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Release notes

Invotra 4.2

INVGOV-4.2 Release Notes

Release Date:  13th December 2017

Official Invotra release documentation for Invotra 4.2, which is to be released on the 13th December 2017.

No. of tasks: There are a total of 47 individual tasks in this release.

Release Components


There are no Projects in this release.


1. Iframes solution (reference: INVGOV-7125)

We have implemented the ability to insert iframes into the WYSIWYG and to manage which sites can be iframed.

2. Remove redundant iframe UI (reference: INVGOV-7145)

We removed the redundant iframe checkbox from the WYSIWYG button pages (for the text formats that are unable to add iframes).

3. Adding iframe (reference: INVGOV-7144)

We added the ability for users who have access to the author and webmaster text format to enter an iframe into the WYSIWYG to pull through content from an external website.

4. Iframe whitelist (reference: INVGOV-7143)

We added the ability for webmasters to be able to configure which domains are allowed in the iframe, to reduce any risk of malicious sites or sites which contain malicious elements being referenced in iframes.

5. As a webmaster I should be able to configure the Invotra toolbar (reference: INVGOV-7180)

We created a new Invotra admin page to give Webmasters control over the Invotra toolbar, giving them permission to create new menu links, arrange and disable all menu links, and delete or edit menu links which are not system created.

6. Team Chart & Org Chart alignment (reference: INVGOV-7176)

We updated the Team and Org chart layouts so that displays of child terms/users are centrally aligned, improving the appearance of the charts.

7. Reduce spacing between logo and primary menu (reference: INVGOV-7169)

We have updated the design of the toolbar to make it work dynamically with different sized logos, to reduce the spacing which existed between some logos and the primary menu. 

8. Site sections should have a white background (reference: INVGOV-7095)

We have updated the background colour outside of the content region on site section view, site section manage tab and Invotra admin pages to adopt the colour set within Invotra admin > Branding > Colours.

9. Desktop notification should be dismissed when closed (reference: INVGOV-6882)

We updated the desktop notifications setting so that a notification should only pop up once and the same notification should not appear again once dismissed.

10. I forgot my password (reference: INVGOV-7157)

We re-designed the new password form to be consistent with the login form and updated the accompanying email.

11. Enabled Message Wall Link  (reference: INVGOV-7235)

We have enabled the Message Wall link under ‘Apps’ in the Invotra toolbar for a client.

12. Enable Distributed Publishing PO (UAT and Live)   (reference: INVGOV-7229)

Enable Distributed Publishing PO for a client (UAT and Live).

13. Ability to have widget title links  (reference: INVGOV-7161)

We have updated widget configuration so that widgets, which can be added to site sections and are not views, can be given a title link.

14. Disable user register page (reference: INVGOV-7159/ Subtask of INVGOV-7026)

We disabled the user registration page so that users are not be able to create their own account as only webmasters should be able to create accounts for users (via user management).

15. Webmasters should be able to configure SSO buttons  (reference: INVGOV-7158/ Subtask of INVGOV-7026)

We made SSO buttons on the login form configurable so end users do not see an excess amount of buttons they are unable to use.

16. Log in screen (reference: INVGOV-7154/ Subtask of INVGOV-7026)

We created a login screen for users who are not logged in so that, when a user hits anonymous content access which is disabled, they will receive a login screen instead of access denied message.

17. Email to new accounts (reference: INVGOV-7153/ Subtask of INVGOV-7026)

We updated the wording of the email sent when a new account is created.

*18. Rolled up teams are not applying from location term (INVGOV-7029)

We updated the location team tab to include rolled up teams, so the numbers are consistent between the location team tab and the people search page.

19. Password validation (INVGOV-7028/ Subtask of INVGOV-7026)

We have updated password validation suggestions and added failed validation steps.

20. Webmasters should be able to add users to the site (INVGOV-7027/ Subtask of INVGOV-7026)

We have added the ability for certain clients to use the create user form so that they can allow users to be created within Invotra and mastered elsewhere in order for them to login. 

21. Create / Invite new user mechanism (INVGOV-7026)

We have created the ability for users to both login with a username and password or use an SSO service like Active Directory, so that new users without an account in the master directory can be created and invited to join.

22. Org Chart update to handle multiple top level users (INVGOV-7170)

We have updated the org chart to make it possible to have more than one person at the top of the org chart, and allowed a webmaster to select the number of people to be included at the top level of the chart.

23. Ability to attach multiple files to a posts and polls (reference: INVGOV-7162)

We have now introduced the ability to attach multiple files to posts and polls in Groups.

Accessible Experience

There are currently no Accessible Experience tasks in this release.

Help / Documentation

There are currently no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


*Bugs marked with an asterisk are relating to Live incidents

24. Gen style 14 – black border appears around image (reference: INVGOV-7165)

We fixed an issue with general style 14 which was not scaling the image correctly and was causing a black box to appear on the sides of the image.

*25. Adding media in the WYSIWYG in IE9 causes duplicate files to appear and content before/after the file to disappear (reference: INVGOV-7149)

We fixed an issue with adding media in the WYSIWYG in IE9, which caused duplicate files to appear and content before and after the file to disappear.

*26. INC5759434 – Message wall most liked messages widget (reference: INVGOV-7138)

We fixed an issue with the Message Wall dashboard which was displaying a number rather than the message title for the Most Liked messages.

27. Org users see the ‘New’ lozenge when a user they follow creates a node in a restricted site section (reference: EX-77)

We fixed an issue with the “New” lozenge being incorrectly displayed for My feed notifications when content was created by followed users in site sections with restricted access, which the notified user did not have.

28. Index errors after applying ‘Site section’ or ‘Uploaded by’ filters on the Media page  (reference: INVGOV-7233)

We fixed an issue with My workplace>All content>Media page which, when the filters were expanded and the ‘Site section’ or ‘Uploaded by’ filter options were selected, displayed a list of error notices.

29. Image not appearing as logo  (reference: INVGOV-7227)

We fixed an issue with changing the logo of the site which was causing a cross icon to be displayed instead of the newly uploaded and saved logo image.

*30. Text is not wrapping around embedded file in content but appears correctly in the WYSIWYG (reference: INVGOV-7146)

We fixed an issue where text was not wrapping around an embedded file in saved content but was appearing as expected on the edit page.

31. The ‘enable preview mode’ is being cut off profile menu (reference: INVGOV-7253)

We fixed an issue with the ‘enable preview mode’ option, in the profile drop-down menu, which was not correctly aligned.

32. Put and delete job roles from/to a user does not work (reference: INVGOV-7249)

We fixed an issue with adding or deleting a job role from a user which would not work within drupal, after performing put/delete request through swagger, but which did give a success code.

33. Errors on 42 integration site (reference: INVGOV-7247)

We fixed an issue with the integration sites which were displaying an error code. 

34. Duplicate label on create page (reference: INVGOV-7243)

We fixed an issue on the node creation page which was displaying a duplicate Title (mandatory) label.

35. Message Wall Dashboard is not visible on the HO Integration site (reference: INVGOV-7238)

We fixed an issue with a missing dashboard on Message Wall on an integration site.

36. No results showing when filtering Media by Author (reference: INVGOV-7286)

We fixed the Media page when filtering by author as previously it was showing no results.

37. Not possible to edit a Team when a Team admin is blocked (reference: INVGOV-7304)

We fixed an issue where it was not possible to edit a Team when there was a blocked Team admin.

38. Overlap issue when the Message Wall Dashbooard contains no results (reference: INVGOV-7303)

We fixed a minor theming issue with the Message Wall Dashboard when there are no results to display.

39. App landing pages should inherit the background colour (reference: INVGOV-7292)

We fixed an issue with the background colour functionality where the App landing pages were not inheriting the background colour.

40. URL is trimmed without warning in the widget title links (reference: INVGOV-7291)

When adding links to widget titles the URL was being trimmed without warning.

41. Post and poll group text are overlapping (INVGOV-7290)

We fixed a theming issue whereby the post and poll group text was overlapping.

42. Contextual links appearing on the rendered group post image (reference: INVGOV-7289)

Contextual edit links were appearing on the rendered image in posts, we’ve fixed that now.

43. Access denied message when accessing the org chart (reference: INVGOV-7288)

We fixed an issue with the org chart displaying an access denied message.

44. Error when ghostwriting comments (reference: INVGOV-7285)

We fixed an issue whereby an error messsage was displaying when ghostwriting comments.


There are no Performance tasks in this release.

API/ Data Import

There are no API/Data Import tasks in this release.

Automated Tests

45. Add the test data to Matrix UT (reference: INVGOV-6999)

We added the test data to Matrix UT for some permissions defined within Invotra.

46. All section workflow transition unit tests with expected result “Failure” are failing (reference: INVGOV-6995)

We corrected some workflow transition unit tests that were showing as failed when they were correctly returning an expected ‘Failure’ result. 


47. It should be possible to filter the Media page for ease of management (reference: INVGOV-7127)

We added filters to the Media facet under My workplace > All content so that it is possible to further define a search for a file.


There are no Security tasks in this release.

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