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Release notes

Invotra 4.35

Release date: 3rd July 2019

We have released a total of 36 tasks including improvements, 14 fixes, 14 incidents and 5 internal tasks.

Release components

New features & improvements

  • INVGOV-9745: Updated the styling of fieldset and radio button components for webforms.

  • INVGOV-9743: Updated styling of the status messages.

  • INVGOV-9719: Updated options menu on the groups members page to the new version of the options menu.


  • INVGOV-9753: Notice displayed when opening webform.

  • INVGOV-9689: Paragraph formatting removed after editing group post.

  • INVGOV-9532: Amended focus order across multiple pages to make sure it matched visual display.

  • INVGOV-9744: Fixed typo on custom content type edit page.

  • INVGOV-9702: Able to report a post with an empty reason via the API when reasons are mandatory.

  • INVGOV-9692: Updating posts which were created before the introduction of the pin post functionality was introduced, would cause the post to move above all other posts in the group feed.

  • INVGOV-9680: Relative URLs instead of absolute URLs were being returned from /GET notifications.

  • INVGOV-9665: GET request on a users membership with an invalid UUID returns a 404 response instead of a 400 response.

  • INVGOV-9593: PUT /users/user_id does not check if UUID is in a correct format.

  • INVGOV-9544: GET /posts/post_id/replies does not return a 403 response when group is private or secret.

  • INVGOV-9543: PUT /posts/post_id/like of a private or secret groups returns a 200 response instead of a 403 response.

  • INVGOV-9757: Opening the options menu on the groups members page with keyboard would select the first menu item.

  • INVGOV-9750: Added mitigation tools for 503 errors by catching exceptions thrown by pdf export and handling exceptions.

  • INVGOV-9500: Unable to use Node.js API endpoint GET /entities/path-lookup

  • INVGOV-9472: Styling issue on results tab of webforms.

  • INVGOV-9451: Override more link on specific tag widget was not working.

  • INVGOV-9405: Updating a large team structure would not inform the user it would take time to update.

  • INVGOV-9580: Custom date format for specific tag widget not working.

  • INVGOV-9470: User autocomplete cancels when adding characters which are allowed in email addresses and usernames.

  • INVGOV-9463: Page anchors went too far down, where the toolbar would overlap the anchor.

  • INVGOV-9623: Included the markup field component in the webform download.

  • INVGOV-9483: Cloning manuals would bypass the validation that a manual page can only belong to one manual.

  • INVGOV-9582: Box shadow missing from primary menu.

  • INVGOV-9581: Summary not appearing in search results.

  • INVGOV-9496: Content review emails were not being received for the promotion content type.

  • INVGOV-9479: British English used on user management while language is set to American English.

  • INVGOV-9475: Users appeared in multiple rows in the user management page when they had more than one team.

  • INVGOV-9780: Salesforce API is not called during account creation.


  • We completed 5 operational tasks


  • We fixed 0 security issues

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