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Release notes

Invotra 4.5

INVGOV-4.5 Release Notes

Release Date:  14th March 2018

Official Invotra release documentation for Invotra 4.5, which is to be released on the 14th March 2018.

No. of tasks: There are currently a total of 42 individual tasks in this release

Release Components


There are no Projects in this release.


1. Scaling images (reference: INVGOV-7338)

We have improved the quality of images by removing the ability to scale an image to fit the width of the container if the image is smaller than the dimensions of the container.

2. Split out ‘My workplace’ (reference: INVGOV-7337)

We have created new links within the user profile menu to display ‘My workplace’ areas separately from ‘My apps’, to help users to navigate more effectively.

3. Enable SSO login screen on all AWS clients (reference: INVGOV-7332)

We have enabled the SSO login screen for all AWS clients.

4. Login screen should allow login via username or email (reference: INVGOV-7316)

We have updated the login screen to allow login via username or email address.

5. Make invotra adelphi helper a PO (reference: INVGOV-7491)

We made Invotra adelphi helper a product option.

6. Enable Google Analytics PO for 4.5 release for AWS deploy module (reference: INVGOV-7448)

We have enabled the Google Analytics product option for AWS deploy module.

7. Autocomplete search – mobile (reference: INVGOV-7334)

We have implemented the autocomplete search on mobile, with the same functionality as the desktop version.

8. Ability to choose to show/hide comment count  (reference: INVGOV-7493)

We have added the ability to chose to how or hide the comment count for general style 3 and 10.

9. Ensure all modules and features are enabled correctly (reference: INVGOV-7416)

We identified and correctly enabled all modules and features.

10. User ID support screen *not client testable* (reference: INVGOV-7515)

We created a User ID support screen to filter through users and show all of their IDs to assist with validating feeds imports and api.

Accessible Experience

11. General style 8 accessibility (reference: INVGOV-7336)

We have improved the accessibility of general style 8 by adding ARIA attributes, updating node headings, resolving flickering tabs and removing the redundant profile picture link and title attribute.

Help / Documentation

There are currently no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


*Bugs marked with an asterisk are relating to Live incidents

*12. Author text format not available on node creation for section roles (reference: INVGOV-7371)

We fixed an issue with section roles where, when an author, editor or publisher created content, the author text format was not available in the WYSIWYG on node creation.

*13. Issue with first and second paragraph alongside an inline image (reference: INVGOV-7368)

We fixed an issue with incorrect text alignment and font colour in the first two paragraphs around an image, which was removing the space between the paragraphs and causing the first paragraph to appear darker.

*14. Pinned posts becoming unpinned when editing them (reference: INVGOV-7361)

We fixed an issue with pinned posts which were becoming unpinned when a post was edited and then saved.

15. Grey tabs on white background (reference: INVGOV-7341)

We fixed an issue with the active tab style which was grey, rather than the expected white, as it was picking up the background colour.

16. Cannot select notifications from My notifications (reference: INVGOV-7339)

We fixed an issue with notifications, under My notifications, which could not be selected when displayed after the load more link had been selected.

*17. Location term IDs appearing in place of location title in message by location widget on dashboard (reference: INVGOV-7322)

We have fixed an issue with the top 5 Messages by locations displayed on Message Wall, which were being listed by their location ID not their term title.

18. When changing the image style it has no effect on Section Content Widget (reference: INVGOV-7459)

We fixed an issue with the image style option, within settings on a section content widget, which was not changing the size of the image regardless of which option is chosen.

*19. Teams not in data appearing in people finder (reference: INVGOV-7452)

We fixed an issue with updates to the people finder where teams not in the data extract provided for the update are still appearing and are not being deleted as expected.

*20. Users are no longer able to SSO into 42.  (reference: INVGOV-7450)

We fixed an issue which prevented users from logging in with SSO after logging out.

21. Private comments on tickets visible within latest comment widget  (reference: INVGOV-7447)

We have fixed an issue which was displaying private comments on tickets within the latest comment widget.

22. Fix node access manuals test (reference: INVGOV-7446)

We fixed an issue with the manuals node access tests, which was causing them to skip incorrectly.

23. Ghostwriter module notice (reference: INVGOV-7437)

We fixed an issue which caused an error message to appear on pages within the ghostwriter module.

24. Section content and simple content widgets (reference: INVGOV-7370)

We fixed an issue with the section content widget and custom content widget which were not displaying scheduled content, even in preview mode.

*25. Clone and revert options no longer available to DP section manager and publisher roles (reference: INVGOV-7363)

We fixed an issue with the clone and revert options which were not available under the available as editing options for section publishers.

*26. Team search stripping capitals (reference: INVGOV-7094)

We fixed an issue with Team descriptions in search results being stripped of capital letters.

*27. Targeting in widgets not working (reference: INVGOV-7507)

We fixed an issue with targeting in widgets where content that is targeted to specific teams/locations or grades is displaying for everyone.

*28. Manual sub-page widget displaying the incorrect order for manual pages, and order is not able to be changed (reference: INVGOV-7499)

We fixed an issue with the manual sub-page widget which was displaying the incorrect order for manual pages.

*29. Removing and adding administrators and members to teams is working intermittently (reference: INVGOV-7442)

We fixed an issue with removing and adding administrators and members to teams which was working intermittently and causing deleted members to be displayed on the members view.

30. General Style 15 overlaps content onto other panes (reference: INVGOV-7567)

We fixed an issue with widgets using general style 15 which were overlapping onto other widget panes.

31. Multiple issues with Ideas file upload (reference: INVGOV-7613)

We fixed issues with adding attachments to ideas where single-clicking on the paperclip to upload an attachment placed a cursor on the paperclip graphic rather than uploading a file which required a double-click on the icon. 

32. Can’t amend right hand column using IPE (reference: INVGOV-7604)

We fixed an issue with the IPE editor on landing pages, which was not allowing the right hand column to be amended or edited.

33. XSS via event statuses (reference: INVGOV-7589)

We fixed a security issue which occurred within entering an event status.


34. Use ‘drush fra -y’ opposed to naming specific features during the deploy (reference: INVGOV-7415)

We replaced the aspect of the deploy module which reads in the features.yml file with a single ‘drush fra -y’ command.


35. Entity tracker page (reference: INVGOV-7324)

We created an entity tracker page for the admin role to provide an insight into who made a change to an entity, the title of the changed entity and when the change was made.

API/ Data Import

36. Upgrade Drupal – apply patch 3331.diff (reference: INVGOV-7367)

We have upgraded Drupal by applying a specific patch in order to enable the Invotra product to communicate with a separate API. 

Automated Tests

37. Remove non idp tests (reference: INVGOV-7404)

We removed non idp tests which had become irrelevant due to the enabling of distributed publishing for all clients.

38. Add user with ‘Ideas administrator’ role (reference: INVGOV-7405)

We gave the ideas administrator role to a user in within our test dataset, and added tests using that user for workflow transitions for all content types.

39. Remove redundant code from node access tests (reference: INVGOV-7444)

We removed redundant code from node access tests.

40. Unit test for clone (reference: INVGOV-7438)

We created unit tests to check permissions to clone nodes.


41. Disable old search pages (reference: INVGOV-7032)

We disabled old search pages which were no longer in use or functioning. 


42. SECURITY – Drupal core sa-core-2018-001 (reference: INVGOV-7568)

We upgraded to Drupal 7.57

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