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Release notes

Invotra 4.3

INVGOV-4.3 Release Notes

Release Date:  10th January 2018

Official Invotra release documentation for Invotra 4.3, which is to be released on the  10th January 2018.

No. of tasks: There are a total of 45 individual tasks in this release.

Release Components


There are no Projects in this release.


1. Display ‘Saved Searches’  (reference: INVGOV-7231)

We have added a display of the logged in user’s 5 most recent saved searches, shown when a user focuses into the search bar.

2. Display recent searches (reference: INVGOV-7223)

We have added a display of the logged in user’s 5 most recent searches, shown when a user focuses into the search bar.

3. Remove the search drop down menu (reference: INVGOV-7222)

We have removed the search drop down menu, due to new search prompts making the menu obsolete.

4. Using the search field should prompt which search page to go to  (reference: INVGOV-7221)

We have added a prompt to search queries, so that when a user starts typing into the toolbar search they should be presented with the options to search within either: People, Teams, Content or Locations.

5. Webmasters should be able to configure the root term on team chart (reference: INVGOV-7200)

We have made it possible for webmasters to configure the root term displayed on a team chart, to remove the need for Invotra to amend it.

6. Enable Distributed Publishing on HO PreProd/Live for 4.3 (reference: INVGOV-7314)

We enabled the ‘Distributed Publishing’ product option on HO PreProd/Live.

7. Toolbar icons (reference: INVGOV-7214)

We have introduced the ability to assign icons to links in the toolbar so that end users can easily distinguish links.

8. Org users should be able to access ‘Activity’ stream of colleagues (reference: INVGOV-7195)

We made it possible to see your own and other users’ activity on the intranet with the activity page. This page can be accessed from your own or others profile to see feed messages directly relating to that person.

9. Track site section for content in piwik (AWS only) (reference: INVGOV-7230)

We have added the ability to track site sections for content in Piwik, allowing action reports to be filtered by site section.

10. Introduce option for American date formats (reference: INVGOV-7360)

We have added the ability to format dates in the format MM/DD/YYYY for customers in the USA.

11. As a webmaster I should be able to configure the Invotra toolbar (reference: INVGOV-7180)

We created a new Invotra admin page to give Webmasters control over the Invotra toolbar, giving them permission to create new menu links, arrange and disable all menu links, and delete or edit menu links which are not system created.

12. Resolve data master conflict (reference: INVGOV-7173)

We have made it possible for SSO to control whether or not a user is blocked / active by adding an ‘SSO options’ page.

Accessible Experience

There are currently no Accessible Experience tasks in this release.

Help / Documentation

There are currently no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


*Bugs marked with an asterisk are relating to Live incidents

13. Docs not visible on DfT and AWS (reference: INVGOV-7254)

We fixed an issue with group docs, which were not being displayed under the group docs tab.

14. Home site section has incorrect path (reference: INVGOV-7197)

We fixed an issue with the home site section having the wrong path.

*15. Poll title character limit issue (reference: INVGOV-7196)

We fixed an issue with the Apps Poll title character limits when a new poll widget was added to a site section, which were incorrectly displaying an error for character limits.

*16. Blocked users show on Group members page  (reference: INVGOV-7193)

We fixed an issue with blocked users appearing as members of groups when they should not have been displayed on the Group members page or in Group dashboard counts.

17. Wysiwyg editor unavailable certain content types  (reference: INVGOV-7187)

We fixed an issue with the WYSIWYG editor which was not available to use when creating certain content in the description field where it should be seen, and its settings could not be accessed through invotra admin.

18. External Links formatting incorrect (reference: INVGOV-7183)

We fixed an issue with external links displaying incorrectly under Related content.

19. Teams which are unpublished are appearing in search results (reference: INVGOV-7179)

We fixed an issue with unpublished teams which were appearing in search results, despite having been unpublished.

20. Remove redundant action fields with group doc when ‘Enforced Content’ PO is NOT enabled  (reference: INVGOV-7147)

We removed redundant action fields within group docs, leaving ‘Actions on review date’ limited to ‘None’ or ‘Unpublish content’.

21. Section roles cannot create apps (reference: INVGOV-7139)

We fixed an issue which was preventing users with section roles from creating app content, in their own sections.

22. URL of @mentions in feed included in character count limit (reference: INVGOV-7121)

We fixed an issue with feed message teasers which were being cut off when an @mention had been used, as the URL was being included in the message character count.

23. Team search stripping capitals (reference: INVGOV-7094)

We fixed an issue with Team descriptions in search results being stripped of capital letters.

24. The “Save new search” modal window is narrowed  (reference: INVGOV-7310)

We fixed an issue with the ‘Save new search’ modal window which had been narrowed.

25. Unable to delete a menu from edit view   (reference: INVGOV-7309)

We fixed an issue with menu items which could not be deleted on the edit page, as selecting delete redirected the user to /invotra/settings/configuration/toolbar and the menu was still visible.

26. Attachment counter is not displayed on My Feed if there is only one uploaded attachment to the post (reference: INVGOV-7308)

We fixed an issue where the attachment counter was not displayed on My feed posts if there was only one attachment.

27. 500 HTTP error appears after creating a post in groups with uploaded attachment (reference: INVGOV-7307)

We fixed an issue with creating a post in groups with an uploaded attachment, which was displaying a 500 HTTP error.

28. Job title not showing on profile page (reference: INVGOV-7321)

We fixed an issue with the profile page which was not displaying job titles which had been entered and saved.

29. ‘User joined group’ feed/activity message is not delivered (reference: INVGOV-7317)

We fixed an issue with feed messages not being sent when a followed joined a new group. The activity stream of the user who joined the group also failed to show the update.

30. Can’t operate new search dropdown using arrow keys in IE (reference: INVGOV-7315)

We fixed an issue with the new search drop down which could not be operated using the arrow keys in Internet Explorer.

31. When Filtering by Author no results show  (reference: INVGOV-7286)

We fixed an issue with All content in My workplace, when filtering by author, which was not displaying any content in the search results.

32. Page not found errors –  SAML encoding (reference: INVGOV-7148)

We fixed an issue where following a URL containing question marks and hashtags when they are not already authenticated caused a “Page Not Found” error page.

33. Panel with the tabs is shifted down and overlaps the Search field (reference: INVGOV-7313)

We fixed an issue with the tabs panel which was overlapping the search field on search pages.

*34. Published content is reverting to draft status (reference: INVGOV-7327)

We fixed an issue with published content which reverted to draft in the workflow when edited by another user than the publisher.

*35. The location external ID field should be alphanumeric not numeric only (reference: INVGOV-7359)

We have fixed an issue with the external ID field on location terms to ensure they have the validation amended to accept alphanumeric instead of only numeric values.

36. Search dropdown not closing (reference: INVGOV-7356)

We fixed an issue with the search dropdown which could not be closed by clicking away from it when the arrow keys had been used to navigate the menu.

37. Administrators are not able to delete teams with blocked users (reference: INVGOV-7319)

We fixed an issue with the administrators of a team being unable to delete a team page, because they were unable to see and delete blocked members.

38. In-line images not rendering correctly in My Feed (reference: INVGOV-7311)

We fixed an issue with My feed which was not rendering in-line images correctly.

*39. ‘false’ statement is replacing inline documents (reference: INVGOV-7185)

We fixed an issue with nodes with attachments, where attached files were being replaced by a ‘false’ statement.

*40. Rolled up teams are not applying from location term (reference: INVGOV-7029)

We updated the location team tab to include rolled up teams, so the numbers are consistent between the location team tab and the people search page.


There are no Performance tasks in this release.

API/ Data Import

42. Index ids into solr for some taxonomies (reference: INVGOV-7251)

We confirmed the fields that need to be in solr for the API.

43. Don’t override SearchAPI boosting on feature revert (reference: INVGOV-7245)

We ensured that that the full text boosts aren’t overridden when we revert the SearchAPI feature, to remove the need for manual updates during the deployment process.

Automated Tests

44. External users should be restricted on their page access  (reference: EX-106)

We created unit tests for both the positive and negative scenarios for restricted page access for external users.

45. InvotraPermissionsMatrixTest::provideExistingPermissions() provides the wrong set of permissions  (reference: INVGOV-7328)

We updated our unit tests to make sure we run against the correct and most up-to-date set of permissions governing the functionality of the system. 


There are no Search tasks in this release.


There are no Security tasks in this release.

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