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Release notes - Invotra 4.31

Release date: 24th April 2019

We have released a total of 39 tasks including:

  • 1 security

  • 12 improvements

  • fixes

  • 11 incidents

  • 8 internal tasks

Release components

New features & improvements

  • INVGOV-9326: Visual improvements to GS16.

  • INVGOV-9309: Visual updates to date and time text for certain widget styles.

  • INVGOV-9308: Removed “>>” from Read more on widget styles.

  • INVGOV-9307: Improved top bar styles in mobile view.

  • INVGOV-9306: Improved action buttons in mobile view.

  • INVGOV-9303: Visiual improvements to GS15.

  • INVGOV-9251: Updated filtration on multiple pages in the mobile view to improve the mobile user experience.

  • INVGOV-9314: Removed redundant title attributes.

  • INVGOV-9280: Improvements to team widget performance.

  • INVGOV-9313: Made sure our landmark roles are not applied directly onto elements with already semantic information, i.e. input elements.

  • INVGOV-9150: It’s now possible to pull out the total number of likes and members per Group via the API.

  • INVGOV-9437: When creating a new user via the API, the password field should not be required.



  • INVGOV-9431: Padding was incorrect on mobile view.

  • INVGOV-9424: It was not possible to create a group as an org user through services API.

  • INVGOV-9312: Options menu was not dismissing on mouse-out.

  • INVGOV-9311: An incorrect role was being used on the options menu.

  • INVGOV-9447:  Secondary menu bar was not adopting branding colours.

  • INVGOV-9438: We fixed an issue with API authentication using an API key.

  • INVGOV-9439: We fixed an issue with the Locations API endpoint whereby it was returning an empty result.


Incidents raised by customers

  • INVGOV-9433: Files now download when clicking on them.

  • INVGOV-9298: You will now receive an error message when uploading a file with an incorrect file extension.

  • INVGOV-9290: The WYSIWYG menu option was taking a while to open.

  • INVGOV-9287: Group messages were moving to the top of the page after editing.

  • INVGOV-9224: Site section publishers could not see meta tag when they were creating content.

  • INVGOV-9215: Manuals were appearing in in the related content widget when it didn’t have the content linked within the node.

  • INVGOV-9183: Images were escaping their containers in Forums.

  • INVGOV-9019: Groups were still appearing after being deleted.

  • INVGOV-9184: Profile snippets in search were showing locations after user had been removed from that team.

  • INVGOV-9214: Notifications and feed lozenges were not disappearing instantly.

  • INVGOV-9179: Search boosting updated so that search terms in fields other than the full name will not have higher boosting over the full name.


  • We completed 8 operational tasks.


  • We fixed 1 security issue.

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