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Release notes

Invotra 4.4

INVGOV-4.4 Release Notes

Release Date: 31st January 2018

Official Invotra release documentation for Invotra 4.4, which is to be released on the 31st January 2018.

No. of tasks: There are a total of 28 individual tasks in this release

Release Components


There are no Projects in this release.


There are currently no UX / UI tasks in this release.

Accessible Experience

There are currently no Accessible Experience tasks in this release.

Help / Documentation

There are currently no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


*Bugs marked with an asterisk are relating to Live incidents

*1. Like notifications not working intermittently (reference: INVGOV-7306)

We fixed an issue with notifications for content that had been liked, which were only displaying the expected notifications intermittently. 

2. Related external links ‘Link’ label missing (reference: INVGOV-7287)

We fixed an issue with the related external links field label of ‘URL’, which was not appearing on content creation pages, under the ‘Links’ tab.

*3. The node Delete form is preventing user to delete the node if any of the mandatory fields are not populated (reference: INVGOV-7252)

We fixed an issue which made it impossible to delete a node without first entering a value for any missing mandatory fields.

*4. Name & Shame category on Message Wall is broken (reference: INVGOV-7250)

We fixed an issue with the Name & shame category on Message Wall which created misaligned messages and broke the toolbar.

*5. Ghostwriters unable to edit other users’ blogs (reference: INVGOV-7248)

We fixed an issue with the Ghostwriter role which did not have permission to edit other users’ blogs in order to amend the author field.

*6. Notification for liking poll when poll has been voted on, not liked (reference: INVGOV-7239)

We fixed an issue with a notification being incorrectly sent notifying a user who had created a poll that another user had liked their poll, when the other user had voted on, not liked, the poll.

*7. My feed – replies to posts are showing the same time-stamp as the original posts in the feed (reference: INVGOV-7237)

We fixed an issue with the time stamps displayed in My feed, on replies to posts, which were being shown incorrectly as the same time as the original post, not as the time the reply was posted.

*8. Job roles not updating in Groups (reference: INVGOV-7236)

We fixed an issue with changing a user’s job roles, which were not updating in the groups the edited user was a member of. 

*9. Padding missing between images and text in some general styles (reference: INVGOV-7232)

We fixed an issue with image content, both within the widgets and input via the wysiwyg editor, where no margin or padding was being applied, resulting in text content sitting right up against image elements.

*10. Horizon editors unable to delete comments on IE8 (reference: INVGOV-7219)

We fixed an issue with the editor and webmaster role being unable to delete comments, as they should have permission to do, when using IE8.

11. No widget search on widget modal via IPE (reference: INVGOV-7270)

We fixed an issue with the widget search fieldwhich was missing from the IPE widget modal window for some clients.

*12. Incorrect padding following an ordered list

    1.  (reference: INVGOV-7244)

We fixed an issue with ordered lists used in the WYSIWYG editor, where the text which follows it was too close.

*13. Support tickets should not be included in the profile activity feed (reference: INVGOV-7399)

We fixed the activity feed so that support ticket updates & comments do not appear at all.

14. Content search not working on integration (INVGOV-7384)

We discovered and fixed an issue with content search during our integration testing.

15. Error message on integration (INVGOV-7386)

We fixed an error message which was appearing on our integration sites.

16. Widgets have lost their filters (reference: INVGOV-7439)

We fixed an issue whereby widget configuration was not working.

17. A typo in dwp_feeds_importer.module (reference: INVGOV-7455)

We fixed an issue with a typo in dwp_feeds_importer.module.

18. When changing the image style it has no effect e (reference: INVGOV-7454)

We fixed an issue with the image style option within settings on a simple content widget, which failed to change the size of images, regardless of which option is chosen.


19. Search API performance enhancement (reference: INVGOV-7256)

We have enhanced the performance of multiple widgets across the site that were running excessively long queries when performing searches, causing error messages to display.

20. Change update hook to drush command (reference: INVGOV-7380)

We changed an update hook which was taking 3+ hours to run each time, to be a drush command so that we can run docker instances more quickly.


21. User admin page (reference: INVGOV-7366)

We created an admin user page to help us diagnose and test items faster.

22. Invotra support page (reference: INVGOV-7325)

We have created a page, accessible by Invotra support user role or admin, to provide links to the configuration tracker, entity tracker and the users pages to provide navigation.

23. Extend the entity tracker to track titles (reference: INVGOV-7323)

We have extended the entity tracker to include a title field, to help tracking deleted taxonomy terms.

24. Invotra configuration tracker (reference: INVGOV-7312)

We added a new table to the database to track additional configuration items so that we can diagnose things more quickly.

25. Invotra entity tracker to track panelizer changes (reference: INVGOV-7294)

We have made it possible to track panelizer changes in the invotra_entity_tracker, so that what time an entity was updated via panelizer, and by who, can be tracked. 

API/ Data Import

26. Services API user role mapping broken (reference: INVGOV-7273)

We have added the ability to pass a role name to our user endpoints in the services API backend. Previously only role IDs could be passed.

Automated Tests

27. Page access for Section roles (reference: INVGOV-7301)

We have updated our permissions unit tests to handle the permissions for site section roles correctly on specific pages from the product. 

28. Tests causing Jenkins jobs to fail  (reference: INVGOV-7300)

We have updated our unit testing suite to enable our nightly unit test run to complete successfully.

29. Fix unit test failures (reference: INVGOV-7330)

We fixed 3 unit tests failures which were appearing on 4.4.


There are no Search tasks in this release.


30. Introduce antivirus scanner for files (reference: INVGOV-7297)

We have added the ClamAV module, an antivirus checker for uploaded files, to the Invotra product, in preparation for using it on some of our environments. 

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