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Release notes

Invotra 4.20

INVGOV-4.20 Release Notes

Release Components


There are no Projects in this release.



1. Piwik tracking for native file download and usage and also consistency between description and attachment (NFILES-24)

We have created a way in which the number of times a native file on my site has been downloaded and made it possible to work out what files are called, and what extension those files are in the downloads section in piwik.


2. Upgrade Matomo to 3.6.0 (INVGOV-8421)

We have upgraded Matomo to 3.6.0 which includes a security updated and improves Invotras analytics service.


3. Matomo in docker *Not client testable* (INVGOV-8167)

We have made matomo available on all clusters for testing, demonstrating and incident purposes.


Accessible Experience

There are currently no Accessible Experience tasks in this release.


Help / Documentation

There are currently no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.



*Bugs marked with an asterisk are relating to Live incidents

4. On AWS publishers and editors can delete their own idea (INVGOV-8413)

We have fixed an issue on AWS that publishers and editors could delete their own idea when extranet PO was enabled when they should not be able to.


5. Resolve issue with drush indexing prepare command (INVGOV-8415)

We have fixed an issue whereby running the drush inv-sapi drush command, it would prepare all indexes despite specifying the machine name/ index id.


6. Multiple issues with Jenkins integration builds on 03/10/2018 (INVGOV-8510)

We have fixed several issues where tests were failing, taking a while and would not run.


*7. Issue with likes on Group posts and news articles (INVGOV-8467)

We have fixed an issue where like counters were not appearing on your own comment.


*8. Table missing caption element (INVGOV-8405)

We have fixed an issue where the caption element was missing from tables.


*9. Missing fieldset and legend for radio buttons on webforms (INVGOV-8404)

We have fixed an issue where radio button titles were not being announced when a screen reader was being used.


*10. Unable to change role from external to organisational (INVGOV-8324)

We have fixed an issue where you couldn’t change a users role to organisational from external in their account settings.


*11. Invotra toolbar collapses upon pressing down arrow with JAWS (INVGOV-8317)

We have fixed an issue when using the toolbar menu would collapse after focusing on it when using JAWS.


*12. Search button not labelled (INVGOV-8311)

The value of “Search” was not set on the input element so there was no announcement of the name when using a screen reader


*13. Selecting more choices button activates people & teams menu with JAWS (INVGOV-8310)

We have fixed an issue where selecting more choices button activates people & teams menu when using JAWS



14. Unusual changes in averages in 4.19 performance results (INVGOV-8526)

We have fixed an issue where there were unusual changes in averages in the 4.19 performance results


15. Like button performance issue – Index data (INVGOV-8333)

We have updated the feed-messages and node (solr-prototype-index) and comment (solr-prototype-comment) indexes


16. User display name performance issue – Index data (INVGOV-8368)

We have indexed a user’s Display name into the solr-prototype-feed-messages, solr-prototype-index, solr-prototype-comment and solr-prototype-users indexes


17. Reduce indexing time during deploys – change indexing for features (INVGOV-8380)

We have included a way in which we have reduced indexing times during deploys by changing indexing for features.


18. Jenkins indexing time increased by around 1 extra hour on build from 6th October 2018 (INVGOV-8523)

We have fixed an issue whereby the Jenkins indexing time had increased by an hour


19. Remove NFILES drush commands from deploy (NFILES-134)

We have removed several NFILES drush commands to decrease the length of the deploy.



There are currently no logging tasks in this release.


API/ Data Import

20.Remove redis session when drupal session is removed (INVGOV-8412)

We have made an update to ensure that people do not remain logged into the notifications/feeds api when they log out.


Automated Tests

21. Fix group tests so that tests for docs are not run on a customer’s deploy (INVGOV-8431)

We have removed group docs from a customer’s tests


22. Unit test for access control for files (NFILES-130)

We have created/Updated the test surrounding Access control as part of the NFiles release.


23. Disable Invotra Restricted Sections Access Test (INVGOV-8524)

We have fixed the testModuleEnabled function within the Invotra Restricted Sections Access Test.


24. Fix grouping for manuals tests  (INVGOV-8452)

We have grouped together 12 failing tests so these do not run for a customer.


25. Investigate testAllNodeAccessInvotraGroupGrants unit test fails (INVGOV-8573)

We have fixed the testAllNodeAccessInvotraGroupGrants unit test fails


26. Add new tests to services (INVGOV-8448)

We have added a new script to create a user to Invotra services that uses all of the fields.



There are currently no search tasks in this release.



27.Drupal security update (INVGOV-8525)

We have implemented security updates to Drupal Core.


28.Drupal security updates (INVGOV-8574)

We have implemented security updates to Drupal Core.


Our Intranet software is always evolving

Through our regular release cycle, Invotra’s intranet software is always evolving.

From accessibility to UI, security to enhanced social networking, our team are continually looking for ways to improve our intranet platform.

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