not display in markup fields on webforms  (reference: INVGOV-8137)

We fixed an issue with the markup component, used to add custom HTML to the webform view, which was not displaying bulleted/numbered lists.

*27. User unable to preview unpublished content (reference: INVGOV-8228)

We fixed an issue where activating preview mode would not allow the user to view unpublished content.

28. Notifications issues following switch over on 42. (reference: INVGOV-8335)

We fixed issues which occurred with notifications following the switchover from Vertex to Node.

29. Notifications clear all re-clears already cleared notifications (reference: INVGOV-8381)

We have fixed an issue with clearing notifications which caused cron to time out as when clearing all notifications caused previously cleared notifications to be recleared.

*30. Issues with special email characters in usernames (reference: INVGOV-8183)

We fixed an issue which caused errors in the display of special email characters in usernames.

31. Reduce notifications limit to 100 (reference: INVGOV-8326)

We have reduced the limit of notifications from 1000 to 100.


There are currently no performance tasks in this release.


There are currently no logging tasks in this release.

API/ Data Import

32. Drupal services needs to provide Matomo configuration (reference: INVGOV-8233)

We have used Drupal services to provide Matomo configuration.

33. The property source_node_type is not indexed when a ‘joined group’ message is created (reference: INVGOV-8315)

We have indexed the ‘source_node_type’ field so that the solr query used in the mobile app picks up the feed message.

34. PUT request causes 422 error and doesn’t work (reference: INVGOV-8314)

We fixed an issue with updating a user via put request with either curl or frisby tests which caused a 422 error on node integration.

35. Index Group_UUID fields in group comments and posts (reference: INVGOV-8277)

We have added the group uuid property to comments and group posts.

36. Add a header to allow access to the drupal services API *Not client testable* (reference: INVGOV-7581)

We added a header, which we can use in Node JS, to allow access to the drupal services API

Automated Tests

37. Permissions Matrix Test fails (reference: INVGOV-8245)

We have fixed Permissions Matrix Test fails which had occurred.

38. Ideas creation test fails (reference: INVGOV-8180)

We fixed an ideas creation test fail.

39. ViewsInfiniteLoopTest failing (reference: INVGOV-8331)

We amended an automated test to stop failing. 


There are currently no search tasks in this release.

Our Intranet software is always evolving

Through our regular release cycle, Invotra’s intranet software is always evolving.

From accessibility to UI, security to enhanced social networking, our team are continually looking for ways to improve our intranet platform.

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